Oscar Brand albums

This clip shows Oscar Brand as he performed a song in the 1964 movie Once Upon A Coffee House:


On Audio Fidelity Records:



AFLP 906 Bawdy Songs And Backroom Ballads, Volume 1 1955

AFLP-1121/AFSD 6121 Bawdy Hootenanny 1955


AFLP 1806/AFSD 5806 Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads, Volume 2 1956


AFLP 1824/AFSD 5824 Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads, Volume 3 1956


AFLP 1847 Bawdy Songs And Backroom Ballads, Volume 4


AFSD 5847 Bawdy Songs And Backroom Ballads, Volume 4 (deluxe edition)

AFLP 1884 Old Time Bawdy Sea Shanties, Volume 5 1958


AFSD 5884 Old Time Bowdy Sea Shanties, Volume 5 (deluxe edition) 1958

Brand 5

AFLP 1920/AFSD 5920 Bawdy Western Songs, Volume 6 1960


AFLP 1952 Bawdy Songs Goes To College, Volume 7 1961


AFLP-1966 Rollicking Sea Shanties 1962

Brand 13

AFLP-1971 Sing-Along Bawdy Songs & Backroom Medleys, Volume 8 1962


On Riverside Records:


RLP-12-630 American Drinking Songs (with Erik Darling) 1956


RLP-12-639 G.I. American Army Songs (with Fred Hellerman) 1956


RLP-12-646 Riddle Me This (with Jean Ritchie) 1956


RLP-12-852 Absolute Nonsense 1957

RLP-12-832 Give ’em The Hook; Songs That Killed Vaudeville 1958


RLP-12-835 Songs Insane Only 1959

Brand 6

RLP-97508 An Oscar Brand Songbag Full Of Folk Song Favorites 196?


On Elektra Records


Brand 8

EKL-122 Courtins A Pleasure (with Jean Ritchie & Tom Paley) 1957

Brand 4

EKL-169 Every Inch A Sailor 1959


EKL-174 Tell It To The Marines 1960

Elektra Records album sleeves

Alternative cover


EKS-7168 The Wild Blue Yonder 1960

Brand 9

EKS-7183 Boating Songs And All That Blige 1960

Brand 7

EKS-7188 Sports Car Songs 1960


EKS-7198 Up In The Air; Songs For The Madcap Airman 1960

Brand 10

EKS-7204 For Doctors Only 1960

Brand 11

EKL-179 Out Of The Blue; More Airforce Songs 1961

Brand 12

EKL-228 A Snow Job For Skiers (with The Ski Bums) 1963

Brand 3

EKS-7242 Cough! Army Songs Out Of The Baracks Bag, Sung By … (with The Short Arms) 1963


On other labels:



RCA INTS-1066 Bawdy And Backroom Ballads, Vol. 1 196? (reissue)

Folkways F-3428 A Folk Concert In Town Hall, NYC (with Jean Ritchie & David Sear) 1959

Folkways FH-5282 Election Songs Of The United States (with Billy Faier) 1960

ABC Paramount ABCS-388 Oscar Brand Sings For Adults 1961


Wonderland RLP-1438 Children’s Concert At Town Hall 1961


Decca DL-74275 Folksongs For Fun (with The Tarriers) 1962


Impulse A-25 Morality 1963

Oscar Brand At Cooper Union 1963


Tradition TLP-1014 Laughing America 1966

Brand 2

brand 1

Tradition TLP-1022 Pie In The Sky 1967 (two different sleeves)

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