Mercury Perfect Presence Sound Series

… An Outstanding Recording Achievement! The Mercury Perfect Presence Sound Series was the cherry on the pie of the Mercury label in the early 1960’s. Some of their best popular artists made albums for this great series, like Xavier Cugat, David Carroll and Quincy Jones. Almost all albums had three women on the front of the lush gatefold sleeves and with a couple of nice exceptions the same three women on the back. They were photographed in nice dancing poses, obviously to please the male recordbuying public. On the inner gatefold was plenty of space for all the information you wanted, like recording notes, track notes and short biographies of the artists. The mono editions had single sleeves in general and the Perfect Presence Sound – banner could be seen here on the bottom instead of on top of  the sleeve. Following the succes a second series was made in the same manner: The Perfect Presence Sound F:35d Series, because the recordings were made using the new 35 mm magnetic tape that had even more channels to use for each instrument. It was Mercury’s contribution to the stereo revolution that took place at that time. 


PPS 6000 David Carroll & His Orchestra – Latin Percussion

PPS 6001 Pete Rugolo & His Orchestra – 10 Trombones Like 2 Pianos


PPS 6002 David Carroll & His Orchestra – Percussion Orientale


PPS 6003 Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra – Viva Cugat!


PPS 6004 Mike Simpson & His Orchestra – Discussion In Percussion


PPS 6005 Richard Hayman & His Orchestra – Harmonica Holiday


PPS 6006 Frederick Fennell & His Orchestra – Conducts Gerswin


PPS 6007 Frederick Fennell & His Orchestra – Conducts Victor Herbert


PPS 6008 David Carroll & His Orchestra – Percussion Parisienne


PPS 6009 Johnny Best & The Dick Cathcart All Stars – Dixieland Left And Right

PPS 6010 Richard Hayman & His Orchestra – Conducts Pop Concert In Sound!


PPS 6011 George Barnes & His Orchestra – Guitar Galaxies


PPS 6012 Clebanoff Strings & Percussion – Exciting Sounds


PPS 6013 Hal Mooney & His Orchestra – Woodwinds & Percussion


PPS 6014 Quincy Jones & His Orchestra – Around The World


PPS 6015 Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra – The Best Of …


PPS 6016 Pete Rugolo & His Orchestra – 10 Trumpets And 2 Guitars

PPS 6017 Hal Mooney & His Orchestra – Ballet With A Beat


PPS 6018 Mike Simpson & His Orchestra – Marching Along


DY 99 958 Various Artists – Das Stereo Klang Wunder; Zum Start Der PPS-Serie In Deutschland


PPSD-4-12 Music In Depth PPSd-3-12 Various Artists – Galaxy; Music From Eleven Great Orchestras

Earlier releases with same cover motive:


SR 60001 David Carroll And His Orchestra – Let’s Dance With …


SR 60152 David Carroll And His Orchestra – Let’s Dance Again


MCY 135 003 David Carroll And His Orchestra – Let’s Dance Dance Dance

Perfect Presence Sound F:35d Series:


PPS 6019 Clebanoff Strings & Percussion – Strings Afire


PPS 6020 George Barnes & His Orchestra – Guitars Galore


PPS 6021 Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra – Plays Continental Hits

PPS 6022 David Carroll & His Orchestra – All The World Dances

PPS 6023 Pete Rugolo & His Orchestra – 10 Saxophones And 2 Basses

PPS 6024 Frederick Fennell & His Orchestra – Conducts Cole Porter


PPS 6025 Los Chevales De Espana – Spanish Fire

PPS 6026 Caesar Giovanni & His Orchestra – The Brilliant Sound Of Piano & Percussion

PPS 6027 Richard Hayman & His Orchestra – Gypsy

PPS 6028 Billy Beyers – Impressions Of Duke (Ellington)

PPS 6029 Eddie Layton – Organ Sounds And Percussion

PPS 6030 Carl Stevens – African Sounds


PPS 6031 Tak Shindo – Far East Goes Western

PPS 6032 Clebanoff Strings & Percussion – Strings Afire In Spain


PPSD-4-12 Varous Artists – Music In Depth

135 366 MDY David Carroll Y Su Orchestra – Ritmos De Todo El Mundo

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