The Astromusical Series

The signs of the zodiac are part of our spiritual bagage, in fact a timeless phenomenon, but in the 1960’s The Age Of Aquarius became a very popular thing with the musical Hair when the whole hippy and flower power movement was on it’s height point. In 1969 GWP Records from New York City launched a special series for people interested in popular astrology as a kind of science. The world reknowned astrologer Carrol Righter, a man and not a woman, wrote 12 long articles on each sign of the zodiac and published them inside lavishly packaged gatefold albums with fashionable models in specially made outfits for signs like aries, libra, scorpio and gemini. The dresses and suits were designed by Oscar De La Renta, the coiffures by Paul Mitchell for Henri Bendel, the photography was done by Francesco Scavullo and the package design was made by art director Bob Cato. Each album had two different pictures, one on the inside of the gatefold. The 11-page booklet by Carroll Righter was pasted on the right half of the inner gatefold.

And what about the music? Orchestral tunes and hits of the 1960’s era, produced by Paul Robinson and arranged and conducted by Ed Bland. Nothing special really, but The Astromusical Series lives up to the truly great packaging design, typical of the late sixties. A wonderful world!


P1250677 P1250678

1001 The Astromusical House Of Aries; The Sign Of The Warrior Or Pioneer (the ram – march 21  to april 19 / color: red)

P1250681 P1250682

1002 The Astromusical House Of Taurus; The Sign Of The Bull Or Producer (the bull – april 20 to may 20 / colors: blue & pink)

P1250683 P1250684

1003 The Astromusical House Of Gemini; The Sign Of The Artist Or Inventor (the twins – may 21 to june 21 / color: yellow)

P1250686 P1250687

1004 The Astromusical House Of Moonchild (Cancer); The Sign Of The Prophet Or Teacher (the crab – june 23 to july 21 / color: violet)

P1260676 P1260677

1005 The Astromusical House Of Leo; The Sign Of The King Or President (the lion – july 22 – august 21 / color: orange)


1006 The Astromusical House Of Virgo; The Sign Of The Craftsman Or Critic (the virgin – august 22 to september 22 / color: navy blue)


1007 The Astromusical House Of Libra; The Sign Of The Statesman Or Manager (the balance – september 24 to october 23 / color: indigo blue)


1008 The Astromusical House Of Scorpio; The Sign Of The Governor Or Inspector (the scorpion – october 23 to november 21 / color: deep red)


1009 The Astromusical House Of Sagittarius; The Sign Of The Sage Or Councelor (the archer – november 22 to december 21 / color: light blue) 


1010 The Astromusical House Of Capricorn; The Sign Of The Priest  Ambassador Or Scientist (the goat december 22 – january 20 / color: green) 


1011 The Astromusical House Of Aquarius; The Sign Of The Truth-seeker or Scientist (the water-bearer – january 21 to february 19 / color: electric blue)


1012 The Astromusical House Of Pisces; The Sign Of The Poet Or Interpreter (the fish – february 20 to march 20 / color: sea-green

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