Wyncote Records

Wyncote Records was a 1960’s budget company, an offshoot of Cameo-Parkway from Philadelphia. From 1964 until 1967 they produced many albums in a very cheap way The artists were in fact B-artists playing popular material for a wide public of record buyers. The material of the sleeves was cheap, but they had that typical basic American quality: thick and heavy. The records were put in the sleeves without the standard paper sleeve. Many tracks were played by unknown outfits that copied a popular group or orchestra. The Liverpools were not The Beatles of course and the Chimps did their best to sound as much like The Monkees. There were some original artists as well, but mostly with older (cheaper) material. Many tracks on the more than 200 albums the label produced were used on various other albums, sometimes even with another song title. You could go to the bigger supermarkets and warehouses to obtain them and still there are many around in the world. Most sleeves were extremely awful, but some of them had a cheap, but quit nice outlook. Selling was their (only) business…

W 9000 Series:


W-9001 The Liverpools – Beatle Mania! In the U.S.A. (1964)

W-9002 Carlos Zapater Orchestra – Romantic Spain (1964)


W-9003 Carlo Monti & The Casa Roma Orchestra – Roman Holiday (1964)

W-9004 William Whitehead – Concert For Organ (1964)

W-9005 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians –  Fascination (1964)

W-9006 Unknown Artists – Hawaiian Holiday (1964)


W-9007 Various Artists – Top 10 Hits (1964)


W-9008 Various Artists – Oldies (1964), Charlie Gracie, Melvin Smith, Billy Scott, Timmie Rodgers, Applejacks, Ray Vernon, John Zacherle, Georgie Young

W-9009 The Wyncote Orchestra -Theme Music from Tom Jones, Charade, Pink Panther and Other Favorites LP (1964)

W-9010 Various Artists – Folk Favorites (1964)

W-9011 The Woofers – Dragsville (1964)

W-9012 Various Artists – Golden Hits (1964), Bobby Rydell, Orlons, Chubby Checker, Dovells, Dee Dee Sharp, Jo Ann Campbell

W-9013 Jim Collier – Java (1964)


W-9014 International Pop Orchestra – Visits The World’s Fair


W-9015 Wyncote Orchestra & Chorus – Theme Music From The Carpetbaggers

W-9016 Various Artists – Country Favorites LP (1964), George Jones, Claude Gray, Country Johnny Mathis, Jimmy & Johnny, Bill Mack, Margie Singleton, Cecil Bowman, Billy Western, Tony Douglas, Leon Payne

W-9017 Jack Weigand – Shangri-La (1964)

W-9018 The Wyncote Singers – Love Me with All Your Heart (1964)


W-9019 Rudolph Statler – Songs from Hello Dolly & Funny Girl (1964)


W-9020 Buddy Sarkisan and His Mecca Four with Fred Elias – Soul of the East (1964)


W-9021 International Pops Orchestra 110 Musicians – Plays For Lovers Only

W-9022 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – The Great Masterpieces, Vol.3


W-9023 Maynard Ferguson – Maynard Ferguson (1964)

W-9024 John Koleski and His Orchestra – Let’s Polka (1964)

W-9025 Noro Morales – Plays Latin Favorites (1964)

W-9026 William Whitehead – The Organ of the Philadelphia Academy of Music (1964)


W-9027 Various Artists – Dancin’ Hits (1964)

W-9028 Jimmy Davis and Norma Lee: The Girl From Ipanema (1964)

W-9029 Various Artists – All the Hits with the Stars – (1964)

W-9030 It’s Halftime USA (1964)

W-9031 Various Artists – Jazz Festival (1964), Maynard Ferguson, Teddy Wilson, Clark Terry, Rufus Jones

W-9032 Jimmy Dean – Country Favorites (1964)


W-9033 Wyncote Orchestra & Chorus – Songs From Golden Boy & Ben Franklin In Paris


W-9034 The Hawaiian Islanders – Hawaiian Paradise (1964)

W-9035 Cheltenham Singers – Everybody Loves Somebody (1964)


W-9036 Java Cotton Candy Sugar Lips and Other Favorites (1964)

W-9037 Four Chipmunks – A Hard Day’s Night, and Others (1964)


W-9038 The Wyncote Orchestra & Chorus – Music from The Night of the Iguana, The Unsinkable Molly Brown Robin and the Seven Hoods (1964)

W-9039 Tino Moreno Band – El Toreador  (1964)

W-9040 International Pops Orchestra – Plays Love Themes From The Classics

W-9041 Wyncote Symphony Orchestra – The Great Masterpieces, Vol.1

W-9042 Wyncote Symphony Orchestra – The Great Masterpieces, Vol.2


W-9043 The Lifeguards – C’Mon and Swim (1964)

W-9044 The Hollywood Studio Orchestra & Chorus: My Fair Lady (1964)

W-9045 Wyncote Symphony Orchestra – The Great Masterpieces, Vol.1


W-9046 Rudolph Statler: Henry Mancini Favorites (1964)

W-9047 Joe Reagan – Tribute to Jim Reeves (1964)

W-9048 The Scramblers – Little Honda (1964)


W-9049 The Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus: Mary Poppins (1964)


W-9050 John Zacherle – Monster Mash (1964)

W-9051 Keller & Constanze – All Time Favorite Love Songs with Twin Pianos & Organ  (1964)

W-9052 The Dovells – Discotheque

W-9053 Various Artists – Shindig with the Stars (1964)

W-9054. Various Artists – All The Hits with All The Stars (1964)

W-9055 The Deputies – Ringo (1964)


W-9056 The Organ of the Philadelphia Academy of Music Vol. 2 (1964)


W-9057 The Burlesque Show Recorded Live (1964)

W-9058 Walt Disney Favorites (1964)


W-9059 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians – Stardust (1964)

W-9060 The Rhinelanders – 30 All Time German Favorites (1964)

W-9061 The Liverpools – The Hit Sounds from England (1964)

W-9062 Wyncote Symphony Orchestra – The Great Masterpieces, Vol.4

W-9063 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians: Cole Porter Favorites (1964)

W-9064 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – The Great Masterpieces, Vol.5

W-9065 Foreign Film Festival (1964)

W-9066 George McCormack – Hank Williams Sung By George McCormack (1964)

W-9067 Various Artists – Gospel Favorites with… (1964)

W-9068 Unknown Artist – Country Music Favorites for Children (1964)

W-9069 The Jim Glaser Singers: Country Spectacular Live from the Stage in Nashville LP (1964)

W-9070 Various Artists – Shindig with the Stars (1964?)

W-9071 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians: Richard Rodgers Favorites (1964?)

W-9072 The Chatton Singers – 30 Folk Favorites (1964)

W-9073 Rudolph Statler Orchestra & Chorus: Music from “My Fair Lady,” “Mary Poppins,” and “The Sound of Music” (1964)

W-9074 Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus  America [1964]


W-9075 Maura & Maria: Songs Made Famous by Joan Baez (1964)

W-9076 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians and The Cheltenham Chorus: The Sound of Music (1964)

W-9077 Various Artists – Fiddlin’ Country Style (1964)

W-9078 Various Artists – Sacred Country Music (1965), Carl Story, the Stanley Brothers, Hylo Brown, The Sunshine Boys, The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Frankie Miller, The Phipps Family, Sam & Kirk McGee

W-9079 Various Artists – All the Hits with All the Stars (1965), Chubby Checker, Dee Dee Sharp, Bobby Rydell, Tymes, Dovells, Orlons

W-9080 Various Artists – Hullabaloo with the Stars (1965), Chubby Checker, Dee Dee Sharp, Bobby Rydell, Tymes, Dovells, Orlons

W-9081 John Gary – An Evening with John Gary (1965)

W-9082 Various Artists – All Hits with All Stars, Vol. 4 (1965)


W-9083 Dave Stephens: Organ Fascination (1965)

W-9084 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians – Rhapsody in Blue/Slaughter on Tenth Avenue  (1965)

W-9085 Evelyn Scott: 30 Guitar Favorites (1965)

W-9086 The Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus: Songs from Goldfinger and Other James Bond Favorites (1965)

W-9087 The Hawaiian Islanders: Hawaiian Tattoo and Other Hawaiian Favorites (1965)

W-9088 Single Swingers – Bach’s Biggest Hits (1965)

W-9089 Al Hirt/Dawn Busters – Al Hirt/The Dawn Busters (1965)

W-9090 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians – Lerner & Loewe Favorites (1965)

W-9091 The Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus: Music from the George Stevens Production of The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)


W-9092 Rudolph Statler Orchestra – Songs From Baker Street

W-9093 Red Roses for a Blue Lady Fancy Pants(1965)

W-9094 The Shotguns – 30 Dance Hits (1965)

W-9095 Various Artists – All the Hits with All the Stars, Vol. 5 (1965)

W-9096 Steve Davey  – 30 Piano Favorites (1965)

W-9097  Lonesome Travelers – Ten Shades of Bluegrass (1965)

W-9098 Rudolph Statler Orchestra & Chorus – More Mancini Favorites (1965)

W-9099 Cheltenham Orchestra – Chim Chim Cheree and Other Academy Award Songs (1965)

W 9100 Series:


W-9100 Various Artists – Hullabaloo With The Stars, Vol.2

W-9101 Wyncote Orchestra – Theme From Candy and Other Sweets (1965)

W-9102 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians – George Gershwin Favorites (1965)


W-9103 Jimmy Wisner Orchestra – Cast Your Fate In The Wind

W-9104 Jim Collier and his Orchestra – Three O’Clock In The Morning/A Walk in the Black Forest (1965)

W-9105 The Deputies – Country Hits Made Famous by Roger Miller (1965)

W-9106 Various Artists – Sonny James and Jimmy Skinner/Jimmy Newman (1965)

W-9107 Nat King Cole and His Trio/George Kingston: Nat King Cole and His Trio with George Kingston (1964)

W-9108 Dave Stephens – 30 Organ Favorites (1965)


W-9109 The Hawaiian Islanders – Hawaiian Favorites (1965)


W-9110 The Tymes – Biggest Hits (1965)


W-9111 Various Artists – Dance A-Go-Go (1965)

W-9112 Pete Fountain/The Sunsetters – Pete Fountain/Sunsetters (1965)

W-9113 Various Artists – All the Hits with All the Stars, Vol. 6 (1965)

W-9114 The Dovells – Biggest Hits (1965)

W-9115 The Winston Singers – Christmas Carols (1965)

W-9116 Dave Stephens at the Pipe Organ – Silent Night (1965)

W-9117 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians – Christmas Favorites (1965)

W-9118 George Gale Chorale – Christmas Hymns (1965)

W-9119 Steve Davey – Organ and Chimes (1965)


W-9120 International Pop Orchestra 110 Musicians – Musical Jewels

W-9121 Various Artists – Dance A Go-Go With All The Stars

W-9122 Jim Collier – 30 Trumpet Favorites (1965)


W-9123 International Pop Orchestra / 110 Musicians – Reminiscing (1966)

W-9124 International Pop Orchestra / 110 Musicians – When Lights Are Low (1966)

W-9125 Various Artists – Discotheque with the Stars (1966)

W-9126 George Gale Chorale – Hymn Favorites (1966)

W-9127 The Deputies – 30 Country Favorites (1966)

W-9128 Dave Stephens – On Broadway (1966)

W-9129 Mexican Brass (Pedro Martinez Orchestra) – Taste of Honey/Lonely Bull (1966)

W-9130 The Deputies –  Country and Western Favorites (1966)


W-9131 The Hawaiian Islanders – Hawaiian Enchantment (1965)

W-9132 The Chatton Singers – Sacred Music Country Style (1966)

W-9133 The Randy Brothers – Shenandoah (1966)


W-9134 The Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus – Thunderball and Other James Bond Favorites (1966)


W-9135 International Pops Orchestra 110 Musicians – Fascination

W-9136 The Mexican Brass – Whipped Cream, Zorba the Greek, Java (1966)


W-9137 The Trumpet Men – Michelle (1966)

W-9138 The Deputies – Roger Miller Songbook (1966)

W-9139 The Deputies – The Ballad of the Green Berets, Hello Viet Nam, What Are We Fighting For, and Other Country Ballads (1966)

W-9140 Unknown Artist – 30 Banjo Favorites (1966)


W-9141 Mexicani Marimba Band – For Animals Only (1966)

W-9142 Steve Davey – 30 Piano Favorites (1966)

W-9143 Various Artists – Hits a Go-Go With The Stars  (1966)

W-9144 The Deputies – Bonanza (1966)


W-9145 The Mexicali Brass – Spanish Flea (1966)


W-9146 International Pop Orchestra / 110 Musicians – Moments to Remember (1966)


W-9147 Cheltenham Orchestra – Mame & More

W-9148 The Hollywood Studio Orchestra: Movie Themes from Dr. Zhivago The Slender Thread Judith The Spy Who Came in From the Cold and Others LP (1966)

W-9149 Various Artists – All Star 4 (1966), Lou Christie, Len Barry, Bobby Rydell, The Tokens

W-9150 Winston Singers – Little Drummer Boy (1966)

W-9151 Peter Raymond Carolers – Hail to Christmas (1966)

W-9152 William Whitmore – Organ and Chimes (1966)

W-9153 The Chipmunks – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1966)

W-9154 Rudolph Statler Orchestra – All Time Christmas Favorites (1966)

W-9155 Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus – Day for Decision (1966)


W-9156 Sugar Lips Cotton Candy – Trumpet Pickin’

W-9157 Beethoven Ben – Honky Tonk Piano Favorites (1967)


W-9158 Carlo Sonti Orchestra – Foreign Film Features

W-9159 Various Artists – Golden Country (1966)

W-9160 Billy Ranger – Country and Western Shindig (1967)


W-9161 Frankie Laine – And His Guests …


W-9162 Carlo Sonti Orchestra – Foreign Film Features

W-9163 Dawnbusters – The Big Country (1967)

W-9164 John Koleski – 30 Polka Favorites (1967)


W-9165 International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians – Play for Lovers Everywhere LP (1967)

W-9166 Dusty Owens – Country Ballads (1967)


W-9167 Old Philharmonic Orchestra – Swan Lake, etc.


W-9168 Martin Clark & The Cheltenham Singers – A Million And One

W-9169 Various Artists – Jazz Galore (1967)


W-9170 J.J. Jones – Misty


W-9172 Hollywood Studio Orchestra – Main Theme From Hawaii

W-9173 New Original TV Themes Green Hornet, Tarzan, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1967)

W-9174 The International Pop Orchestra – Autumn Leaves (1967)


W-9175 Annie Get Your Gun / Mame


W-9176 The Cheltenham Orchestra – Born Free (1967)

W-9177 Mas Que Nada & Guantanamera – Featuring Brazilia ’67 (1967)

W-9178 Mantila Dancers  – Flamenco Favorites (1967)


W-9179 The Ink Spots – Greatest Hits

W-9180 Billy Ranger & Deputies – The Sound of Country (1967)

W-9181 Unknown Artists – 30 Italian Favorites (1967)


W-9182 Old Vaudeville Band – Winchester Cathedral & More


W-9183 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – Madame Butterfly, Ravel’s Bolero & More


W-9184 New Original TV Themes T.V. ’67 (1967)


W-9185 International Pops Orchestra – Play That’s Life & More

W-9186 Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus – Gallant Men (1967)


W-9187 Various Artists – The Stars of Hitsville (1967)

W-9188 ?


W-9189 The Cheltemham Orchestra – A Tribute To Walt Disney

W-9190 Hampshire Hoot (1967)


W-9191 The Brass Breed: Music to Watch Girls by (1967)

W-9192 ?

W-9193 International Pop Orchestra – Let’s Fall in Love (1967)

W-9194 Dusty Owens & Dawnbreakers – Your Kind of Country (1967)


W-9195 Hollywood Studio Orchestra – Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)

W-9196 Unknown Artists – 30 Irish Favorites (1967)


W-9197 Various Artists – Hey! Let’s Go Latin

W-9198  Unknown Artists –  Folk Soul (1967)

W-9199 The Chimps – Monkey Business (1967)

W 9200 Series:

W-9200 The Brass Breed – Mod Mod Brass (1967)

W-9201 Billy Ranger & Deputies – Country and Western Serenade (1967)


W-9202 The Hollywood Studio Orchestra – Casino Royale (1967)

W-9203 The Chimps – Monkeys A-Go-Go (1967)

W-9204 ?

W-9205 Country Misfits – The Country Misfits (1967)


W-9206 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – William Tell Overture, etc.


W-9207 The Cheltemham Orchestra – Broadway’s Best


W-9208 The Detroit Sound – The Happening You Can’t Hurry Love Stop! in the Name of Love (1967)

W-9209 Dusty Owens – The Greatest of Dusty Owens (1967)

W-9210 Rudolph Statler Orchestra – Cinema Holiday (1967)

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