Exotic Beatles …

The Beatles are so well known that it would be strange to call them exotic. True, they went to India and added sitar and tables to their own British sound to create masterpieces like Within You, Without You, Love You To and The Inner Light. Their music went across the universe and was adapted by many artists who tried to make it their own… no one succeeded, but everyone loved to play Beatle songs. The guys behind British label Exotica Records collected them for many years and compiled them on four CD’s with versions from all over the world. “Yellow Submarine” in Japanese folk style, “Come Together” by Desmond Dekker, “We Can’t Work It Out” by real cats, dogs and chickens (Beatle Barkers and others) and “Good Night” by The Moog Beatles. There is latin, flamenco, fairground organ, hillbilly, disco… you name it. There are some excerpts from Beatles interviews, thanks and goodbyes from John, Paul, George & Ringo as well. It’s a great trip in four parts for the adventurous listener and please… do not bark!



PELÉ 3CD The Exotic Beatles, Part One (Exotica Records 1993)

26 of your all time Beatles favourites performed by the most exotic cast ever assembled including…Eleanor Rigby in Latin by Derek Enright MP – Lucy In The Sky by William Shatner – I Am The Walrus by John Otway – She Loves You Flamenco – Japanese Yellow Submarine Ondo – Brian Sewell – The Metropolitan Police Choir – Cats and Dogs – The Indian Beatles – The Japanese Beatles – The Argentinian Beatles – The Malayan Beatles…


PELÉ 7CD The Exotic Beatles, Part Two (Exotica Records 1995)

30 Tracks including: Arthur Mullard’s cockney Yesterday – The Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Polka – Japanese a cappella Hard Days Night – A Redneck, Hillbilly version of Let It Be – Psychedelic Nowhere Man – A nursery version of I AmThe Walrus and a 1920’s style Hey Jude…the cast list includes Frank Sidebottom – Maurice Chevalier – Lol Coxhill – Mae West – Ron Geesin – Brian Sewell – The Beatle Barkers – Ena Baga – The Squirrels – Johnny Prytko and The Connecticut Hi-Tones and Professor Stanley Unwin amongst others.


PELÉ 14CD The Exotic Beatles, Part Three (Exotica Records 1999)

24 tracks with an even more bizarre slant than Parts 1 & 2…Eleanor Rigby by Shang Shang Typhoon – Ticket To Ride by soprano Cathy Berberian – Speed Metal Yesterday by Haax – I Want To Hold Your Hand by Mrs Yetta Bronstein – Doodles Weaver – Powerillusi – Fairground Organs – Singing Sheep & Dogs – Indian – Cheesy Hammond – David Peel – Frank Sidebottom -Claus Beyer and more…


PELÉ 15CD The Exotic Beatles, Part Four: Plastic Soul (Exotica Records 2011)

Exotic Beatles, Volume 4 is the best yet with contributions from Russia, (Bugotak, Boney Nem, Ariel and 7B), Baba Yaga from Hungary, D.E.F. Orkestra from Turkey, Bozo Allegro from the USA as well as Assagai, Brian Sewell, The Thurston Lava Tube, Neck Valve, Klaus Beyer, Shan Kuan Liu Yun from Singapore and Banda Plastica De Tepetlixpa from Mexico. Reviews and airplay will follow from journalists and producers who were admirers of the first three in the series.

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