RCA Dinner Series

Music For Dining is one of the best known themes on the music for special occasions market in the mid-1950’s in the United States. Collecting these kind of records is probably a bottomless well… well, i’m only just begun. It’s a great theme for photographers, because they can catch the special evening mood in their own way. RCA had at least two series. One was situated in a town (Dinner In Havana, Rio, Mexico City) or country (Dinner In Columbia). The second had a foreign home as location (Music For A German, Chinese, Italian, French Dinner At Home). The most famous however was Moods In Music: Music For Dining. A beautiful setting with candles and other attributes. The perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner. But not every dinner was like that. Decca released the funniest: “Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals”, by Dave Harris & The Powerhouse Five, and what do you think about a “Dinner With Drac or Zach”? Spike Jones had his own version on the theme: “Dinner Music For People Who Aren’t Very Hungry”. Have a good appetite!” Various Artists – Dinner In …

dinner in havana

LPM/LSP Dinner In Havana (René Touzet & His Orchestra)


LPM/LSP 1017 Dinner In Rio (Fafa Lemos & His Orchestra)


LPM/LSP 1018 Dinner In Mexico City (Pablo Marin)


LPM/LSP 1019 Dinner In Buenos Aires (Terig Tucci)


LPM/LSP 1114 Dinner In Caracas (Aldemaro Romero)


LPM/LSP 1314 Dinner In Colombia (Aldemaro Romero) LPV 7500 Dinner In Caracas, Volume II (Alfredo Romero) 


Various Artists – Music For A … Dinner At Home


LPM/LSP 1935 Music For A German Dinner At Home (Franz Hertzmann & His Orchestra


LPM/LSP 1936 Music For A Chinese Dinner At Home (Bob Lin Wu & His Orchestra)


LPM/LSP 1937 Music For A French Dinner At Home (Pierre Felere & His Orchestra)


LPM/LSP 1938 Music For An Italian Dinner At Home (Romano Ledenzio & His Orchestra)


LPM/LSP 1939 Music For A Backyard Barbecue (Norman Leyden)


And of course the main dish:




LPM-1000 Moods In Music; Music For Dining (The Melachrino Strings And Orchestra) (also issued as: RCA Camden CAS 10173)


CAL-307 Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra – Dinner For Two (version one)


LPM-1441 Billy Butterfield And His Orchestra – They’re Playing Our Song


CAL-307 Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra – Dinner For Two (version two)

L-16008 Sigmund Romberg – Dinner Music


LPM-1122 Armando & His Orchestra – Champagne For Dinner


LPM-1475 Al Nevins & His Orchestra  – Lights And Shadows; Dinner Music By …


More Dinner Albums:



MGV-4005 Spike Jones – Dinner Music For People Who Aren’t Very Hungry (on Verve)


T-1297  Red Nichols & The Five Pennies – Dixieland Dinner dance (on Capitol)


T-10082 Frank Barber’ s Orchestra – Hi-Fi Dinner Music (Recorded In England)


LN-3149 The Somerset Strings – Dinner Music (on Epic)


AH-9 Victor Young & His Singing Strings – After Dinner Music (on Decca)

spike 2

DL-74113 Dave Haris & The Powerhouse Five – Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals (on Decca) And… 1956


Shep Fields & His Orchestra – Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing (on Jubilee) And… …. (Jubilee 1256) 195.

David Bonham – Dinner Music By … (on Red Feather) And…

CL-859 Leo Chauliac – Dinner At Maxim’s (on Columbia) And…


6-5000 John Zacherly – Dinner With Zach (on Transylvania)


and after dinner, there’s …


RCA LPM-1582 Reg Owen & His Orchestra – Coffee Break


RCA LPM-1656 Morton Gould & His Orchestra – Coffee Time

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