Nilser Records Series

Nilser was a cool Brazilian label with a delicious series in the same manner as the RCA Victor’s Stereo Action albums and Liberty’s Premier Series. The material they used for their sleeves had a kind of very thick wallpaper quality and the photographs that were used on the inner gatefold that you could see through the peephole (die-cut) were utterly fabulous. Nicely dressed blondes and other cuties in studio settings, typically late 1950’s. The music on these records ranged from light orchestral muzak to sensual bossa nova and they also had some classical ones. The ones i got were quit expensive, but when you have one, you really want them all of course. There were also copies pressed in Venezuela, but the number of imports to the US and Europe was very limited, not to say zero.

nilser 5nilser 3

1001 The Lovers – Lover (Ed Lincoln)

nilser 1nilo-sergio-sua-orquestra-danca-romance-lp-nilser-capa-dupla-14229-MLB4538551388_062013-F

1002 Nilo Sergio – Danca E Romance

1003 Los Karabalis – same


nilser 4nilser 6

1005 The Lovers – Lover, Volume 2

1006 Orquesta Morderna De Camera – Brasil Bossa Nova

1007 Rubens Basini Y Los Latinos – Latino Fantastico

nilser os-violinos-romnticos-musicas-meus-pais-amaram-lp-nilser-14394-MLB195813597_8875-O

1006 Orquestra Modern De Camera – Brasil Bossa Nova

1007 Rubens Bassini – Latinos Fantastico

1008 ? Os Violinos – Romanticos Musicas Meu Pais Amaram


1009 Nilo Sergio – Bolero Amor E Romance

1010 Bossa Nova Modern Quartet – Bossa Nova Jazz Samba


1011 / 1012 Marila Batista – Historia Musical De Noel Rosa (2LP) (no die-cut)


1013 Nilo Sergio – Cleopatra Cinema E Romance

1014 The Caravelles – Pianorama

1015 The Nilser All Stars – TV Hits

1016 Os Violinos Romanticos “Cancoes Que Meus Pais Amaram

1017 Trio Romance – Idem

nilser 2

1018 The Nilser All Stars – TV Hits


1019 As Vedetas – Idem

P1260610 P1260611

1020 The Lovers – Lover, Volume 3

1021 Various Artists – Isto E Dynascope

1022 Don Pablo De Havana Ardiente

1023 Trio Bach – same


1025 Conjunto Musica Antigua – Musica Barroca


1026 The Concert Pop Orchestra – Fiësta


1027 Los Porteños – Rosas Internacionais

1059 Don Pablo De Havana Y Su Orquestra – Ardiente


1066 Gran Orquesta De Concierto – El Relicario (no die-cut)


NS: 03 Nilo Sergio Sua Orquestra E Vozes “Tema Do Filme” EP
NS: 08 Bossa Nova Modern Quartet “Jazz Samba” EP
NS: 09 Marilia Batista “Noel Rosa”
NS: 12 Quarteto Moderno “Bossa Nova” EP
NS: 13 Nilo Sergio Sua Orquestra E Vozes “Hino Au Amor” EP
NS: 19 Don Pablo de Havana “Garota De Ipanema” EP
NS: 20 The Lovers “Lover Lover Lover” EP

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