Audio Fidelity Gold Gatefold Series

Audio Fidelity Records became a household name in American music industry in the second half of the 1950’s and is still active today. It was a label that stood for a high standard in high fidelity stereo sound and packaging design. ‘A Revolutionary Advance In Listening Pleasure’ was one of their slogans. The output of the company was enormous. They were especially good in sound effects records for home movies and for professional use. There are some bullfight and steam train records as well. They produced many albums from various musical cultures from Mexico and Brazil to Southern Europe and the Middle-East, dixieland, jazz and vocal albums and exotic music from the Pacific area. The records were released in single sleeves and gatefold sleeves, each with the same back cover design: black with blue, red and gold. (see below) The great technicolor photographs were sometimes almost like stills from a movie or photo cut-outs pasted on a white background, typical for many Audio Fidelity releases. The gold label series had gorgeous gatefolds with a golden label and a thin golden border around the picture. Look at the two “Mallet Magic” albums by Harry Breuer & His Quintet or Mohammed Al-Bakkar’s “Music From The Middle East. All breathtaking and very modern. The photography was by Bob Witt, the design probably by Audio Fidelity’s own staff designer, but his name remains probably unknown.


AFSD 5801 Music Of The Bull Fight Ring; La Fiesta Brava AFSD 5802-5822 ?


AFSD 5823 The Dukes Of Dixieland – You Have To Hear To Believe It (Volume 1) AFSD 5824


AFSD 5825 Harry Breuer Quintet – Mallet Magic

AFSD 5826

AFSD 5827

AFSD 5828

AFSD 5829


AFSD 5830 Johnny Puleo And His Harmonica Gang – Idem

AFSD 5831

AFSD 5832


AFSD 5833 Mohammed El Bakkar – Port Said; Music Of The Middle East (Volume 1)


AFSD 5834 Mohammed El Bakkar – Sultan Of Bagdad; Music Of The Middle East (Volume 2)

AFSD 5835 Music Of The Bull Fight Ring; La Fiesta Brava, Volume 4

AFSD 5836


AFSD 5837 Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra – Cha, Cha, Cha, Volume 3


AFSD 5838 Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra – Tango; Music Of Argentina

AFSD 5839

AFSD 5840 The Dukes Of Dixieland – The Phenomenal …, Volume 2

AFSD 5841

AFSD 5842

AFSD 5843 Railroad Sounds; Steam And Diesel


AFSD 5844 Leon Berry – Giant Wurlitzer, Volume 3


AFSD 5845 Giant Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, Volume 4

AFSD 5846

AFSD 5847


AFSD 5848 Goyo Reyes, Domingo Alvarado – La Zamba; Music Of Spain


AFSD 5849 Lionel Hampton – Lionel


AFSD 5850 Johnny Pineapple And His Islanders – Hawaii


AFSD 5851 The Dukes Of Dixieland – Marching Along With The … (Volume 3)

AFSD 5852

AFSD 5853

AFSD 5854 AFSD 5855


AFSD 5856 Jack Anderson At The Baldwin Organ – Electric Organ

AFSD 5857 9th Regiment Pipe Band – Bagpipes And Drums


AFSD 5858 Mohammed El Bakkar – Music Of The African Arab; Music Of The Middle East (Volume 3)


AFSD 5859 Johnny Puleo And His Harmonica Gang – Volume 2

AFSD 5860 The Dukes Of Dixieland – On Bourbon Street (Volume 4)

AFSD 5861 The Dukes Of Dixieland – Minstel Time With The Phenomenal … (Volume 5)

AFSD 5863 The Dukes Of Dixieland – Circus Time With The … (Volume 7)

AFSD 5864

AFSD 5865

AFSD 5866


AFSD 5867 Buddy Charles, Ace Harris – Zonky!

AFSD 5868 Jo Basile – Viennese Waltzes


AFSD 5869 Jo Basile – Argentine Tangos

AFSD 5870 Jo Basile – Accordeon D’Espana


AFSD 5871 Jo Basile And His Accordeon Di Roma (Volume 2)

AFSD 5872


AFSD 5873 Vardi String Quartet – Sutton Place South


AFSD 5874 Beverly Kelly – … Sings


AFSD 5875 Pat Moran – This Is Pat Moran

AFSD 5876


AFSD 5877 Al Hirt – Swingin’ Dixie At Dan’s Pier 600 In New Orleans


AFSD 5878 Al Hirt – Swingin’ Dixie At Dan’s Pier 600 In New Orleans, Volume 2

AFSD 5879

AFSD 5880


AFSD 5881 Patachou – International Soiree


AFSD 5882 Harry Breuer Quintet – Mallet Mischief (Volume 2)


AFSD 5883 Johnny Puleo & His Harmonica Gang – Molto Italiano! (Volume 3)


AFSD 5884 Oscar Brand – Bowdy Sea Shanties

AFSD 5886 Al Melgard – At The Chicago Stadium Organ

AFSD 5887 Al Melgard – At The Chicago Stadium Organ, Volume 2


AFSD 5888 The Song Of Songs; A Jazz Interpretation

AFSD 5889




AFSD 5890 Various Artists – Audio Fidelity Stereo Disc; Demonstration Sound Effects


AFSD 5891 The Dukes Of Dixieland – On Campus With … (Volume 8)


AFSD 5882 The Dukes Of Dixieland – You Have To Hear It To Believe It (Volume 9)


AFSD 5893 Jo Basile, Accordeon & Orchestra– Cafe Italiano

AFSD 5894


AFSD 5995 Mohammed El Bakkar – Magic Carpet (Volume 4)

AFSD 5896


AFSD 5897 Don Shirley – same

AFSD 5898


AFSD 5899 Alex North; O.S.T. – South Seas Adventure


AFSD 5901 Peter Appleyard – The Vibe Sound Of …

AFSD 5909 Eddie Jackson & His Dixielanders – Eddie Jackson!

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