Capitol Ultra Lounge CD Series


When Capitol rediscovered their own past somewhere in the early 1990’s of the past century lounge music and muzak was already happening again. Many labels released compilations of popular fifties tunes those days, but the best had yet to come. Capitol announced this series as a return to times of cocktails, outside barbecues and swinging’ ladies and gentlemen in stylish dresses and cozy suits. Mambo, cocktail swing, exotica music, space age bachelor pad music, you name it – it was on this great series of 18 CD’s (plus 9 other volumes available for download only years later), a couple of Christmas compilations, two volumes of On The Rocks and some artist specials as well by Les Baxter, Martin Denny, Jackie Gleason and others. It was digital high fidelity listening pleasure, the sound quality was perfect, but we also dived deeper into the nostalgia age to find the originals! Vinyl records sound warmer and deeper. Despite of that supposition Ultra Lounge was big fun!

ultra lounge 1 

Volume 1: Mondo Exotica; Mysterious Melodies & Tropical Tiki Tunes

ulta lounge 2

Volume 2: Mambo Fever; Samba! Rhumba! Hot Cha-Cha-Cha!

ultra lounge 3

Volume 3: Space Capades; Atomic-Age Audities And Hi-Fi-Hi-Jinks!

ultra lounge 4

Volume 4: Bachelor Pad Royal; Midnight Music For Cool Cats!)

ultra lounge 5

Volume 5: Wild, Cool & Swingin’; Finger Snappin’ Vocals & Cocktails After Dark

ultra lounge 6

Volume 6: Rhapsodesia; Music And Martinis For Lovers Only!

ultra lounge 7

Volume 7: Crime Scene; Spies, Thighs & Private Eyes!

ultra lounge 8

Volume 8: Cocktail Capers; Mondo Space-Age Bachelor Pad A-Go-Go!

ultra lounge 9

Volume 9: Cha-Cha De Amor; From Mamboland To Bossa Novaville

ultra lounge 10

Volume 10: A Bachelor In Paris; Martinis Du Jour, With A French Twist!

ultra lounge 11

Volume 11: Organs In Orbit; Super-cool Keyboards, Over-Heated Hammonds

ultra lounge 12

Volume 12: Saxophobia; A Horn-A-Copia Of Sax-Ual Delights!

ultra lounge 13

Volume 13: Tv Town; Prime-Time Tunes From The Tube

ultra lounge 14

Volume 14: Bossa Novaville; So Cool. So Sexy. So Rio. So Ipanema

ultra lounge 15

Volume 15: Wild, Cool & Swingin’ Too!; More Snappy Vocals, More Las Vegas Style

ultra lounge 16

Volume 16: Mondo Hollywood; Movie Madness From Tinsel Town

ultra lounge 17

Volume 17: Bongoland; Spicy Latin Licks, Hot Voodoo Chicks

ultra lounge 18

Volume 18: Bottoms Up!; Jet Set Cocktails With A Groovy Twist

ultra lounge 19

Volume 19: Wild, Cool, & Swingin’ 3!; More Snappy Vocals, More Las Vegas Style (download only)

ultra lounge 20

Volume 20: Divas Las Vegas!; Smokin’ Vocals From The Sirens Of Sin City (download only)

ultra lounge 21

Volume 21: Hey Bartender!; Happy Hour, Last Call (download only)

ultra lounge 22

Volume 22: Big Apple Martini!; East Side, West Side, Uptown, Downtown (download only)

ultra lounge 23

Volume 23: Ciao Bella!; Mondo Italiano (download only)

ultra lounge 24

Volume 24: Jet Set Swingers!; Book Your Flight, Grab Your Passport (download only)

ultra lounge 25

Volume 25: Mucho Gusto!; A Swingin’ Fiesta South Of The Border (download only)

ultra lounge 26

Volume 26: Vegas Baby, Too!; Double Down, Hit The Jackpot (download only)

ultra lounge 27

Volume 27: Nursery Rhythms!; The ABC’s & 123’s Of Bachelor Pad Living (download only)

On The Rocks:

ultra on the rocks 1

On The Rocks, Part One; Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits Distilled For Easy Listening

ultra on the rocks 2

On The Rocks, Part Two; Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits Distilled For Easy Listening

ultra vegas

Vegas Baby!; High Rolling, Sure Thing, Jackpot!


ultra christmas 1

Christmas Cocktails, Part One; Hi-Fi Holiday Cheer From Santa’s Pad

ultra christmas 2

Christmas Cocktails, Part Two; Another Round Of Cool Holiday Spirits

ultra christmas 3

Christmas Cocktails, Part Three; Yule Tide Cheer Through The Year


Christmas Cocktails, Part Four; Yule Tide Cheer Through The Year (download only)

Sampler CDs from the series itself:

ultra best christmas

The Best Of Christmas Cocktails

fuzzy leopard





Ultra-Lounge Sampler (“Fuzzy Leopard”) in five different colors

ultra lounge

Tiki Sampler

Coaster Music Sampler

Artist/composer-specific compilations:

ultra jackie gleason

Jackie Gleason – The Romantic Moods Of …

ultra les baxter

Les Baxter – The Exotic Moods Of

ultra martin denny

Martin Denny – The Exotic Sounds Of

ultra cole porter

Various Artists – Cocktails With Cole Porter

ultra louis prima

Wild Cool & Swinging – Artist Series Vol. 1: Louis Prima & Keely Smith

ultra bobby darin

Wild, Cool & Swingin’ – Artist Series Vol. 2: Bobby Darin

ultra mrs miller

Wild, Cool & Swingin’ – Artist Series Vol. 3: Mrs. Miller

ultra wayne newton

Wild, Cool & Swingin’ – Artist Series Vol. 4: Wayne Newton

ultra julie london

Wild, Cool & Swingin’ – Artist Series Vol. 5: Julie London

ultra sam butera

Wild, Cool & Swingin’ – Artist Series Vol. 6: Sam Butera & The Witnesses

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