Eureka; finding great albums from the golden age of album cover and sleeve design (1957-1963)

This wordpress website is dedicated to the first golden age of sleeve design in the second half of the 1950’s and the early 1960’s, when record companies discovered the possibilities of marketing their products in series with a corporate identity, a high standard in graphics, great photography and an exotic feel  to please the potential record buying public. Martin Denny’s Exotica album from 1957 for example was a great statement, but there were some earlier highlights as well: the first Capitol 10″ and 12″ albums by Yma Sumac and Les Baxter came in the early 1950’s and became standards in their own way. Collecting all these series is a real treat, but also an expensive treat because only small amounts of records came to the Netherlands those days. You still can find them quit easily on Ebay, Discogs, CD & LP and Musicstack, but some of them already are very pricy! Have fun!

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