Are there too many copycats in this world? Well … see it this way: a good copy is better than a bad creation. There are many failures in this ‘genre’, but let’s talk about the cool ones. A search to these kind of albums takes some time, but it pays back when you see the potential… and they’re all real! Let’s begin with the most copied band: The Beatles! This is not meant to be a complete collection, far from that. Enjoy and find your own ones too, because there’s always more!


The Beatles:


fullsizeoutput_ba86 fullsizeoutput_ba97

The Van Dykes ‘Tellin’ It Like It Is’ (Bell 6004) 1967 / The Beatles, feat. Tony Sheridan ‘In The Beginning’ (circa 1960) (Polydor 2371051) 1973

R-2231552-1449641105-7597.jpeg R-1026772-1196981199.jpeg

The Beatles ‘Twist And Shout’ (Parlophone 7″ EP GEP-8882) 1963 / Genesis ‘3 X 3’ (Charisma 7″ EP GEN-1) 1982


The Beatles ‘With The Beatles’ (Parlophone PMC 1206) 1963

NAZZ_NAZZ+-+PROMO-451208 original

Nazz ‘Nazz’ (SGC SD-5001) 1968 / Genesis ‘Land Of Confusion’ (Virgin SNEG-312) 1986

WIT_Roogalator_1 R-4701694-1373287921-6869.jpeg

Roogalator ‘All Aboard; With The …’ (Stiff 7″ EP BUY-3) 1976 / Various Artists ‘We’re With The Beatles’ (Mojo Magazine CD August) 2013

album-1966-Quartet-Norwegian-Wood-Beatles-Classic 41oOCoPx+hL

The Norwegian Wood 1966 Quartet ‘The …’ (Denon) / The Young Black Teenagers ‘The …’ (MCA 10031) 1991

R-6077841-1426165560-9357.jpeg fullsizeoutput_c001

Various Artists ‘Liverpool 1963-1968’ (See For Miles CM-118) 1986 / Various Artists ‘Meet The Covers!; A Tribute To The Beatles’ (Hip-O HIPD-40064) 1997


The Beatles ‘Meet The Beatles!’ (Capitol ST-2047) 1964

11073 [Converted] R-4831822-1517487209-3070.jpeg

The Residents ‘Meet The Residents’ (Ralph RR-0274) 1974

beatles se flamin

The Beatles ‘Second Album’ (Capitol ST-2080) 1964 / Flamin’ Groovies ‘ In Person!!!!’ (Norton CED-255) 1997


The Beatles ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (Parlophone PMC-1230) 1964

fullsizeoutput_bb17 R-3900167-1392342415-3568.jpeg

Peter Sellers ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (Pt.1 & 2) (Parlophone R-5393 / R-5394) 1965

damned 61E10fcOmqL

The Damned ‘Marvelous; The Best Of The …’ (Big Beat CDWIKK-198) 1999 / The Punkles ‘Beat The Punkles!’ (Bitzcore BC-1736) 2009

fullsizeoutput_bce9 e7d669633d07876bdb9a0f6183a093cc77c891aa

Various Artists ‘De Kievers; When It Was Sixty-Four’ (Concerto 190720) 2015 / The Two Of Us ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (album on Spotify) 20..

beatles a h R-2804712-1307475359.jpeg

The Beatles ‘A Hard Days Night; O.S.T.’ (United Artists UAS-6366) 1964 / The Pebbles ‘First Album’ (Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-498) 1997

beatles help

The Beatles ‘Help!’ (Parlophone PMC-1255) 1965

410N6073MKL 41rKZ82MMCL._SY450_

The Rubber Band ‘Xmas! Beatmas’ (Kick KICKCD-35) 1994 / The Punkles ‘Punk!’ (Bitzcore BR-1732) 2002


The Beatles ‘Yesterday And Today’ (Capitol T-2553) 1966

fullsizeoutput_b9d9 butcher

The Squirrels ‘Scrapin’ For Hits’ (Poplust Audio 81296) 1996 / Various Artists ‘Golden Throats 4: Celebrities Butcher The Beatles’ (Rhino R-272593) 1997


Various Artists ‘Butchering The Beatles; A Headbashing Tribute’ (Restless REST-73801) 2006

R-2318045-1276592861.jpeg R-1264866-1204823584.jpeg

The Beatles ‘Revolver’ (Parlophone PMC-7009) 1966 / Mina ‘Canta I Beatles’ (PDU 789758 1) 1993


Die Jimi Kania Erfahrung ‘Re:Vulva’ (…? This must be a fake …)

beatles ol R-2109634-1458507562-7079.jpeg

The Beatles ‘Oldies’ (Parlophone PCS-7016) 1966 / XTC ‘Oranges & Lemons’ (Virgin V-2581) 1989

fullsizeoutput_b9e4 fullsizeoutput_b9e5

The Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ (Parlophone PMC-7027) 1967 / Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention ‘We’re Only In It For The Money’ (Verve V6-5045) 1968

More Sgt. Pepper album sleeves  can be found on this website, see: ‘Sgt. Peppers’

R-651180-1145631580.jpeg R-1209682-1200916097.jpeg

The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ (Apple PCS-7070) 1969 / Klaus Beyer’s ‘Das Gelbe Unterwasserboot; Nichts Ist Wahr’ (Amsel NO RAP-3014) 2006


The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ (Apple PCS-7088) 1969


Paul McCartney’s ‘Paul Is Live’ (Parlophone 724382770428) 1993

81Vf6cIAIBL._SL1400_ R-1562366-1228599270.jpeg

Booker T. & The MG’s ‘McLemore Avenue (Stay STS-2027) 1970 / Soulful Road ‘New York City’ (Chelsea CHL-500) 1974


Sesame Street ‘Sesame Road’ (Sony Wonder LK-67668) 1995

red Youeediot

The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s ‘Abbey Road E.P. (EMI-Manhattan 12MT-41) 1988 / Ren & Stimpy’s ‘You Eediot’ (Nickelodeon-Sony LK-57400) 1993

And the winner is:


Trio Calafrio ‘Trio Calafrio’ (Rob Digital CD 0060 2006


Beatles turning back …


The Beatles ‘Let It Be’ (Apple PXS-1) 1970

fullsizeoutput_be02 fullsizeoutput_b9ef

Caetano Veloso’s ‘Qualquer Coisa’ (Philips FDX-350) 1977 / The Rutles ‘The Rutles’ (Warner Bros. K-564590) 1978 (more Rutles sleeves, see: British Comedy Albums)

R-130133-001.jpg fullsizeoutput_baea

Laibach’s ‘Let It Be’ (Mute STUMM-58) 1988 / The Gorillaz ‘Demon Days’ (Parlophone 094631169120) 2005

1001004011542841 1200x630bb

George Harrison ‘Living In The Material World’ (Universal 2DVD B-001667250) 2011 / Olivia Newton John’s ‘Come On Over’ (EMI EMC-3124) 1976

R-722226-1295354394.jpeg R-2013413-1258549667.jpeg

John Lennon’s ‘Rock’n’Roll’ (Apple PCS-71690 1975 / Julian Lennon’s ‘Valotte’ (Charisma 7″ single JL-2) 1984

00602547070609-cover-zoom R-395237-1404586355-6116.jpeg

John Lennon & Yoko Ono ‘Milk And Honey’ (Polydor POLH-5) 1984 / Paul McCartney’s ‘Press To Play’ (Parlophone 0622405981) 1986

R-1275176-1205626486.jpeg R-9827983-1486954407-7114.jpeg

Paul McCartney ‘Paul McCartney’ (Apple PCS-7102) 1970 / Big Hello’s ‘Apples And Oranges’ (Break Up B-U!-020) 2001

R-1784011-1425512124-9788.jpeg MI0001722520

Steinwolke ‘Steinwolke’ (self released A-4359) 1979 / Paul McCartney’s ‘Off The Ground’ (Parlophone 077778036227) 1993


Bob Dylan:



Bob Dylan ‘The Freewheelin’ …’ (Columbia CL-1986) 1963

diaframma-anni-luce-front R-5716924-1400748378-2079.jpeg

Anni Luce’s ‘Diaframma’ (Abraxas ..) 1992 / Samuli Putro’s ‘Taitekohdassa’ (Kaiku KRCD-0010) 2014


Bob Dylan’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ (Columbia CL-2389) 1965

fullsizeoutput_ba1c album_Dan-Tillberg-Karlek-Minus-Noll

Richard Ashworth’s ‘M3 Revisited’ (Overdrive 7″ EP ORDER-1) 1978 / Dan Tillberg’s ‘Karlek Minus Roll’ (Axiom AXLP-2) 1982

R-1010183-1456215848-8107.jpeg R-381808-1174318705.jpeg

Bob Dylan’s ‘Selfportrait’ (Columbia C2X-30050) 1970 / Ride’s ‘Going Blank Again’ (Creation CRECD-124) 1992

JohnPhi_Wolfkin_CoverAr_3000DPI300RGB1000058952_grande Bob_Dylan-Desire-Frontal

John Phillips ‘John Philips (ABC Dunhill DS-50077) 1970 / Bob Dylan’s ‘Desire’ (Columbia PC-33893) 1976

fullsizeoutput_bb16 album_Nohito-Seconds-Dreamlike-Dream

Bob Dylan ‘More … Greatest Hits’ (Columbia KG-31120) 1971 / Nohito Second’s ‘Dreamlike Dream’ (RCA …) 19..


Michael Jackson:


fullsizeoutput_ba2c 2643869-michael-jackson-thriller-cover-400

Shakin Stevens ‘Green Door’ (Epic 7″ single EPC-A-1354) 1981 / Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ (Epic QE-38112) 1982

600x600bf 1200x630bb

Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ (Epic EK-40600) 1987 / Weird Al Jankovic ‘Even Worse’ (Scotti Bros. FZ-44149) 1988

51Ir2wPpYsL 71B56PsXa8L._SX425_

Michael Jackson’s ‘Invinvible’ (Epic 4951742) 2001 / Diana Ross ‘Blue’ (Motown 0602498870037) 2006


Elvis Presley:



Elvis Presley ‘Elvis Presley’ (RCA Victor LPM-1254) 1956

51SDAuLY33L fullsizeoutput_bb07

The Clash – London Calling (CBS CLASH-3) 1979 / k.d. Lang’s ‘Reintarnation’ (Sire 8122-73366-2) 2006


El Vez ‘El Vez Calling’ (Sympathy For The Record Industry 7″ single SFTRI-160) 1991


Elvis Presley ‘50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong; Elvis’ Gold Records, Volume 2 (RCA Victor LSP-2075) 1959

fullsizeoutput_ba0e  cd881400804503971e5c9f20a08df2cd

Elvis Costello ‘50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong (Slipped Disc EL-5000 – bootleg) 1979 / Blumfeld ‘L’Etat Et Moi’ (Big Cat ABB-73-CD) 1994

original R-7186263-1495578248-8626.jpeg

The Fall’s ‘50.000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong; 39 Golden Greats’ (Sanctuary Midline SMEDD-017) 2004 / Soulwax ‘50.000.000 Soulwax Fans Can’t Be Wrong’ (Wire Tap WTCD-02) 2005


Bon Jovi’s ‘100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong’ (Island 4CD Set 0602498647769) 2004


Elvis Presley ‘G.I. Blues, O.S.T.’ (RCA Victor LSP-2256) 1960

R-1021406-1186250544.jpeg R-2100522-1398844592-9863.jpeg

The Replacements ‘Pleased To Meet Me’ (Sire 9255571) 1986 / El Vez ‘G.I, Ay, Ay! Blues (Big Pop BP-09102) 1996

fullsizeoutput_b9d3 fullsizeoutput_b9d5

Elvis Presley ‘Fun In Acapulco’, O.S.T. (RCA Victor LSP-2756) 1963 / El Vez ‘Fun In Espanol’ (Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-234-S) 1994

CD-Elvis-HowGreat2 R-2967385-1309617135.jpeg

Elvis Presley ‘How Great Thou Art’ (RCA Victor LSP-3758) 1967 / El Vez ‘How Great Thou Art; The Greatest Hits Of …’ (Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-199) 1994

fullsizeoutput_bc2d fullsizeoutput_bc2e

Elvis Presley’s ‘TV Special (RCA Victor LPM-4088) 1968 / Texas ‘Inner Smile’ (Mercury CD single 572 840-2) 2000

1000004007613020 R-1859158-1345227698-8304.jpeg

Elvis Presley ‘The 50 Greatest Hits’ (RCA 74321811022) 2000 / Chris Isaak’s ‘Silvertone’ (Warner Bros. 9251561) 1985


The Rolling Stones:


fullsizeoutput_bc25 fullsizeoutput_bc26

The Rolling Stones ‘The Rolling Stones’ (Decca LK-4605) 1964 / The Pretenders ‘Pretenders II’ (Sire SRK-3572) 1981

1200x630bb R-2627135-1357052002-5060.jpeg

The Rolling Stones ‘Aftermath’ (Abkco A8T-4208) 1966 / The Chesterfield Kings ‘Let’s Go Get Stoned’ (Mirror MIRROR-19) 1994

mzi.pxheuuqy.600x600-75 R-3127867-1333807729.jpeg

The Rolling Stones ‘Big Hits; High Tide And Green Grass’ (Decca TXS-101) 1966

fullsizeoutput_ba1e a3427416985_16

The Rolling Stones ‘Let It Bleed’ (Decca LK-5025) 1969 / K.G.B. ‘Fiesta Fiasco’ (ZYX PND- 100061) 2005

R-1123069-1239732176.gif MI0001612045

The Rolling Stones ‘Black And Blue’ (Rolling Stones COC-59106) 1976 / DPM ‘Dad’s Porno Mag’ (Robinson RRCD-0005) 2000

fullsizeoutput_ba1f R-1067421-1189608297.jpeg

The Rolling Stones ‘Some Girls’ (Rolling Stones 5C 062-61016) 1978 / The Lyres ‘Some Lyres’ (Taang! TAANG!-82) 1994


Simon & Garfunkel:



Simon & Garfunkel’s Bookends’ (Columbia KCS-9529) 1968

fullsizeoutput_b9d6 MI0000369232

Kruder & Dorfmeister’s ‘G-Stoned’ (Quango 12″ single 1624480112) 1995 / Jazzyfatnastees ‘The Tortoise & The Hare’ (Coolhunter CHCD-0001) 2002

Graceland_cover_-_Paul_Simon fullsizeoutput_b947

Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ (Warner Bros. 9254471) 1986 / El Vez ‘Graciasland’ (SFTRI-302) 1994


Blue Note Records:


fullsizeoutput_bb28 fullsizeoutput_bb2a

Jay Jay Johnson’s ‘Vol. 1’ (Blue Note BLP-1505) 1955 / Jimmy Eat World / Jejeune (Big Wheel Recreation Split 7″ single 008) 1997

R-5193282-1398312240-3156.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bae2

John Coltrane’s ‘Blue Train’ (Blue Note 1577) 1957 / J-Live’s ‘All Of The Above’ (Coup D’Etat CDE-0001) 2002

fullsizeoutput_b948 R-940116-1433538004-3823.jpeg

Sonny Rollins ‘ Sonny Rollins Vol. 2’ (Blue Note 1558) 1962 / Joe Jackson’s ‘Body And Soul’ (A&M AMLX-65000) 1984

MI0003223616 a2603829829_5

Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Hub-Tones’ (Blue Note BLP-4115) 1962 / Eloquent’s ‘Das Ice Und Dein Verhangnis’ (HHV HHV-258) 2013


0d7731ee29785959550ccb7bf68f43fc R-1232943-1401523507-4870.jpeg

Kenny Burrell’s Midnight Blue (Blue Note BLP-4123) 1963 / Elvis Costello’s ‘Almost Blue’ (F-Beat XXLP-13) 1981

R-1294379-1321198754.jpeg R-410167-1332003865.jpeg

Andrew Hill’s ‘Judgment! (Blue Note BLP-4159) 1964 / Overcast! ‘Atmosphere’ (Rhymesayers Entertainment RS0222-2) 1997

R-1244811-1320960454.jpeg fullsizeoutput_ba0f

Donald Byrd’s ‘A New Perpective’ (Blue Note 4124) 1964 / Tone Loc’s ‘Loc-Ed-After-Dark’ (delicious Vinyl DV-3000) 1989


33BST-4157-2 1140ee722aac9125ee94c0d4a5daf627

Lee Morgan’s ‘The Sidewinder’ (Blue Note BLP-4157) 1964 / Various Artists ‘Blue Note Plays Stevie Wonder’ (Blue Note 724357736824) 2004

R-4008355-1352142467-8914.jpeg R-501463-1164065584.jpeg

Hank Mobley’s ‘The Turnaround!’ (Blue Note BLP-4186) 1965 / The Beatnuts ‘Intoxicated Demons; The EP’ (Violator Relativity 8856111141) 1993

61zmvcg2wEL._SL1009_ young-disciples-apparently-nothin-edit-talkin-loud

Joe Henderson ‘Mode For Joe’ (Blue Note BLP 4227) 1966 / The Young Disciples ‘Apparently Nothin’ (Talkin’ Loud TLK-5) 1991

fullsizeoutput_bff7 075596072823

Jackie McLean’s ‘Right Now! (Blue Note BLP-4215) 1966 / The Hoodoo Gurus ‘Blow Your Cool!’ (Big Time BT-7069) 1987


More Jazz Records:



Count Basie ‘Basie’ (Roulette R-52003) 1958

R-525570-1395985339-4356.jpeg R-2547780-1500992013-2019.jpeg

Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Crown Of Creation’ (RCA LSP-4058) 1968 / Kiss ‘The Originals’ (Casablanca NBLP-7032) 1976

sonny-rollins-way-out-west 1280x1280

Sonny Rollins ‘Way Out West’ (Contemporary C-3530) 1957 / Bo Diddley’s A Gunslinger’ (Checker LP-2977) 1960

R-2363430-1336934995-4202.jpeg 1000004007626323

Charles Mingus ‘Mingus Ah Um’ (Columbia CS-8171) 1959 / Dave Brubeck’s ‘Time Out’ (Columbia CS-8192) 1959


Glenn Gould – ‘Berg, etc.’ (Columbia ML-5336) 1959

688_foto1_product_groot fullsizeoutput_bcc0

The Dave Brubeck Quartet ‘Time Further Out’ (Columbia CS 8490) 1961 / The Art Of Noise’s ‘Into Battle With …’ (ZTT 12″ EP ZTIS-100) 1983

Ornette-Ornette-Coleman-Rest-In-Peace1 R-356708-1108560505.jpg

Ornette Coleman ‘Ornette!’ (Atlantic SD-1378) 1961 / Clinic! ‘Internal Wrangler’ (Domino WIGLP-78) 2000


Bill Evans & Jim Hall’s ‘Undercurrent’ (or. United Artists UAJS-15003) 1962

R-2967251-1309583613.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bc14

Osvaldo Golijou’s ‘Oceana’ (Deutsche Grammophon 477 6426) 2007 / ‘Zen And The Art Of Chilling, Volume One’ (Mondo Rhythmica 1868420172) 2002

R-945438-1310829259.jpeg the-guido-manusardi-trio-blue-train

Oscar Peterson’s ‘Night Train’ (or. Verve V-8538) 1963 / The Guido Manusardi Trio ‘Blue Train’ (Swedisc SWELP-570) 1967

fullsizeoutput_ba34 61erWJ5tDyL._SS500

Wes Montgomery’s ‘California Dreaming’ (Verve V6-8672) 1966 / Anne Murray’s ‘This Way Is My Way’ (ST-6330) 1969


John Coltrane ‘Coltrane’s Sound’ (Atlantic SD-1419) 1964

fullsizeoutput_bcac fullsizeoutput_bcab fullsizeoutput_bcaa

Charlie Mingus ‘Tonight At Noon’ (Atlantic SD-1416) 1964 / Milt Jackson’s ‘Vibrations’ (Atlantic SD-1417) 1964 / Sonny Stitt ‘Stitt Plays Bird’ (Atlantic SD-1418) 1964 /

R-379028-1159622661.jpeg R-5116525-1384946488-1938.jpeg

Peter Gabriel ‘Peter Gabriel’ (Virgin CDS-4019) 1980 / T. I.’s ‘Paper Trail’ (Grand Hustle 075678969812) 2008

91ezK8hczEL._SL1500_ 1000004006301349

Thelonious Monk’s ‘Underground’ (Columbia CS-9632) 1968 / Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes’ (Columbia C2-33682) 1975

R-4341747-1362262760-8276.jpeg R-4780049-1379783720-9656.jpeg

Miles Davis ‘We Want Miles’ (Columbia C-238005) 1982 / Various Artists ‘We Want O Groove; Rock Candy Funk Party’ (J&R Productions PRAR-93549) 2013


Classical Records:


fullsizeoutput_bc2b fullsizeoutput_bc2a

Andre Kostelanetz Y Su Orquesta ‘Carmen’ (Columbia CL 735) 1955 / Chicks & Speed ‘Futurism’ (Wax Trax WAX-9092) 1990

32487035304_2721749c30_b fullsizeoutput_bbe7

The Jilka Septet’s ‘Beethoven Septet In E Flat’ (Remington RLP-19922) 195. / Albert Spalding’s ‘Brahms Hungarian Dances’ (Remington RLP-19924

fullsizeoutput_bc0f R-2145405-1451083750-7449.jpeg

The New Symphony Orchestra Of London ‘Overture! Overture! (RCA Victor LSC-2134) 1957 Henri Mancini’s ‘The Music From Peter Gunn’ (RCA Victor LPM-1956) 1959


Exotica Records:


fullsizeoutput_baa7 fullsizeoutput_baa8

Pete Rugolo’s ‘Music For Hi-Fi Bugs’ (Mercury Emarcy MG-36082) 1956 / Syd Barrett’s ‘Barrett’ (EMI-Harvest SHSP-4007) 1970

R-399417-1176601229.jpeg fullsizeoutput_b38a

Martin Denny’s ‘Exotica’ (Liberty LRP-3034) 1957 / Various Artists ‘Dutch Exotica’ (Sonic Scenery SON-708025) 2009

R-8563693-1464115524-5224.jpeg R-2168115-1267700246

The Smart Set ‘Informally Yours’ (Warner Bros. ED-1258) 1959 / Optiganally Yours ‘Spotlight On …’ (Optigan HED-065) 1997

P1260620 img_6687-500x500

Ames Brothers – Destination Moon (RCA Victor LPM-1680) 1958 / Cosmonauti Gaga – Shepi Bailable! (RCA Camden CAL-2901) 196.

fullsizeoutput_bbea 61cvsyNufeL._SX355_

101 Strings ‘Italian Hits’ (Somerset SF-14600) 1961 / Various Artists ‘West Coast Girls’ (Ace CDCHD-559) 1995

fullsizeoutput_baaa AIR_(FRENCH)_PREMIERS+SYMPTOMES-463570

Enoch Light’s ‘Provocative Percussion, Vol. III’ (Command RS 33-821) 1961 / Air’s ‘Premiers Symptomes’ (Source 724389428766) 1997

ferrante-and-teicher-keyboard-kapers-ab Pavement_-_Slanted___Enchanted_1335132041

Ferrante & Teicher’s ‘Keyboard Kapers’ (United Artists UAS-6284) 1964 / Pavement’s ‘Slanted & Enchanted’ (Matador OLE-0381) 1992

5401581533_547d300597_b fullsizeoutput_ba22

Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass ‘Whipped Cream And Other Delights’ (A&M SP-4110) 1965 / Pat Cooper’s ‘Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights’ (United Artists UAL-3548) 1966 (for more delights: see: Whipped Cream …)

R-6506460-1420832772-9019.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bb2b

The Frivolous Five ‘Sour Cream & Other Delights’ (RCA Victor LPM-3663) 1966 / Soul Asylum’s ‘Glam Dip & Other Delights’ (Twin Tone TTR-88144) 1988


Perrey & Kingsley’s ‘The In Sound From Way Out!’ (Vanguard VSD-79222) 1966

fullsizeoutput_bae0 fullsizeoutput_badf

Perrey & Kingsley’s ‘The In Sound From Way Out!’ (Vanguard 3VCD-184/86) 2001 / The Beastie Boys ‘The In Sound From Way Out!’ (Grand Royal-Capitol CDP 724383359028) 1995


Mike Melvoin’s ‘The Plastic Cow Goes Moooooog’ (Dot DLP 25961) 1970

R-2644617-1294700326.jpeg 514DS4m8IZL._SY355_

Pink Floyd’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’ (Harvest SHVL-781) 1970 / Frank Zappa’s ‘Lather’ (Rykodisc RCD-10574/76) 1996


1950’s Records:


fullsizeoutput_bc23 fullsizeoutput_bc24

Big Jay McNeely’s ‘Go! Go! Go! With …’ (Federal 7″ EP 246) 1953 / The Stillmen’s Go! Go! Go!’ (Startone STCD-104) 1998



Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ (Decca DL-DL 8128) 1955

R-3145642-1410297716-1873.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bfc1

Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney’s ‘White Christmas’ (Collector’s Gold LP-598) 1978 / Frank Sinatra / The Midnight Strings ‘Merry Christmas To You’ (Collector’s Gold LP-597) 1980

paulmccartney_wonderful_christmas_time R-952424-1180344116.jpeg

Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ (Parlophone 7″ single R-6029) 1979 / Black Diamond’s ‘White Christmas’ (ARS 7401185) 1995


Pat Boone’s White Christmas’ (Pickwick SPC-1024) 1979

fullsizeoutput_bca3 fullsizeoutput_bc9c

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra ‘This Is …’ (RCA Victor LPM-1190) 1956 / Pat Dinizio ‘This Is …’ (Fuel 2000 3020615752) 2005

fullsizeoutput_ba15 R-3236725-1397061859-4836.jpeg

Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps ‘Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps’ (Capitol T-811) 1957 / Kim Lenz And Her Jaguars ‘Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars’ (Hightone HMG-3003) 1998

1280x1280 fullsizeoutput_ba3a

Peggy Lee’s ‘The Man I Love’ (Capitol T-864) 1957 / Animal Nightlife’s ‘Preacher Preacher’ (Island 12″ single 12-IS-245) 1985

fullsizeoutput_bc03 fullsizeoutput_bbff

The Four Freshmen’s ‘Voices In Love’ (Capitol T-1074) 1958 / Crust ‘Crusty Love’ (Trance Syndicate TR-23) 1994


Jack Good’s ‘Oh Boy’ (Parlophone PMC-1072) 1958

fullsizeoutput_b943 fullsizeoutput_b93f

Johnny Otis Show ‘The Johnny Otis Show’ (Capitol T-9400 1958) / Wreckless Eric’s ‘The Wonderful World Of …’ (Stiff SEEZ-9) 1978


The Champs ‘Go Champs Go’ (Challenge CHL-601) 1958

fullsizeoutput_ba87 fullsizeoutput_bb24

Little Phil And The Nightshadows ‘Patriarchs Of Garage Rock’ (Penniman PENNLP-001) (1966-1967) 2004 / The Wild Angels ‘Live At The Revolution’ (Fontana Special 6369 002) 1970

fullsizeoutput_bffb son-of-bazerk-bazerk-bazerk-bazerk

James Brown’s ‘Please Please Please’ (King KING-610) 1958 / Son Of Bazerk’s ‘Bazerk Bazek Bazerk’ (MCA MCAD-10028) 1991

R-1326737-1346205341-7414.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bcb4

Lenny Bruce’s ‘The Sick Humor Of …’ (Fantasy F-7003) 1959 / Les Abominable Cyniques ‘En Spectacle!’ (Apex ALF-1578) 1965

fullsizeoutput_ba28 fullsizeoutput_ba29

Connie Francis ‘My Thanks To You’ (MGM C-782) 1959 / Lindy Michaels ‘Ragamuffin Child’ (Vault SLP-123) 196.

fullsizeoutput_ba8a fullsizeoutput_ba8d

Elisabeth Lands ‘ Untamed! (Mercury SR-60108) 1959 / Reba McEntire’s ‘Out Of A Dream’ (Mercury SRM-1-5017) 1979

fullsizeoutput_bbdd R-1160971-1250190024.jpeg

Lightnin’ Hopkins ‘Lightnin’ … (Folkways FS-3822) 1959 / Paolo Nutini’s ‘These Streets’ (Atlantic 5101150172) 2006

R-1542516-1266166772.jpeg R-2875156-1349886028-3959.jpeg

Serge Gainsbourg ‘Serge Gainsbourg No.2’ (Philips 10″ LP B 76.473 R) 1959 / Nathaniel Merriweather’s ‘Lovage’ (75 Ark AK-5052) 2001

R-2976440-1365671873-8759.jpeg R-7307514-1440936980-9949.jpeg

Peggy Lee ‘Latin Ala Lee!’ (Capitol T-1290) 1960 / Gilbert O’Sullivan’s ‘Latin Ala G! (Victor Japan only VICP-75149) 2015

R-6979443-1441592048-9827.jpeg R-755107-1370580004-3821.jpeg

Various Artists ‘Sounds To Make You Shiver’ (Soma MG 1233) 195. / The Specials ‘Ghost Town’ (2 Tone 12″ single CHS-TT-1217) 1981

rostvit2 fullsizeoutput_bc20

The Rostvit Sisters ‘On Tour’ (Claiborne Music RS-102) 195. / Various Artists ‘Cajun Music At Home’ (La Louisiana LL-110) 1965

fullsizeoutput_ba26 R-1644526-1336322650.jpeg

Catherina Valente’s ‘Sorry’ (Decca 7″ single D-19887) 1967 / Lily Allen’s ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ (Regal REG-151CD) 2009


1960’s Records:


38c522c963c6fc52eed0951725ce6e1e s-l500

Elmore James & The Broom Dusters ‘Blues After Hours’ (Crown CLP-5168) 1960 / Various Artists ‘Intoxica!; Strange And Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The Social Suburbs’ (Ace CDCHD-1114) 2006

fullsizeoutput_bc18 R-1529817-1458587925-7891.jpeg

The Ronettes ‘Presenting The Fabulous …’ (Philles PHLP-4006) 1964 / The’s ‘Bomb The Twist’ (Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-371) 1996


fullsizeoutput_ba2d R-544548-1488779613-5630.jpeg

The Rockin’ Berries ‘Rockin’ Berries In Town’ (Piccadilly NPL-38013) 1965 / The Who ‘Sings My Generation’ (or. Brunswick LAT-8616) 1965

R-2007877-1491579987-9893.jpeg fullsizeoutput_ba85

The Animals ‘The Animals’ (Columbia 33SX-1669) 1964 / The Yardbirds ‘Five Live Yardbirds’ (Columbia 33SX-1677) 1964

R-2756593-1474700669-7562.jpeg fullsizeoutput_ba3b

The Fourmost ‘First And Fourmost’ (Parlophone PMC-1259) 1965 / The Kinks ‘Face To Face’ (Pye NSPL-18149) 1967


The Beach Boys ‘Party!; Recorded Live At A …’ (Capitol MAS-2398) 1965

fullsizeoutput_bc9b fullsizeoutput_bc98

The Travoltas ‘Party!; Recorded Live At A…’ (Knock Knock KK-004) 2003 / The Beach Boys ‘Party!’ (Capitol B0023851-01) 2015


The Beau Brummels ‘Introducing The …’ (or. Autumn LP-103) 1965

R-1455153-1378462086-5854.jpeg R-1332048-1269360157.jpeg

The Beau Brummels ‘… Volume 2’ (Autumn LP-104) 1966 / The Kliek ‘Behind Bars’ (Grabo 002-L) 1990

streisandbarbra-mynam s-l1600172

Barbara Streisand’s My Name Is Barbara’ (Columbia CS-9136) 1965 / Allan Sherman’s ‘My Name Is Allan’ (Warner Bros. W-1604) 1965

R-483475-1485935504-1915.jpeg sleater-kinney-dig-me-out-1491581348-1024x1024

The Kinks ‘Kontroversy’ (Pie NSPL-18131) 1965 / Sleater & Kinney’s ‘Dig Me Out’ (Kid Rock Stars KRS-279) 1997

fullsizeoutput_ba8e R-3487377-1415318959-9404.jpeg

Herman’s Hermits ‘… On Tour’ (MGM E-4295) 1965 / The Walkers ‘Con Los Walkers’ (Music Hall 2047) 1968

fullsizeoutput_ba2a fullsizeoutput_ba2b

Donovan’s ‘What’s Bin Did And What’s Bin Hid’ (Pye NPL-18117) 1965 / Adriano Celentano’s ‘Die Grosse Erfolge’ (Ariola 80067-IT) 1969

R-4847100-1377359187-3212.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bbe9

The Supremes ‘A Go Go’ (Tampa Motown MS64) 1966 / Las Supremas ‘A Go Go’ (Capitol 724347773327) 2005

fullsizeoutput_bc30 fullsizeoutput_bc31

John Mayall, with Eric Clapton ‘Blues Breakers’ (Decca LK-4804) 1966 / Cable’s ‘Down Lift The Up-Trodden’ (Infectious NFECT32-LP) 1996

1200x630bb boom

The Sonics ‘Boom’ (Etiquette ETALB-027) 1966 / The Fuzztones ‘Boom’ (Beyond Your Mind BYMR-90020-MLP) 2006

the-seeds-a-web-of-sound-4903502 fullsizeoutput_ba95

The Seeds ‘A Web Of Sound’ (GNP Crescendo GNPS-2033) 1966 / Millie Jackson’s ‘Caught Up’ (Spring SPR-6703) 1974

R-2029464-1290296313.jpeg R-1061544-1271190759.jpeg

Francoise Hardy’s ‘Francoise’ ( Disques Vogue CLD-70230) 1966  / David Crosby’s ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name’ (Atlantic SD-7203) 1971

fullsizeoutput_ba8b R-214334-1283189428.jpeg

Tom Jones ‘A-tom-ic’ (Decca LK-4743) 1966 / Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ (Chrysalis 7″ single CHS-2410) 1980

doors-doors R-1953792-1254763205.jpeg

The Doors ‘The Doors’ (Elektra EKS-74007) / Danzig ‘Danzig II – Lucifuge’ (Def American DEF-24281) 1990

Bee_Gees_-_Bee_Gees'_1st 10_700_700_mrg154

The Bee Gees ‘1st’ (Polydor 583012) 1967 / Ladybug Transistor ‘Albemarle Sound’ (Merge MRG-0154-LP) 1999

9200000036523071 R-837134-1164440121.jpeg

Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group ‘Save Our Souls’ (Philips XPY-855039) 1967 / Supergrass ‘Supergrass Is 10’ (Parlophone 5711602) 2004


The Who’s ‘Sell Out’ (Track Record 612002) 1967


Various Artists – ‘Punch The Monkey! 2’ (Readymade COCP-50103) 1999 / Volume 3 (Readymade COCA-15143) 1999

R-1209827-1221997965.jpeg R-2553097-1290119281.jpeg

Astrid Gilberto’s ‘Beach Samba’ (Verve V6-8708) 1967 / Bebel Gilberto’s ‘All In One’ (Verve B-0013353-02) 2009

fullsizeoutput_bbf5 fullsizeoutput_bbf4

The Turtles ‘Golden Hits’  (White Whale WW-1150 1967 / Los Salvajes ‘Lo Mejor De …’ (EMI Regal LREG-8011) 1967

fullsizeoutput_bbdf fullsizeoutput_bbde

Joan Manuel Serrat ‘Joan …’ (Edigsa CM-175-L) 1967 / Jose Feliciano’s ‘Alive Alive-O! (RCA Victor LSP-6021) 1969

R-8541806-1471110553-6325.jpeg R-1940176-1253824116.jpeg

Jimi Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced?’ (Reprise RS-6261) 1967 / Mary’s Danish Experience ‘Live + Foxey Lady’ (Chameleon D-274841) 1989

R-559560-1441779471-2823.jpeg R-2522189-1288611391.jpeg

Big Brother & The Holding Company’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ (Columbia KCS-9700) 1968 / Fat Tuesday’s ‘Califuneral’ (Metal Blade CDZORRO-43) 1991

fullsizeoutput_ba38 fullsizeoutput_ba39

The Love Exchange ‘The Love Exchange’ (Tower-Capitol ST-6276) 1968 / The Now ‘Now’ (Midsong MSI-014) 1979

deviants-ptooff-album-cover-1967 big samsh

The Deviants – Ptooff! (Underground Impressarios IMP-1) 1968 (Wreckless Eric’s Big Smash’ (Stiff SEEZ-21 ) 1980

dylan world-party-bang

Bob Dylan’s ‘Shot Of Love’ (Columbia TC-37496) 1981 / World Party’s ‘Bang! (Pappilion  BTFLYCD-0009) 2000

fullsizeoutput_ba14 R-88826-1351075782-3535.jpeg

The Cream ‘Disraeli Gears’ (Reaction 593003) 1967 / Overproof ‘Rockers Hifi’ (Downbeat 3984243521) 1998

R-1702330-1327920462.jpeg R-459250-1393158077-1812.jpeg

Pearls Before Swine (ESP Disk 1054) 1967 / Deep Purple ‘Deep Purple’ (EMI Harvest SHVL-759) 1969

MI0001430090 afsoundtrackfront-1

Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends ‘Roger …’ (A&M SP-4139) 1968 / O.S.T. Various Artists ‘Almost Famous’ (Dreamworks DRMF-135981) 2000

R-4672080-1378216785-8984.jpeg R-2860267-1304553526.jpeg

Dana Gillespie’s ‘Foolish Seasons’ (London PS-540) 1968 / Stevie Nicks ‘In Your Dreams’ (Reprise 5272472) 2011

fullsizeoutput_ba16 R-812028-1354454894-1423.jpeg

The Jimi Hendrix Experience ‘Electric Ladyland’ (Track-Polydor 613008/9) 1968

R-452416-1115447373.jpg 449549c01b62062c2f33feed7229320e.1000x1000x1

Die Toten Hosen ‘Reich & Sexy’ (Totenkopf TOT-51) 1993 / ‘Love, Peace & Money’ (Totenkopf TOT-61) 1994


Jimi Hendrix Experience ‘Electric Ladyland’ (Track Record 613008/9) 1968

550_foto1_product_groot 980x

Janis Joplin ‘I Got Them Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again, Mama’ (Columbia KCS 99130 1969 / The Stooges ‘Fun House’ (Elektra EKS-74071) 1970

R-1065000-1383715218-7962.jpeg R-5661533-1402690809-5185.jpeg

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band ‘Live Bullet’ (Capitol SKBB-11523) 1976 / Paul Kossov’s ‘Koss’ (DJM DJE-29002) 1977


R-1081165-1438210211-8591.jpeg R-3643357-1503682377-4636.jpeg

The Byrds ‘Sweetheart Of The Rodeo’ (Columbia CS-9670) 1968 / Buffalo Zone ‘Sweethearts Of The Rodeo’ (Columbia C-45373) 1990


fullsizeoutput_bc09 fullsizeoutput_bc0a

Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills ‘Supersession’ (Columbia CS-9701) 1968 / Jerry Garcia Band’s ‘Let It Rock’ (Jerry Maid JGCD-0010) 2009

fullsizeoutput_bcd1 R-383038-1485788229-2678.jpeg

Pearls Before Swine’s ‘Balaklava’ (ESP Disk 1075) 1968 / Black Sabbath’s ‘Greatest Hits’ (NEMS NEL-6009) 1977

R-680968-1225055150.jpeg R-3092412-1315351289.jpeg

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Bayou Country’ (Fantasy 8387) 1969 / Pink Floyd’s ‘Obscured By Clouds’ (Harvest SHSP-4020) 1972


fullsizeoutput_ba8f fullsizeoutput_ba93

Mind Garage ‘Mind Garage’ (RCA Victor LSP-4218) 1969 / The Blue Ridge Rangers – same (Fantasy F-9415) 1973


Stack’s ‘Above All’ (Chrysalis CRS-303) 1969

fullsizeoutput_bc96 fullsizeoutput_bc94

Iron Butterfly’s ‘Metamorphosis’ (Atlantic Atco SD-33339) 1970 / Essra Mohawk ‘Essra Mohawk’ (Asylum 7E-1023) 1974

R-1344975-1448801400-3845.jpeg R-8931826-1471723687-2054.jpeg

Cream ‘Goodbye’ (Polydor 583053) 1969 / The Rubettes ‘They Best Of …’ (Polydor 8438962) 1990

fullsizeoutput_bbf0 fullsizeoutput_bbef

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Volume II’ (Atlantic K-40037) 1969 / Doggy Style’s ‘II’ (FSR-50012′) 1986

fullsizeoutput_bc1e cover_2423161142016_r

Sagittarius ‘The Blue Marble’  (Together STT-1002) 1969 / Van der Graaf Generator’s ‘World Record’ (Charisma CAS-1120) 1976


King Crimson ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’ (Island ILPS-9111) 1969

R-1757039-1388488543-3004.jpeg R-1454341-1302460248.jpeg

The Blasters ‘The …’ (Slash SR-109) 1981 / Joe Cocker’s ‘Sheffield Steel’ (Island ILPS-9700) 1982


1970’s Records:


fullsizeoutput_bcb5 712rC7p38CL._SX355_

The Who ‘Live At Leeds’ (Track Record 2406 001) 1970

51iOx58DpgL 41cmN-pJFIL._SY355_

Uriah Heep ‘Live At Shepperton ’74’ (Heep HEEPCD-1) 1986 / John Martyn’s ‘Live At Leeds And More’ (Recall SMDCD-559) 2006

1200x630bb R-170885-001.jpg

The Doors ‘Morrison Hotel; Hard Rock Cafe’ (Elektra EKS-75007) 1970 / Beber &Tamra’s ‘Suite Beat Boy’ (Mob MOBCD-9001) 1992


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s ‘Deja Vu’ (Atlantic SD-7200) 1970

R-2654907-1405907266-4884.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bc08

Black Fooss & Frunde ‘1989 Em Millowitsch Theater; Live’ (EMI CDP-6987928902) 1989 / DJ Vibe & Max Barbaria’s ‘Love Your Family’ (…) 2008

R-1849291-1340887670-6848.jpeg Divine_madness_SD16022

Deep Purple ‘In Rock’ (EMI Harvest SHVL-777) 1970 / Bette Midler ‘Divine Madness’ (Atlantic SD-16022) 1980

fullsizeoutput_bccd fullsizeoutput_bccc

Area Code 615 ‘Trip In The Country’ (Polydor 24-4025) 1970 / Keith Emerson’s ‘Honky’ (Chord CHORD-2) 1983


Canned Heat’s ‘Future Blues’ (Liberty LST-11002) 1970

fullsizeoutput_bc17 fullsizeoutput_bc16

Uriah Heep’s ‘Conquest’ (Bronze 201655) 1980 / Status Quo’s ‘In The Army Now’  (Vertigo VERH-36) 1986

eee58ea3f71076e582069ce88c38d46e.1000x1000x1 wu-tang

Savatage’s ‘Fight For The Rock’ (Atlantic 7816342) 1986 / Wu-Tang’s ‘Iron Flag’ (Epic EPC- 5047522) 2001

fullsizeoutput_ba25 8211209653e845bb80828d4c9caae616

Ambergris ‘Ambergris’ (Paramount PAS-5014) 1970 / Pavement’s ‘Watery Domestic’ (Matador OLE-0442) 1992

0000098254 fullsizeoutput_bbee

The Flock’s ‘Dinosaur Swamps’ (CBS 64055) 1970 / Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Early Flight’ (Grunt CYL-10437) 1984

R-2354221-1360215818-8050.jpeg fullsizeoutput_ba13

Van Morrison’s ‘Moondance’ (Warner Bros. WS-1835) 1970 / Pat Thomas ‘St. Katerine (What’s So Funny ’bout SF-144) 1994

R-2814190-1449988061-1338.jpeg 1200x630bb

Fairfield Parlour’s ‘From Home To Home’ (Vertigo 6360 001) 1970 / Grizzly Bear’s ‘Yellow Home’ (Warp WARPLP-147) 2006


R-2756801-1428021535-5342.jpeg R-29579-1501969896-8352.jpeg

Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia’s ‘Hooteroll’ (Douglas KZ-308590 1971 / Jam & Spoon’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ (Jam JAM-487262 2) 1997

R-607103-1469571627-4970.jpeg flat,800x800,075,t

Nick Drake ‘Bryter Layter’ (Island ILPS-9134) 1971 / Boris ‘Akuma No Uta’ (Diwphalanx PXLP-102) 2003


Bob Lind’s ‘Since There Were Circles’ (Capitol ST-780) 1971

R-522173-1360919376-2962.jpeg R-843076-1184120816.jpeg

Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Aux Armes Et Caetera’ (Philips 9101218) 1979 / The Verve Pipe’s ‘Underneath’ (RCA 07863679962) 2001

R-1591874-1304368077.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bbe6

Edgar Winter’s White Trash ‘Edgar …’ (Epic E-30512) 1971 / Supermax ‘World Of Today’ (Atlantic ATL-50423) 1977

fullsizeoutput_bcb2 R-6033910-1412119395-5715.jpeg

The Who ‘Who’s Next?’ (Track Record 2408102) 1971 / The Temples ‘Sun Structures’ (Heavenly HVNLP-100) 2014

fullsizeoutput_bcaf fullsizeoutput_bcb0

Neanderthal Man’s ‘Thinks School Stinks’ (Philips 6308047) 1971 / Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’ (Warner Bros. K-56007) 1972

1000004011247913 redman-dare-iz-a-darkside-main

Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’ (Westbound WB-2007) 1971 / Redman’s ‘Dare Iz A Darkside’ (Rush Associated 3145238461) 1994


Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 ‘Pais Tropical’ (A&M SP-4315) 1971

R-1134785-1314146713.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bc2f

Dave Mason’s ‘Split Coconut’ (CBS S-69163) 1975 / Gato Barbieri’s ‘Tropico’ (A&M SP-4710) 1978


fullsizeoutput_bc28 fullsizeoutput_bc29

T. Rex ‘The Slider’ (T.Rex BLN 5001) 1972 / The Cynics ‘Buick MacKane’ (Sympathy For The Record Industry 7″ single SFTRI 99) 1990

seals flight

Seals And Croft’s ‘Summer Breeze’ (Warner Bros. BS-2629) 1972 / Flight Of The Conchords ‘I Told You I Was Freaky’ (Sub Pop SPCD-800) 2009

R-499479-1125318899.jpg R-364455-1284751599.jpeg

Roy Ayers Ubiquity’s ‘He’s Coming’ (Polydor PD-5022) 1972 / Smif’n’Wessun’s ‘Dah Shinin (Wreck NRV-20052) 1995


fullsizeoutput_bd02 R-1112683-1355764335-6043.jpeg

Mama Lion’s ‘Preserve Wildlife’ (Family Productions FPS-2702) 1972 / Belle And Sebastian’s ‘Tigermilk’ (Electric Honey EHRLP-005) 1996



Jethro Tull’s ‘Thick As A Brick’ (Chrysalis CHR-1003) 1972

and just some of the many other newspaper sleeves:

81a3XkIywxL._SL1300_ fullsizeoutput_baba

John & Yoko & The Plastic Ono Band ‘Some Time In New York City’ (Apple SVBB-3392) 1972 / Tom Waits ‘Heartattack And Vine’ (Asylum 6E-295) 1980


public image R-1647920-1293249041.jpeg

Public Image ‘Public Image’ (Virgin 7″ single VS-228) 1978 / Guns n’ Roses ‘Lies’ (Geffen GHS-24198) 1988

MI0001970460 88ls

Eric Burdon & War ‘Love Is All Around’ (ABC AB-988) 1976 / Roxette ‘Look Sharp!’ (Parlophone 7910981) 1988

fullsizeoutput_bbf1 fullsizeoutput_bbf2

‘Sound Effects No. 8’ (BBC RED-126-M) 1972 / The Jam ‘Sound Affects’ (Polydor POLD- 50350 1980

MI0002457691 fullsizeoutput_bcc3

Chicago’s ‘V’ (Columbia KC-311020 1972 / Gerard’s ‘Hello Operator’ (Caribou PZ-34038) 1976

R-6180212-1413062009-9159.jpeg R-1378804-1214472025.jpeg

Deodato ‘Deodato 2’ (CTI 6029) 1973 / Robert Derby’s ‘I’m Normal’ (Chachalot CA-111) 1980

MI0003391167 azari-iii-azari-iii-artwork

The Velvet Underground’s ‘Squeeze’ (Polydor 2383180) 1973 / Azari III ‘Azari III’ (Loose Lips LLR-003) 2011

R-610980-1337098158-2602.jpeg R-3719597-1468458485-7555.jpeg

Bob Marley & The Wailers ‘Burnin’ (Island ILPS-9256) 1973 / Lauren Hill’s ‘The Miseducation Of …’ (Ruffhouse-Columbia CK-69035) 1998


Argent’s ‘In Deep’ (Epic EPC -65475) 1973

R-367084-1263095553.jpeg R-838850-1164035228.jpeg

Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ (Geffen DGCD-24425) 1991 / Weird Al Jankovic ‘Off The Deep End’ (Scotti Bros. 72392752562) 1992

R-354906-1412775755-4012.jpeg R-1496166-1224053335.jpeg

David Bowie’s ‘Aladin Sane’ (RCA LSP-4852) 1973 / El Vez ‘Son Of A Lad From Spain? (Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-595) 1999

fullsizeoutput_bd05 fullsizeoutput_bd06

Just for the fun of it…

2016_08_xFKpDNi8PB6x 516IcKPQXFL

Tango ‘Tango’ (…) 1973 / Franz Ferdinand ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’ (Domino WIGCD-161) 2005


Nazareth’s ‘Loud’n’Proud’ (Mooncrest CREST-4) 1973

fullsizeoutput_bcc4 bluetones

The L.A. 4 ‘Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte’ (East Wind 6315022) 1978 / The Bluetones ‘Bluetones’ (Superior Quality Recordings BLUECD-004) 1996


Brotherhood Of The Snakes ‘3rd Album’ (…) 2017

R-4962332-1380786025-6301.jpeg R-4418600-1368377013-5132.jpeg

Van Morrison’s ‘Veedon Fleece’ (Warner Bros. BS-2805) 1974 / Jo And Danny ‘It’s Jo And Danny Thugs Lounge’ (Double Snazzy SNAZZ-2-CD) 2001

R-672303-1477167593-3189.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bd09

Roxy Music’s ‘Country Life’ (Island ILPS 9303) 1974 / Sweet Apple’s ‘Love & Desperation’ (Tee Pee TPE-115) 2010

1000004009712798 R-1197504-1200391345.jpeg

The Kinks ‘Preservation Act 2’ (RCA Victor CPL2-5040) 1974 / Nick Cave’s ‘Henry’s Dream’ (Mute STUM-92) 1982

fullsizeoutput_ba8c 9200000063374542

Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath ‘Live At Willisau’ (Ogun OG-100) 1974 / Typhoon’s ‘Tussen Licht En Lucht’ (Topnotch TN-0713-CD) 2007

R-8630302-1473366357-2445.jpeg nasillmatic_large

Howard Hangar Trio ‘A Child Is Born’ (Trav MLSP-2250) 1974 / Nas ‘Illmatic’ (Columbia CK-57684) 1994

Jefferson_Starship_-_Dragon_Fly R-1677998-1273316962.jpeg

Jefferson Starship’s ‘Dragon Fly’ (Grunt BFL1-0717) 1974 / Starcastle’s ‘Fountain Of Light (Epic PE-34375) 1977

fullsizeoutput_bcc7 R-4164882-1357417516-8021.jpeg

Joni Mitchell’s ‘The Hissing Of Summer Lawns’ (Asylum 7E-1051) 1975 / The Radar Brothers ‘Eight’ (Merge MRG-463) 2013

R-380907-1448049540-6843.jpeg R-8761483-1468195621-2336.jpeg

Black Sabbath’s ‘Sabotage’ (Vertigo / NEMS 9119001) 1975 / Camarosmith ‘Camarosmith’ (Dead Teenager DT-007) 2003


Carmen ‘Dancing On A Cloud’ (Regal Zonaphone SLRZ-1040) 1975

R-1349596-1211815621.jpeg R-5962860-1511183968-5420.jpeg

J. J. Cale ‘Shades’ (Shelter 203276) 1981 / Various Artists ‘Cannabissimo Rap & Ragga’ (Le Maquis SUB 48932) 1998

fullsizeoutput_bac0 R-441556-1349818938-4732.jpeg

Leonard Cohen’s ‘The Best Of …’ (Columbia PC-34077) 1975



Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ (Columbia PC-33795) 1975

fullsizeoutput_c005 600x600bf

Eric Clapton’s ‘Slowhand’ (RSO 2394196) 1977 / Sesame Street’s ‘Born To Add’ (Children’s Television Workshop CTW-22104) 1983

R-463597-1477238020-6933.jpeg R-3304454-1324900611.jpeg

Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ (Harvest SHVL-814) 1975 / Sinistro Total’s ‘Ojala Estuvieras Aqui (Dro East West 4509935742) 1993

R-4447104-1365232523-4171.jpeg heart 2

Heart’s ‘Dreamboat Annie’ (Mushroom MRS-5005) 1975 / Deep Vally’s ‘Sistrionix’ (Island 3740059) 2013

R-6200461-1413570378-1956.jpeg 10 Page booklet.indd

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Physical Graffity’ (Swan Song SSK-89400) 1975 / Branford Marsalis ‘Scenes In The City (Columbia FC-38951) 1984

R-3605090-1454446940-6134.jpeg R-4802994-1384487501-3547.jpeg

Queen’s ‘A Night At The Opera’ (EMI EMTC 103) 1975 / Kings Of Leon’s ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’ (Handmedown HMD-40) 2004

R-515272-1319849393.jpeg 1200x630bb

The Commodores ‘Movin’ On’ (Motown M6-848S1) 1975 / Van Halen’s ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ (Interscope B-0016477-02) 2012

R-1750295-1240938204.jpeg R-381612-1165102710.jpeg

Mallard ‘Mallard’ (Virgin V-2045) 1975 / Blur’s ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ (Food FOOD LP 9) 1993

MI0000659587 MI0002950392

John Cale’s ‘Slow Dazzle’ (Island ILPS-9317) 1975 / Nils Lofgren’s ‘I Came To Dance’ (A&M SP-4628) 1977


Art Garfunkel’s ‘Breakaway’ (Columbia PCQ-33700) 1975

fullsizeoutput_bbd8 R-7432155-1441398647-5473.jpeg

Leonard Cohen’s ‘Death Of A Ladies Man’ (Columbia PES-90436) 1977 / Pete Townshend’s ‘Empty Glass’ (Atco SD-32-100) 1980

810vcxf4iIL._SL1200_ R-785139-1293384961.jpeg

Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Want You’ (Tampa T-6342S1) 1976 / Camp Lo’s ‘Uptown Saturday Night’ (Profile PRO-14702) 1996

f0ab414a576f7e73e8731ad20fcf9516 R-2047355-1260700202.jpeg

Anne Murray’s ‘Keeping In Touch’ (Capitol ST-11559) 1976 / Nena Ivosevic ‘Ljubau Je Divna Stvar’ (PGB RTB-2120917) 1982

fullsizeoutput_bcb3 R-3262695-1322909945.jpeg

Buffalo Springfield’s ‘Stampede’ (Atco / Amazing Kornyfone Record Company 1921) 1976

R-1934367-1383908438-4175.jpeg R-821991-1384561914-7892.jpeg

The Eagles ‘Hotel California’ (Asylum 7E-1084) 1976 / Ugly Kid Joe’s ‘Motel California’ (Raw Power-Evolution RAWCD-113) 1996

R-83621-1281301442.jpeg R-2371217-1280137772.jpeg

Donna Summer’s ‘Four Seasons Of Love’ (Casablanca NBLP-7038) 1976 / Sarah McLachlan’s Laws Of Illusion (Arista 88697553672) 2010

33584235_sa.jpg;maxHeight=550;maxWidth=642 FeverLP

O.S.T. The Bee Gees ‘Saturday Night Fever’ (RSO RS-24001) 1977 / Sesame Street ‘Sesame Street Fever’ (CTW 79005) 1978


earthwindfi_allnallja_101b R-2325457-1277234303.jpeg

Earth Wind & Fire’s ‘All ‘n All’ (Columbia JC-34905) 1977 / Iron Maiden’s ‘Powerslave’ (EMI POWER-1) 1984

fullsizeoutput_bcb1 R-3473323-1331761695.jpeg

Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s ‘Freeways’ (Mercury SRM-1-3700) 1977 / Supergrass ‘Rand To Rouen’ (Parlophone 0094633333420) 2005

fullsizeoutput_bbf7 R-87968-1311575392.jpeg

Can’s ‘Saw Delight’ (Harvest 1C 064-32 156) 1977 / Sheep On Drugs ‘Greatest Hits’ (Island CID 8006) 2003

R-8504927-1462959445-3868.jpeg R-2047237-1273844504.jpeg

Tarika Blue ‘Tarika Blue’ Chiaroscuro CR-164) 1977 / Kayak’s ‘Merlin’ (Vertigo 6423432) 1981

R-993687-1417722757-6449.jpeg R-616253-1138889829.jpeg

Bryan Ferry’s ‘In Your Mind’ (Polydor 2310502) 1977 / Tiga’s ‘Sexor’ (Pias 4511040020) 2006

R-3779611-1344103818-6696.jpeg England_Dan_&_John_Ford_Coley_-_Dr._Heckle_And_Mr._Jive

Chicago’s ‘Hot Streets’ (Columbia 86069) 1978 / England Dan & John Ford Coley’s ‘Dr. Heckle And Mr. Jive’ (Big Tree BT-76015) 1979

R-5271893-1389247397-9915.jpeg fullsizeoutput_baae

Herbie Mann’s ‘Super Mann’ (Atlantic SD-19221) 1978 / Rafael P. Sarmiento ‘Vol. 2’ (…) 197.

fullsizeoutput_ba91 R-2245981-1272109984.jpeg

The Tarney-Spencer Band ‘Three’s A Crowd’ (A&M SP-4692) 1978 / Flavium’s ‘No Kiddin’ (Polydor 2925096) 1979

fullsizeoutput_bcd4 fullsizeoutput_bcd5

Prism’s ‘See Forever Eyes’ (GRT 92301075) 1978 / Saga’s ‘Worlds Apart’ (Portrait FR-38246) 1982

MI0001402458 693723790923_640W_640H

Mickey Jupp’s ‘Long Distance Romancer’ (Chrysalis CHR-1261) 1979 / Frost ‘Milliontown’ (Inside Out IOMCD-252) 2006


Edgar Froese’s ‘Stuntman’ (Virgin 201036) 1979

fullsizeoutput_bbf6 R-4570505-1368699003-9153.jpeg

Lou Reed’s ‘Legendary Hearts’ (RCA AFL-1-4568) 1983 / Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ (Columbia 88883716862) 2013

R-1917534-1364403507-1472.jpeg 51uRToFHrvL._SY355_

O.S.T. ‘Apocalypse Now’ (Elektra DP-90001) 1979 / Various Artists ‘Aggropop Now’ (Destiny 108) 2003

R-2414748-1322312754.jpeg R-2640368-1294912237.jpeg

Lisa Hartman’s ‘Hold On (Kirschner JZ-35685) 1979 / Tennis ‘Cape Dory’ (Fat Possum FP-12361) 2011


Eighties Records:


R-1585222-1303235756.jpeg Catatonia-International_Velvet-Frontal

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band ‘Against The Wind’ (Capitol SOO-12041) 1980 / Catatonia ‘International Velvet’ (Blano Y Negro 3984208342) 1998

R-2119348-1265067594.jpeg R-2709748-1297761162.jpeg

The Climax Blues Band ‘Flying The Flag’ (Warner Bros. K-56871) 1980 / Cut Copy’s ‘Zoundscope’ (Modular MODVL-134) 2011

Neil_Young_-_Hawks_&_Doves_cover fullsizeoutput_baa6

Neil Young’s ‘Hawks & Doves’ (Reprise HS-2297) 1980 / Stina Nordenstam’s ‘Dynamite (East West 0630156052) 1996

fullsizeoutput_bb22 fullsizeoutput_bb21

Stone Temple Pilots ‘No.4’ (Atlantic 83255-2) 1999 / David Bowie’s ‘Black Star’ (ISO 88875173862) 2017

fullsizeoutput_bbe8 R-413712-1245007931.jpeg

Ronnie Laws ‘Every Generation’ (United Artists 7″ single UA-X1334-Y) 1980 / Various Artists ‘We Are The World’ (Columbia 12″ single US2-05179) 1985

R-530930-1381806352-9812.jpeg R-5449230-1403040336-7056.jpeg

Daryl hall & John Oates ‘Private Eyes’ (RCA AFL1-4028) 1981 / Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellow’s ‘Private Sides’ (Arena Rock ARE-00035-2) 2003

fullsizeoutput_bbe1 R-313897-1460331079-3808.jpeg

The Alan Parsons Project’s ‘Eye In The Sky’ (Arista AL-9599) 1982 / The Sisters Of Mercy’s ‘Vision Thing’ (Merciful MR-449-L) 1990

fullsizeoutput_bbdc fullsizeoutput_bbda

Erasmo’s ‘Amar Pra Viver Ou Morrer De Amor’ (Polydor 2451191) 1982 / Circus Maximus ‘Morlockk Dilemma’ (Spoken View SV019) 2011

R-373176-1408006503-7978.jpeg 306578e65b8d30fe58e6fd9e42d84d251414da29

Queen’s ‘Hot Space’ (EMI EMA-797) 1982 / Blur’s ‘The Best Of …’ (Food 724352986125) 2000

R-96957-1356523935-9030.jpeg a0414833668_16

Mike Oldfield’s ‘Crises’ (Virgin 205500) 1983 / Edmee Fleury’s ‘Oh Ma Lune’ (no label) 2014

R-712084-1275625192.jpeg R-3756471-1343129389-2039.jpeg

David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ (EMI America AML-3029) 1983 / Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ (Chrysalis 205961) 1983

R-381533-1424530811-1921.jpeg fullsizeoutput_ba88

The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’ (Rough Trade 7″ single RT-136) 1983 / Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ (Portrait CDPRT-26948) 1986

fullsizeoutput_bc1c R-1876966-1343622132-6367.jpeg

Joan Armatrading’s ‘The Key’ (A&M SP-4912) 1983 / Sting’s ‘Bring On The Night’ (A&M BRING-1) 1986

the-moody-blues-the-present dalis_car_logo

The Moody Blues ‘The Present’ (Threshold TRL-12902) 1983 / Dalis Car’s ‘The Waking Hour’ (Paradox DOXLP-1) 1984

R-385476-1240965941.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bbf3

Minor Threat ‘Minor Threat’ (Discord № 12) 1983 / Rancid’s ‘… And Out Come The Wolves’ (Epitaph 864441) 1995

71928QVekuL._SL1128_ fullsizeoutput_babf

Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ (Sire 9251571) 1984 / Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine ‘I’d Like A Virgin’ (Ideatown IDT02) 2004

R-224182-1331080386.jpeg fullsizeoutput_c026

Talking Heads ‘Little Creatures’ (Sire 92 53051) 1985 / Adam Again ‘In A New World Of Time’ (Blue Collar BCR004A) 1986


The Pogues ‘Rum, Sodomy & The Lash’ (Stiff SEEZ-58) 1985

R-3774064-1485385023-4527.jpeg 600x600

Great White’s ‘Sail Away’ (Zoo 61422310802) 1994 / Jan Sorensen’s ‘The Raft Of The Medusa’ (…) 199.


Ahab ‘The Divinity Of Oceans’ (Napalm NPR-300LP) 2017


fullsizeoutput_bc21 fullsizeoutput_bc22

Peter Hammill & The K Group’s ‘The Margin; Live’ (Foundry FONDL-1) 1985 / Krakatau ‘Alive’ (no label) 1990

R-427124-1173435384.jpeg 1000004003108601

Supertramp’s ‘Brother Where You Bound’ (A&M SP-5014) 1985 / Genesis ‘Live; The Way We Walk, Volume 2: The Longs’ (Virgin 077778663522) 1993

600x600bf 294c40ed592b4fe2b767085d691084f0

Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 & Volume 2′ (Columbia C-240121) 1985 / Paul McCartney’s ‘All The Best!’ (Parlophone CDPMTV 1) 1987


The Housemartins ‘London 0 Hull 4’ (Go! Discs AGOLP-7) 1986 / Lifetime’s ‘Hello Bastards’ (Jade Tree JT-1021) 1995


James Brown’s ‘Gravity’ (Scotti Bros. SCT 57108) 1986

fullsizeoutput_bcd2 fullsizeoutput_bbeb

Weird Al Jankovic’s ‘Polka Party’ (Scotti Bros Japan …) 19..

baff0fe9796305f00a1229b4cb560f0d.1000x1000x1 X-Ecutioners_-_Built_From_Scratch

Public Enemy’s ‘Yo Bum Rush The Show’ ( Def Jam FC-40658) 1987 / X-Ecutioners ‘Built From Scratch’ (Loud 5015632) 2002

R-413315-1514466651-4484.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bcca

George Michael’s ‘Faith’ (Epic EPC-4600001) 1987 / Prince’s ‘Prince 4 Ever’ (Warner Bros. 9362491460) 2016

R-813998-1202446349.jpeg R-391950-1169027294.jpeg

Dub Sex ‘Dub Sex’ (Skysaw 12″ single SKY7) 1987 / Blur’s ‘Parklife’ (Food FOODLP-10) 1994

R-1156516-1361717908-7050.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bc27

Fairground Attraction’s ‘The First Of A Million Kisses’ 7432113439 2) 1988 / Archie Shepp Quartet’s ‘True Ballads II’ (Venus TKJV-19031) 1997

R-474462-1416065516-4119.jpeg 1000004005818439

Tom Waits ‘Big Time’ (Island 7909871) 1988 / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‘Dig!!! Lazarus Digg!! (Mute CDSTUMM-277) 2008

JOE_JACKSON_LIVE+198086-537568 R-8073111-1454758733-6169.jpeg

Joe Jackson’s ‘Live In 1980/86’ (A&M 835 707-1) 1988 / The Beatles ‘With Tony Sheridan; Beatles Bop – Hamburg Days’ (Once Upon A Time In Germany’ (Bear Family BCD-16583-BH) 2001

c908290042183419968ec05c3eb23e50.1000x1000x1 R-96765-1260412171.jpeg

Julee Cruise’s ‘Floating In The Night’ (Warner Bros. 9 25859-2) 1989 / Nurse With Wound ‘Homotopy To Marie’ (United Diaries UD-013-CD) 1992


1990’s Records:


R-2599312-1301965616.jpeg beatles one

Chicago’s ‘Twenty 1’ (Reprise 926391-2) 1991 / The Beatles ‘1’ (Apple 724352932528) 2000

R-84825-1234965728.jpeg R-1889484-1250354960.jpeg

My Bloody Valentine’s ‘My Bloody Valentine (Creation CRELP-060) 1991 / Squarepusher’s ‘Solo Electric Bass 1’ (Warp WARPCD-174) 2009

dire_straits-on_every_street_a R-7819239-1485424098-4013.jpeg

Dire Straits ‘On Every Street’ (Vertigo 5101601) 1991 / Was? Not Was! ‘En Concert’ (Fontana Promo 4163) 1992


R-603897-1313466634.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bc2c

Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon’ (Reprise 9 45057-2) 1992 / Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow ‘Stranger In Us All’ (BMG 74321303372) 1995

R-5432089-1393198953-1477.jpeg R-1742751-1240471699.jpeg

Warrior Soul’s ‘Hero’ (Geffen 12″ single DGCT-10) 1992 / The Pretenders ‘Viva El Amor!’ (Warner Bros. 947342-2) 1999

R-383414-1338834646-1651.jpeg fullsizeoutput_ba96

Melissa Etheridge’s ‘Never Enough’ (Island 3145121202) 1992 / Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Greatest Hits’ (Columbia C2-67060) 1995

MI0002196377 fullsizeoutput_ba94

Gilbert O’Sullivan’s ‘The Little Album’ (Kitty Japan only KTCR-1222) 1992 / Mekanik Kantatik’s ‘Sounds … From My Piano’ (DFragment CD-01) 2009

R-8696282-1466870358-6954.jpeg fullsizeoutput_bbec

O.S.T. Various Artists ‘The Bodyguard’ (Arista 07822186992) 1992 / Weird Al Jankovic’s ‘The Food Album’ (Scotti Bros. …) 199.

R-653722-1143772696.jpeg R-369633-1437271439-6809.jpeg

The Jayhawks ‘Hollywood Town Hall’ (Def American 926829-2) 1992 / The Cranberries ‘No Need To Argue’ (Island 74321233442) 1994

fullsizeoutput_bcce fullsizeoutput_bccf

Bruce Hornsby’s ‘Harbor Light’ (RCA 07863661142) 1993 / Mark Masters Ensemble’s ‘Everything You Did’ (Capri 74123-2) 2003

fullsizeoutput_baeb fullsizeoutput_baa5

Def Con Dos ‘Armas Pal Pueblo’ (Dro 9-D-0925) 1993 / Cake Like ‘Bruiser Queen’ (Vapor 936246601-2) 1997

fullsizeoutput_bc93 R-598989-1147955127.jpeg

The Grateful Dead’s ‘Dick’s Picks, Volume One’ (Grateful Dead GDCD 40182) 1993 / Shellac’s ‘1000 Hurts; Professional’ (Touch ‘n Go TG-211) 2000

fullsizeoutput_ba12 R-367289-1471956748-1125.jpeg

O.S.T. Various Artists ‘Pulp Fiction’ (MCA MCAD-11103) 1994 / Various Artists – Pulp Surfing’ (Donna DOCD-700222) 1995

R-403087-1393503787-1968.jpeg R-457942-1459894698-7780.jpeg

Roger Taylor’s ‘Happiness?’ (Parlophone 724383005925) 1994 / Beck’s ‘Mellow Gold’ (Bong Load BL-12) 2014

R-870585-1242901485.jpeg R-369337-1314899458.jpeg

The Mountain Goats ‘Nine Black Puppies’ (Emperor Jones EJ-02-CD) 1995 / Coldplay ‘Parachutes’ (Parlophone 5277832) 2000