Mercury 1960’s Super Sound Stereo Series

What to do with a fish-eye lens? In the 1960’s album cover art went on to a new standard in art and photography. Beat groups were pictured in modern style poses and of course new possibilities of the camera were used, like fish-eye lenses. In this series you see the influence of fashion photography on album covers. With new hip clothes the ladies look very cozy and adventurous. The music was mainly orchestral and big band, but also classical music lovers wanted something modern! The pictures were taken by Dutch photographer Bart Mulder. He was of less fame than Paul Huf, but he was a much asked photographer by Philips and related labels that later became known as Phonogram Music.


222000 MWY Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra – Cugat In Europe

222001 MWY / SML 30013 Los Chevales De Espana – Spanish Fire


222002 MWY Richard Hayman & His Orchestra – William Tell And Other Delights

222002 MWY Richard Hayman & His Orchestra – Classics In Pop

222003 MWY / SML 30011 David Carroll & His Orchestra – Ritmos Tropicales

222003 MWYDavid Carroll & His Orchestra – Cuban Percussion!

222004 MWY George Barnes Guitar Choir – Guitars A’ Plenty

222004 MWY George Barnes Guitar Choir – Guitars Explosion!


222005 MWY Quincy Jones Big Band – Travellin’


222006 MWY Billy Beyers Big Band – Take The Duke’s Train

222006 MWY Billy Beyers Big Band – Caravan

222007 MWY Pete Rugolo & All That Brass – Study In Stereo


222008 MWY Clebanoff Strings – Like Paganini


222009 MWY Lester Lanin & His Orchestra – That’s A Party

222010 MWY Pierre & Vladimir Svetlanoff & The Sania Poustlynikoff Orchestra – Cossacks, Vodka & Balalaika

222011 MWY Madrid Festival Orchestra – Fiesta


222012 MWY Wiener Hofball Orchestra – Vienna, City Of My Dreams


222013 MWY / SML 30016 Magyar Orchestra – Balkan Rhapsody

222014 MWY New Westminster Orchestra – My Fair Lady / West Side Story

222015 MWY / SML 30018 Orchestre D’Etoile – French Fried

222016 MWY Mustic Moods Orchestra – Sounds Of A Summer Night

222017 MWY / SML 30019 Paco De Lucia & Others – Dos Guitarras Espanolas

222018 MWY / SML 30023 Peter Knight & His Orchestra – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

222019 MWY …


222020 MWY The Mystic Moods Orchestra – Mexican Trip

222021 MWY Michel Legrand & His Orchestra – Violent Violins

222022 MWY David Carroll & His Orchestra – Percussion Orientale

45x-13 Syl Austin – Super Dynamic Tenor Sax (Experimental Super Stereo Sound) (Japan only)

45x-14 Quincy Jones Big Band – Super Dynamic Big Band Bossa Nova (Experimental Super Stereo Sound) (Japan only)

SML 30001 Big Jim Sullivan – Sitar A Go-Go (UK only)

SMXL 75 The Super Stereo Sound Sampler

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