Space Age Album Cover Art


Welcome to the space age, the age of reliability … strange planets, rockets, robots and martians. We speak about the 1950’s of the past century, when the year 2000 was still a magical number. After the second world war, the race to space had begun. When the Russian Sputnik 2 went off with on board Laika, a stray dog from the streets of Moscow, the Americans were already planning their Apollo program to get the first man on the moon.

The future was bright, science fiction novels became very popular at that time and hi-fi stereo was the new standard. The search for strange and unusual sounds was the new hype. Many albums between 1956 and 1966 had a space theme on the sleeve as a novelty thing. Sheldon Allman was into outer space on his album Folk Songs For The 21st Century with a kind of sputnik, The Ames Brothers found themselves back on of the set of the movie The Forbidden Planet, as was the girl on the Esquivel album Other Worlds, Other Sounds. The Les Baxter album Space Escapades became the prototype space sleeve. A strange outer space cocktail party for modern humans and what to think of a man in a cozy suit on a scooter or even Johan Sebastian Bach who was shot into space with a spacesuit and a synthesizer. Everything was possible from that moment on.

Look at this great 1957 Space Age filmclip called Moon Maidens Jungle Trip:


Sheldon Allman – Folk Songs For The 21st Century (Hifi R-415) 1960


The Ames Brothers – Destination Moon (RCA Victor LPM-1680) 1958


Louis & Bebe Barron – O.S.T. Forbidden Planet (MGM / Small Planet PR 001) 1955


Sid Bass – Music From Another World (VIK LX-1053) 1956


Les Baxter And His Orchestra – Space Escapade (Capitol T 968) 1958


Les Baxter And His Orchestra – Lost Episode (Bacchus Archives BA-07 10″LP) 1995, recorded in 1961

space age 16

Bob & Betty – Go To The Moon; A Boy And A Girl Take A Recorded Lunar Space Adventure (Happy House C-20) 1966


Walter Carlos – Switced On Bach II (CBS S-65974) 1973

space age 1

Bobby Christian – Strings For A Space Age (Audio Fidelity AFLP 1959) 1962


Frank Comstock – Music From Outer Space (Warner Bros. WS 1463) 1962

space age 14

Bill Dana – José Jimenez In Orbit; Bill Dana On Earth (Kapp KL-1257) 1962


Claude Denjean – Moog! (Decca PFS 4212) 1971

space age 7

Leo Diamond – Subliminal Sounds (ABC-Paramount ABC-303) 1960

Tim Dinkins

Tim Dinkins – Christmas On The Moon (Cartwheel CW-112-A) 196.

space age 13

Thomas Dissevelt – Fantasy In Orbit (Philips PHS 600-189) 1964

space age 2

Electro Sonic Orchestra – Presenting A New Concept In Sound (Coral 57381) 1958

Larry Elgart & His Ensemble – Impressions Of Outer Space (Brunswick BL 58054) 1953


Dean Elliott And His Swinging Big, Big Band – Zounds! What Sounds! (Capitol ST 1818) 1962

Lloyd Ellis – The Fastest Guitar In The World (Carlton Record Co.) 1958


Don Elliott And His Orchestra – Music For The Sensational Sixties (Design DLP-69) 1957


Enoch Light – Presents: Spaced Out (Project 3 PR 5043 SD) 1969


The Rocketmen – Spaceway Ballads; Folk Songs From The …. (Circa 2075 AD) (Ficker …) 19..

tim dinkins 3

Frank Erhardt & Cast – Adventures In Sound And Space (RCA Victor LPM-1025) 1958


Esquivel And His Orchestra – Other Worlds, Other Sounds (RCA Victor LSP / LPM-1753) 1958


Esquivel And His Orchestra – Exploring New Sounds In Hi-Fi (RCA Victor LPM-1978) 1959


Esquivel And His Orchestra – Exploring New Sounds In Stereo (RCA Victor LSP-1978) 1959


Ferrante & Teicher – Soundproof!; The Sound Of Tomorrow Today! (Westminster WP 6014) 1956


Ferrante & Teicher – Soundproof!; The Sound Of Tomorrow Today! (Westminster WST 15011) 1956 (totally different track listing)

space age 9

Ferrante & Teicher – Adventure In Carols (Westminster WP-6021) 1956


Ferrante & Teicher – Soundblast; The Sound Of Tomorrow Today! (Westminster WP 6041) 1956


Ferrante & Teicher – Blast Off! (ABC-Paramount ABCS 285) 1958

Russ Garcia Fantastica1

Russ Garcia – Fantastica; Music From Outer Space (Liberty LST 7001) 1959


Marty Gold – Wired For Sound (Vik LX-1054) – 1956


Benny Goodman Orchestra – A Toast To Benny Goodman (Eros ERLS 50008) 1958


Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra – Music In Orbit (Capitol T 10188) 1959

space age 15

Jay Gordon Concert Orchestra – Music From Another World (Tops L 1552) 1957


Bernie Green And His Orchestra – Futura (RCA Victor LSa-2376) 1961


Jimmy Haskell And His Orchestra – Countdown! (Imperial LP 9068) 1959


Ted Heath And His Music – “Things To Come” (London LL 3047) 1959


Woody Herman And His Orchestra – Men From Mars (Verve MGV-8216) 1958


Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo – Moon Gas (MGM SE 4119) 1962


Dick Hyman – Moog; The Electric Eclectics Of … (Command 938) 1969

space age 6

Roland Kovac (Orkester …) – Trip To Mars (Saba SB 15165) 1968

space age 5

Willy Ley – A Child’s Introduction To Outer Space (Golden Record GLP 46) 1956

space age 12

Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra – Music Out Of Century 21 (Seattle Worlds Fair) 1962


Harry Lubin And His Orchestra – Music From One Step Beyond (Decca DL-8970) 1960


Marty Manning And His Orchestra – The Twilight Zone; A Sound Adventure In Space (Columbia CL 1586) 1959


Richard Marino – Out Of This World (Liberty Premier LMM 1307) 1961


Sabu Martinez – Sabu In Orbit (Lazarus LP 1084) 1997, recorded in 1969


Attilio Mineo – Conduct: Man In Space With Sounds (World’s Fair 55555 / Subliminal SUB-081-LP) 1962


Billy Mure – Supersonic Guitars In Hifi (RCA Victor LPM-1536) 1957


Billy Mure – Supersonics In Flight (RCA LSp-1869) 1958


101 Strings – Astro-Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 (Alshire S-5119) 1968



Lucia Pamela – Into Outer Space (L-Peg Music 8304X59) 1969


Stuart Philips And His Orchestra – Harry Revel’s Music From Outer Space (MGM E3287) 1955


Pinky & Perky – In Outer Space (Columbia 7″ EP) 1965

space age 11

André Previn And His Orchestra – The Magic Moods Of … (Deacon DEA 1025) 1959

space age 3

George Russell And His Orchestra, featuring: Bill Evans – Jazz In The Space Age (Decca Dl 79219) 1960


Sauter-Finegan Orchestra – Adventure In Time (RCA Victor LPM-1240) 1956

scott 1 scott 3 scott 2

Raymond Scott – By Rocket To The Moon (7″ single) 1950

lucia 2

Don Sebesky – The Distant Galaxy (Verve V6-5063) 1968

leith 1 leith 2 leith 3 leith 4

Leith Stevens – Destination Moon (Omega OSL 3) 1958


Paul Tanner – Music From Heavenly Bodies (Omega St-3016) 1958


The Three Suns – Midnight For Two (RCA Victor LPM-1333) 1957


The Voices Of Walter Schuman – Exploring The Unknown (RCA Victor LPM-1025) 1957


The Young Lovers – Barbarella; The Hit Songs Of The Wild Movie & Other Way Out Themes (Design SDLP-301) 1972


“Out Of This World”; Atmospheric Sounds And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop (BBC REC 225) 1976


“Sounds In Space”; An Introduction To Stereophonic Sound (RCA SP-33-13 / SF-5015) 1958

space age 8

“The Space Age”; The Age Of Reliability (Raybesto-Manhattan Inc. MT 2426) 1962

space age 10

“Trains, Planes And Space Ships” (Columbia-Harmony NL 7110) 1958


“2001; A Space Odyssey”, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (MGM 665096) 1968



Space Is So Startling; A Musical Fantasy (Philips632303BL) 1962



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