Manana Records Pop-Up CD Series

With a great dedication to tango music French label Mañana offers us a fantastic series of pop-up packages that are beyond your imagination. Complexity in art and design in it’s own special way. See-through scenes of life in Buenos Aires and other festive themes made out of carton and paper. The packages are square and a little bigger than usual. The artwork for the first two issues was made by the couple Gérard Lo Monaco and Etsuko Watanabe. Other designers were: Les Associés Réunis, Emma Giuliani, Elodie Chevalme, Ricardo Mosner, Ariane Grenet. When you own one you really want ’em all. Grab them while you can!

manana 1Amanana 1B

MM425001 Melingo – Santa Milongo 2004

manana 2Amanana 2B

MM425002 Di Giusto Y Camerata Ambigua – La Cambiada 2004

MM425003 Various Artists – Mañana, The Tango Of Tomorrow 2004

manana 3Amanana 3B

MM425004 Caceres – Murga Argentina 2005

manana 4Amanana 4B

MM425005 Mosalini Y Quatuor Banaïm Interpretan Beytelmann; Classico Y Moderno


manana 5Amanana 5B

MM425006 Horacio Molina – Tango Essencial 2005

manana 6Amanana 6B

MM425007 Gustavo Beytelmann – !Sigamos! 2006

manana 7Amanana 7B

MM425008 Caceres – Utopia 2007

manana 8Amanana 8B

MM425009 Melingo – Maldito Tango 2007 MM425010

manana 9Amanana 9B

MM425011Müller & Makarof – O.S.T. El Gaucho 2008

manana 10Amanana 10B

MM425012 Various Artists – Mañana El Tango; Perlas Del Label 2009

manana 11Amanana 11B

MM425013 Gerardo Di Giusto – Imaginario; Piano Solo 2009

manana 12Amanana 12B

MM425014 Caceres – Noche De Carnaval 2011

manana 13Amanana 13B

MM425015 Di Giusto Y Camerata Romeu – Habanera 2011

manana 14Amanana 14B

MM425016 Jerez Le Cam Quartet – Ofofof 2011


Edith Piaf Integrale 1915-2015 (from the same designer as the last 4 cd’s on Mañana Records)


piaf 2



piaf 3

piaf 4

piaf 6

piaf 5

piaf 7

piaf 8

piaf 1

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