Columbia Adventures In Sound Series

The special markets department of Columbia Records was one of the first to explore various foreign cultures in the rich musical world for the record buying public. Capitol was the other one with the Capitol Of The World series (see other category), but before all that Smithsonian Records had a huge series as well in the earlier 1950’s. In 1958 Columbia began their ‘Adventures In Sound’ series. A nice sleeve, but in fact a simple design and a photograph of the artist in a frame of the original Adventures In Sound lettering, each in a different color combination. The music was from countries like France, Spain, Italy, India and South-America. Sabu Martinez  & His Percussion Ensemble was the first with his album “Sorcery!” Other great ones were Leda Annest’s “Portrait Of Leda”, Andre Popp’s “Delirium In Hi-Fi”, “The Sounds Of Spain” , Big Bill Broonzy’s “Big Bill’s Blues” and Ravi Shankar’s “Sounds Of India”. There were also many girls of interest: Juliet Greco, Sara Montiel, two nice albums by Boris Sarbek and the most rare: “Buon Giorno Napoli” by Italy’s most famous singer of Naepolitan songs Aurelio Fierro, with a big breasted sleeve model. The sound quality was brilliant and the liner notes were always extended. 


WL-100 Various: “Adventures in Sound” Preview–January Release; Columbia XLP-42395 – 2LP; 1958


WL-101 Sabu & His Percussion Ensemble Sorcery!; 1958


WL-102 Juan Manuel: Caballero; 1958


WL-103 Juan Serrano & His Caribbean Combo: Caribbee; Songs Of The Indies; 1958


WL-104 Los Chilenos: El Rodeo; 1958


WL-105 Lucio Milena: Sun & Shadow; The Music Of Spain; 1958


WL-106 Andre Popp: Elsa Popping & Her Pixieland Band: Delirium in Hi-Fi; 1958


WL-107 Michel LeGrand: Music from the Films; 1958


WL-108 Zizi Jeanmaire w/André Popp & Michel Legrand: Zizi; 1958


WL-109 Jose Baselli: Grand Bal Musette; 1958


WL-110 Various: The Sounds Of Spain; 1958


WL-111 Big Bill Broonzy: Big Bill’s Blues; 1958


WL-112 Trios Los Panchos: A Moment Of Love; 1958


WL-113 Various: Mucho Gusto; 1958 (mariachi)


WL-114 Leda Annest: Portrait Of Leda; 1958


WL-115 Arthur Lynds Bigelow: Carillon in Hi-Fi; 1958


WL-116 San Domenico Barbers Of Taormina: Mandolino; 1958


WL117 Gianni Monese: Neopolitan Gold; 1958


WL-118 Boris Sarbek: Dark Eyes; 1958


WL-119 Ravi Shankar – The Sounds Of India; 1958


WL-120 Waldo De Los Rios: Gaucho!; 1958


WL-121 Royal Steel Band of Kingston, Jamaica: Jamaican Drums; 1958


WL-122 Digno Garcia: Fiesta Linda; 1958 (Paraguayan harp)


WL-123 The Greek Folk Dances & Songs Society; From the Land of the Golden Fleece; 1958


WL-124 Waldo De Los Rios: The Wonderful World Of De Los Rios; 1958


WL-125 Various Artists: Chansons 1900; 1958


WL-126 Marino Marini & his Quartet: Bravissimo!; 1958


WL-127 Modern Jazz Concert; Featuring George Russell, Harold Shapero, Jimmy Giuffre, Charlie Mingus, Milton Babbitt & Gunther Schuler; 1958


WL-128 André Popp, Zizi Jeanmaire, et al.: Paris — 1925


WL-129 Joss Baselli: Vive Le Bal Musette


WL-130 André Popp & His Orchestra: Popppppp! (Presenting Popp!)


WL-131 Aurelio Fierro: Buon Giorno Napoli


WL-132 Pablo Del Rio: Espana De Mis Amores; The Songs Of Spain


WL-133 Cuco Sanchez: Guitars At Twilight


WL-134 Various: The World’s Rarest Musical Boxes In High Fidelity


WL-135 John Klein: Around The World On A Carillon


WL-136 Boris Sarbek: Gypsy Fire


WL-137 Robert Ledent: French Student Songs “A La Votre”


WL-138 Juliette Greco: Juliette


WL-139 Sara Montiel: La Violetera


WL-140 La Belle Époque; Patachou Sings the Songs of Aristide Bruart w/Joss Baselli


WL-141 Los Panchos: Viva Los Panchos!


WL-142 Rolf Schneebiegl & His Schwarzwald Brass Band: Oom-Pah! Oom-Pah!


WL-143 Orquesta Popular de Madrid de La O.N.C.E.: One Hundred Guitars


WL-144 Mario Salvador at the Hammond Organ: The Power & the Majesty


WL-145 Eduardo Lucina & His Orchestra: Ballare!


WL-146 Aurelio Fierro: Romantica!

The second part of this series has the “Adventures In Sound” logo only on top

WL-147 Various: Fanfare (military bands)

WL-148 Renato Carosone & his Sextet: Carosone Caravan

WL-149 Sara Montiel: Besame!

WL-150 Yves Montand: One Man Show


WL-151 Jacqueline Francois At The Plaza

WL-152 Waldo De Los Rios: South American Suite

WL-153 The Thunderer Plays Carousel Marches

WL-154 Sabicas: Flamenco Puro!

WL-155 Manolo Fabregas: Mi Bella Dama (My Fair Lady in Spanish)

WL-156 Karl Grell: The Music And Sounds Of Vienna; City Of My Dreams

WL-157 Van Wood & His Italian Guitar With Jos Cleber & His Orchestra: “Grandioso!”

WL-158 Maurice Chevalier/Sacha Distel: Gigi!

WL-159 Various: Alpine Festival

WL-160 Budapest Zigeuner Orchestra: Paprika!–Authentic Hungarian Gypsy Folk Sons & Dances

WL-161 Cuco Sanchez & Dueto America: La Cucaracha; Songs of the Mexican Revolution (songs from the La Cucaracha ST; rec. Mexico) the La Cucaracha ST; rec. Mexico)

WL-162 Various: One World Jazz

WL-163 Takarazuka Dance Theatre; (from the Takarazuka Grand Theatres in Japan; cond. Emerson Buckley w/Ren Takahashi)

WL-164 Marlene Dietrich: Dietrich In Rio (live, w/Burt Bacarach)

WL-165 Various: Songs Of Israel

WL-166 Patachou: Les Grandes Chansons Vol. 1

WL-167 Yves Montand: An Evening With Yves Montand

WL-168 One World Jazz; [WL-168? / WS-314 (J.J. Johnson, Kenny Burrell, Clark Terry, Ben Webster, Hank Jones, George Duvivier, Jo Jones, Ake Persson, Stephane Grappelly, Martial Solal, Roger Guerin, Bob Garcia, Ronnie Ross, George Chisholm, Roy East)

WL-169 Trio Los Panchos; The World’s Most Popular Latin American Vocal Group

WL-170 Juerga Flamenca: Flamenco Spectacular!

WL-171 Sabicas: Flamenco Virtuoso

WL-172 ?

WL-173 Yves Montand: Les Grandes Chansons Vol. 2 1960

WL-174 Juliette Greco: Les Grandes Chansons Vol. 3 1960

WL-175 Jacques Brel: Idem; American Debut 1960

WL-176 Jaffa Jarkoni: Sabra!

WL-177 Irma La Douce; Zizi Jeanmaire, Roland Petit, Les Quatre Barbus, Luc Davis, Andre Popp

WL-178 Jacqueline Francois; Les Grandes Chansons, Volume 4; WL-178

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