Mambo & Cha Cha Cha

It’s time to dance … The Marvelous Mambo or the Charming Cha Cha Cha? It’s up to you. Choose your partner, shuffle your feet in the right starting position and swing the floor like you’ve never done before …

The Mambo is a Cuban dance, very popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It’s influenced by Afro-Cuban rhythms and popularized by Arsenio Rodrigues and later Perez Prado & His Orchestra. In the 1950’s another dance became even more popular in the USA and later worldwide: The Cha Cha Cha. Also of Cuban origins, this dance was introduced around 1950 by Enrique Jorrin’ s Orquesta America in Havana. The number of Mambo and Cha Cha Cha albums is extremely huge, with Cha Cha Cha as the winner. This is just a choice of the many hundreds of albums that were released on the market by companies like Tico, RCA, Fiesta and Capitol in The United States and in Latin America.


Abelardo Barroso With Orquesta Sensación (Puchito MLP-508) 1958 (Reissue: World Circuit WCV-088) 2014

Pérez-Prado-His-Orchestra-Mondo-Mambo-The-Best-Of fullsizeoutput_111ee

Perez Prado & His Orchestra – Mondo Mambo!; The Best Of … (Rhino R-271889) 1995 / Randy Carlos And His Orchestra – Hot Cha Cha (Fiesta FLP-1245) 1959


Unknown Orchestra – Mambo In Havana (Hollywood LPH-24) 1959

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Monchito And His Mambo Royals – Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue (Fiesta FLP-1202) 1955 / Cal Lampley And His Orchestra – The Last Of The Red Hot Cha Cha (Warner Bros. W-1287) 1959


Bettini And His Orchestra With Vocals – Cha-Cha-Chas, Mambos, Rumbas (Vox VX-26210) 1960

23887490006_fb2518978a_b 4778830730_23b68fc642_b

Carlo Peretti And His Latin Beat – Mambos And Cha Cha Chas (Society SOC-906) 1969 / Teodoro Morales And His Latin Rhythmeers – Torrid Latin Dances; Merengue, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Conga (Fortune TLPS-906) 1961


The great Perez Prado


Perez Prado & His Orchestra – Mambo Mania (RCA Victor LPM-1075) 1955


Here together with the iconic Spike Jones

fullsizeoutput_122d1 fullsizeoutput_122c0

Perez Prado And His Orchestra – Mambo By The King (RCA Victor 10″ LP LPM-3108) 1953 / Italian edition 1956


Marimba Chiapas – Marimba, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha; A Study In Hi Fidelity Sound (Audio Fidelity AFLP-1802) 1955


Tropicana Orchestra Alminana Soler – A Mambo A Cha Cha Cha And You! (Perfect PS-14032) 1960

fullsizeoutput_122c3 fullsizeoutput_122b3

Benny Bennet & His Latin American Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha & Mambo (Vogue VA-160103) 195. / Jose Curbelo And His Orchestra – Make Mine Cha-Cha-Cha … Mambo For Me … Oooh! That Merengue …! (Fiesta FLP-1207) 1956


Dance The Mambo (Epic 10″ LP LN-1129) 1954


El Borinquen Orchestra – Authentic Cha-Cha & Mambo (Paris 10) 1956


Machito, with Graciela & His Orchestra

fullsizeoutput_122c1 p1500692

Machito And His Afro Cubans – Souvenir Album (Decca 10″ LP DL-5157) 1954 / Perez Prado And His Orchestra – Mambo By The King (RCA Victor LPM-1196) 1955


Machito & His Orchestra on stage

fullsizeoutput_10a16 campo_pupi~_mamboamer_101b

Phil Gomez And The Jazzbos – Dixieland Mambo (Omega OSL-48) 1960 / Pupi Campo And His Sextet – Mambo Americana (Coral 7″ EP EC-81093) 195.


Various Artists – Mambo For Cats (RCA Victor LPM-1063) 1955

latinrhythm_chachamam_101b may2

Cha Cha And Mambo (Music Appreciation Society, Volume 11) 195. / Billy May & His Rico Mambo Orchestra – Arthur Murray Presents Cha-Cha Mambos (Capitol LP T-578) 1955


Various Artists – Jukebox Mambo; Rumba And Afro-Latin Accented Rhythm & Blues 1949-1960 (Jazzman 2LP / CD JMAN-055) 2012

a1013636926_10 15697-jukebox-mambo-vol.-iii

Various Artists – Jukebox Mambo, Vol. 2 (Jazzman 2LP / CD JMAN-073) 2014 / Vol. III (Jazzman 2LP / CD JMAN-094) 2017


Various Artists – Jukebox Mambo, Vol. 2 (Jazzman 6 X 10″ JMANBK-073) 2014

fullsizeoutput_109f3 fullsizeoutput_109fd

Various Artists – Jukebox Mambo, Vol. III (Jazzman 6 X 10″ JMANBK-094) 2017 / Tito Puente & His Orchestra – Mamborama (Tico LP-1001) 1955


Simon Bolivar And His Band – Cha Cha Mambo Merengue (Mercury MG-20177) 1957

fullsizeoutput_12328 9200000100393910

Various Artists – Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha & Calypso, Vol. 1: Girls Session! (El Vidocq /  Jukebox Music Factory VID-13) 2018 / Vol. 2: Crazy Session! (El Vidocq / Jukebox Music Factory VID-12) 2018


Papa Loves Mambo …



Chuy Reyes And His Orchestra – Mambo At The Mocambo (Capitol 10″ LP H-257) 1951

fullsizeoutput_109fa fullsizeoutput_109f9

Yma Sumac – Mambo! (Capitol 10″ LP H-564) 1954 / Perez Prado, Rey Del Mambo – Mambo! (RCA Victor 7″ EP 322019) 1958


Machito – Mambo Holiday (Harmony HL-7040) 1957

fullsizeoutput_10a01 1000004000066544

Joe Loco And His Quintet – Viva Mambo (Tico LP 1013) 1956 / Various Artists – Mambo Fever; Samba! Rhumba! Hot Cha-Cha-Cha! (Capitol Ultra Lounge 724383256426) 1996


Various Artists – Mambo (Fiesta FLP-1203) 1955

fullsizeoutput_122f8 43

Various Artists – Mambo Fever! (Verve 060075315703) 2009 / Jimmy Boyd – I Saw Mommy Do The Mambo (Columbia 10″ Single J-225) 1954


Movieposter “Al Son Del Mambo”


Various Artists – Mambo Mania!; The Kings & Queens Of Mambo (Rhino R-271881) 1995

R-6887158-1428782058-3703.jpeg R-10983277-1508013482-7260.jpeg

Various Artists – Mas Mambo Mania! (Rhino R-276720) 2001 / Mambo Santa Mambo; Christmas From The Latin Lounge (Rhino R-279996) 2000


Movieposter for Robert Rossen’s “Mambo”, with Katherine Dunham


Benny Bennet & Son Orchestra – Les Airs Du Film “Mambo” (Vogue 7″ EP EPL-7135) 195.

mambosfa2 fullsizeoutput_109ff

Various Artists – Mambos; Perfect For Dancing (RCA Victor LPM-1067) 1955 / Al Stephano And His Trio – Mambo Bongo Bash! (Tops Mayfair 9722-S) 196.


Various Artists – Mambo Americano; 63 Mambo-Tastic Tracks From The American Dance Craze! (Jasmine 2CD JASCD-847) 2018

fullsizeoutput_122be koldo-barroso-mambo-jambo-web

Benny Bennet Et Son Orchestre – Mambo Gastronomique (Vogue 7″ EP LD-365) 195. / Unknown Orchestra – Mambo Jambo (…) 195.


Various Artists – Mambo Calypso (Grosso! 022) 2014

fullsizeoutput_10a18 fullsizeoutput_10a19

Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra – Mambo At The Waldorf (Columbia 10″ LP CL-6213) 1955 / Billy May’s Rico Mambo Orchestra – Arthur Murray Favorites: Mambos (Capitol 10″ LP L-261) 1954


Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra – Mambos With Ros (London 10″ LP LPB-341) 1954

1000004003091375 fullsizeoutput_10a17

Various Artists – Mambo Crazy! (Charly CDHOT-639) 1998 / Various Artists – Very Tasty Pachuco Mambo; 1948-53 Guaracha, Jump, Mambo, Swing & Boogie Pachuco Style (Pinche Discos PINCHE-03) 2017


Marino Barreto Jr. Y Su Orquesta Cubana – Mambo En Espana (Belter 7″ EP 50210) 1959


Chico O’Farrill And His Cubans – Mambo Latino Dances (Verve MGV-2003) 1958

afroantillana-tito-puente-king-of-the-mambo-lp-12-dvn-d_nq_np_2613-mlm2859107853_062012-f fullsizeoutput_10a04

Tito Puente & His Orchestra – King Of The Mambo (Tico 10″ LP TRLP-120) 1952 / Mambo With Me (Tico LP-1003) 1955


Sonny Burke And His Orchestra – Let’s Mambo (Decca DL-8090) 1955

fullsizeoutput_10a14 628116

Tito Rodrigues And His Orchestra – Mambo At The New York Palladium (RCA Victor 7″ EP 20102) 1954 / Cal Tjader – Mambo With Tjader (Fantasy 3202) 1955


Dolores Hawkins – Mambo Combos (Epic 10″ LP LG-1022) 1954

9605b80003c46f3d7bab268f808ff1cf a1715508128_10

Ramon Marquez And His Orchestra – The Exciting Mambo (LP-5065) 1963


Tito Rodriguez & His Orchestra – Mambo Madness (Tico Lp-1004) 1958

fullsizeoutput_12321 fullsizeoutput_12324

Perez Prado And His Orchestra – Mambo Mambo RCA Victor 7″ EP EPA 602) 1955 / Perez Prado And His Orchestra – Mambo Happy! (RCA Camden CAL-409) 1957


Joe Loco & His Quintet – Make Mine Mambo; Mambo’s & Cha Cha Cha’s (Tico LP-1008) 1955


Joe Loco – Make Mine Mambo (And Cha Cha Cha) (Tico LP-1008) 195. (later edition)

fullsizeoutput_10a58 3856103893_c6dd4a09e6_z

Tito Rodriguez And His Orchestra – Three Loves Have I: Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo, Guaguanco (RCA Victor LPM-1389) 1958 / Tito Puente And His Orchestra – Tico Mambos (Tico 10″ LP TICO-107) 1952


Joe Loco & Quintet – Mambo Fantasy (Tico LP-1012) 195.

More-Than-Mambo-The-Introduction-To-Afro-Cuban-Jazz-Disc-2-cover images

Various Artists – More Than Mambo; The Introduction To Afro-Cuban Jazz (Verve 2CD 3145279032) 1995 / Various Artists – Mambo! (Columbia 10″ LP FL-9509) 1950


Various Artists – The Original Mambo Kings; An Afro-Cubop Anthology (Verve 5138762) 1993

fullsizeoutput_1233a fullsizeoutput_12341

Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra – Mambo Party (Richmond B-20022) 195. /  Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra – Mambo At The Waldorf (Columbia CL-732) 1955


Another movie poster for Robert Rossen’s “Mambo”


Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban – Mambo Sinuendo (Nonesuch 796912) 2003


Cubanismo! In New Orleans – Mardi Gras Mambo (Hannibal HNCD-1441) 2000


Los Mambo Jambo – same (Buonritmo CD / LP BR-009) 2012

fullsizeoutput_10a05 fullsizeoutput_10a20

Los Mambo Jambo – Jambology (Buonritmo LP / CD BR-03) 2016 / The Limboos – Space Mambo (Penniman PENNLP-005) 2014


Marcel Bontempi – … Sings Mambo Voodoo (Twinlite TL-003) 201.


Various Artists -Everybody Loves Mambo (Philips 10″ LP B-07702-R) 195.


Mama Enjoys Cha Cha Cha …



Monchito And Ramon Marquez – Cha Cha Cha; Every Pick A Hit (Fiesta FLP-1235) 1959

fullsizeoutput_10a29 madeir_jose_letschach_101b

Jose Madeira And His Orchestra – Dance Band Cha-Cha / Let’s Cha Cha Cha (Palace M-631 / PST-606) 195.


Raoul Zequeira Et Son Combo De L’Elephant Blanc – Cha Cha Cha (Mambo) (Barclay 82059) 1957

fullsizeoutput_12325 fullsizeoutput_1233e

Ralph Font And His Orchestra – Longhair Goes Cha Cha (Westminster WP-6118) 195. / Eddie Gomez And His Latin American Orchestra – Cuban Mist Cha Cha Cha (Crown CLP-5032) 1957


Ben & His Tumba Orchestra – Let’s Cha Cha Cha (Mercury MG-20510) 1959

fullsizeoutput_1233b fullsizeoutput_12320

Jackie Davis At The Console – Hammond Gone Cha -Cha (Capitol T-1338) 1959 / Freddy Calo And His Latin Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha (King / Audio Lab AL-1571) 1962


Cuco Chicos – Viva Cha Cha Cha No. 2 (Columbia 7″ EP ESDF-1349) 1961


Bebo Valdes And His Orchestra Tropicana – Hot Cha Chas (Decca DL-8660-) 1956

fullsizeoutput_10bd6 fullsizeoutput_10a2d

Joe Cuba And His Orchestra – Red, Hot And Cha Cha Cha (Mardi Gras LP-5023) 1965 / Tommy Dorsey Orchestra – Cha Cha For Two (Decca 7″ EP ED-2637) 1958


Jose Curbelo And His Orchestra – Wine, Women And Cha Cha (Fiesta FLP-1219) 1958

fullsizeoutput_10a2e fullsizeoutput_10ab2

Jose Cubano And The Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha (Coronet CX-81) 195. / Gilbert And The Musicabana Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha (Mercury MG-20164) 1956


Ramon Marquez – Cha Cha Cha (Musart …) 195.

dean_martin-cha_cha_cha_damour_(melodie_damour)_s 1000004000117971

Dean Martin, with Nelson Riddle (& His Orchestra) – Cha Cha De Amor (Capitol 7″ EP EAP-51702) 1962 / Various Artists – Cha-Cha De Amor; From Mamboland To Bossa Novaville (Capitol Ultra Lounge 724383759521) 1996


Bobby Madera And His Orchestra – Look, I’m Doing The Cha-Cha! (ABC Paramount ABC-133) 1956


Marty Franklin And His Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha At Malibu (Cadence CLP-1022) 195.

fullsizeoutput_10a3b fullsizeoutput_10a3a

Tito Puente And His Orchestra – Tico Presents Cha Cha Cha (Tico 10″ LP / 7″ EP 4531) 195.


Various Artists – Cha-Cha-Cha; The New Exciting Dance Rhythm From Cuba (RCA Victor LPM-1081) 1955

fullsizeoutput_10a3e fullsizeoutput_10a3d

Tito Peunte And His Orchestra – Dance The Cha Cha Cha (Tico LP-1010) 1955 / Let’s Cha Cha With Puente (RCA Victor LPM-1392) 1957


Tito Puente – Cha Cha With … At Grossinger’s (RCA Victor LPM-2187) 1960


Orquesta Melodias Del 40 – Cha Cha Cha (Puchito MLP-512) 1957

fullsizeoutput_12308 fullsizeoutput_10aaf

L’Orchestre Hermanos Castro – Strictly For Dancing (Puchito MLP-501) 1957 / Orquesta Sensacion – Cha Cha Cha; New Exciting Dance From Cuba With … (Puchito MLP-504) 1957


De Denise And His Popular Latin Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha With …; 12 Great Tunes For Dancing The Cha-Cha-Cha (Enrico Super Records No.103-A) 195.

fullsizeoutput_10a51 fullsizeoutput_111e9

Paquitin Lara, with Ramon And His Orchestra – Cha Cha Anyone? (RKO SLP-1004) 1958 /  La Playa Sextette – Pachanga Cha-Cha-Cha Anyone? (Mardi Gras LP-5024) 1965


Various Artists – Basic Cha Cha Chas (Tico LP-17000) 195.


Noro Morales – Cha Cha Cha’s (Design DLP-126) 1959


Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra – Mambo! (Music For Latin Lovers) (Mercury MG-20108) 1957

fullsizeoutput_10a4c backcover1-8

The Harmonicats – South American Nights (Mercury Wing MG-20107) 1956 / Sophie Tucker, with Ted Shapiro And His Orchestra – … Invites You To Cha Cha Cha (…) 195.


Norman Maine Y Su Orquesta – Abuglubu Abuglubu Cha Cha Cha (Columbia EX-5037) 195.

fullsizeoutput_10a4d fullsizeoutput_10a4a

Billy May – Cha Cha! (Capitol T-1329) 1960 / Tito Puente And His Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha’s For Lovers (Tico LP-1005) 1956


Cha Cha Boys – same (Le Voix De Son Maitre FFLP-1184) 196.

cha cha boys fullsizeoutput_12309

Cha Cha Boys – Geisha Cha Cha (Le Voix De Son Maitre 7″EP EGF-508) 196. / Esmeralda (Trianon 7″EP ETS-4413) 1962


Pachito Cha Cha Band – One-Two (CMI CMI-109) 1959

fullsizeoutput_10a4b fullsizeoutput_10ab0

Freddy Sateriale’s Big Band – Cha Cha Cha (Promenade 2133) 196. / Art Mooney And His Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha (Parade SP-379) 1961


Willie Martinez And His Orchestra – I Could Have Cha Cha’d All Night  (Decca DL-8694) 1958


Pepe Luis And His Orchestra – Cha-Cha-Cha (Columbia Harmony HL-7028) 1957

fullsizeoutput_10a50 fullsizeoutput_10a4f

Pupi Prado And His Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha For Swingin’ Partners (Celebrity UT-127) 1961 / Jack Costanzo And His Latin Orchestra – Mr. Bongo Pays In Hi-Fi (Tops L-1564) 1957


Chaquito And His Orchestra – Hot Cha Cha Cha (Columbia CL-1293) 1959


Pupi Campo Orchestra – Cha-Cha Merengue (Stardust SD-110) 1956

fullsizeoutput_10a4e fullsizeoutput_10aad

Randy Carlos And His Orchestra – Makin’ Whoopee Cha Cha Cha (RCA Victor LPM-1689) 1958 / Paquitin Lara And His Latin American Orchestra – One Two Cha Cha Cha Time (Tops L-1708) 1960


Various Artists – Voulez-Vous Cha-Cha?; French Cha-Cha 1960-1964 (Born Bad BB-116) 2019

fullsizeoutput_10a45 fullsizeoutput_10a5b

Machito And His Orchestra – … Plays The Cha Cha Cha (Tico 10″ LP LP-138) 195. / Ben More, with Ernesto Duarte And His Orchestra / Almendra Orchestra – Cha-Cha-Cha (RCA Victor 7″ EP EPA-603) 195.


Bob Azzam Et Son Orchestre – Habibi Rock (Festival 7″ EP FX-451227-M) 1960

cha_cha_album_cover_art_dancing-people-1 fullsizeoutput_10aac

Rene Bloch And His Big Latin Band – Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha! (Hifi R-819) 1959 / Pepe Luis And His Orchestra – Dig That Cha Cha Cha (Tico LP-1024) 1956


Rodriguez And His Orchestra – Latin Dance Party (Cha-Cha, Mambo, Rhumba) (Golden Tone C-4016) 1959


Ruben Leon And His Latin Orchestra – Let’s Dance The Cha-Cha-Cha (Tops Mayfair 9693-S) 195.

fullsizeoutput_111eb fullsizeoutput_10a53

Jose Curbelo Quintet – Cha Cha Cha In Blue (Fiesta FLP-1204) 1956 / … – Cha Cha Cha? (Fiesta FLP-1205) 1956


Al Stefano And His Trio – Cha Cha Favorites (Golden Tone C-4050) 195.


Johnny Conquet, His Piano And Orchestra – Piano Merengue For Those Who Merengue, Cha-Cha-Cha For Those Who Cha-Cha-Cha (RCA Victor LPM-1469) 1957

fullsizeoutput_10a43  fullsizeoutput_10aba

Art Mooney And His Big Band – Cha Cha Cha (Coronet CXS-138) 1959 / Cha Cha Cha With …, Band Leader Series, Vol. 2 (Spin-O-Rama M-3079) 1957


Art Mooney – Cha Cha Cha (Diplomat 2218) 1957

DSC02570 fullsizeoutput_121d4

Montenegro – Cha Cha’s For Dancing (Time S/2018) 195. / Ernesto Aquino And His Orchestra – Latin Goes Percussive Cha Cha Cha (International Award AKS-160) 1960


Manny Lopez And His Orchestra – Cha-Cha-Cha, If You Please (RCA Victor LP-1409) 1957

fullsizeoutput_10ab8 fullsizeoutput_10ab7

Rene Hernandez Orchestra – Per-cus-sive Latino Cha Cha Cha Doctored For Super-Sound (Audio Fidelity DFM-3003) 1960 / Randy Carlos And His Orchestra – Pachanga Con Cha Cha Cha (Fiesta FLP-1313) 1962


Orquesta Aragon – Cha-Cha-Cha Cubano (RCA Victor 3-L-122024) 1956

fullsizeoutput_10bd5 fullsizeoutput_10aae

Orquesta Melodias Del 40 – Cha Cha Cha (Barclay / Puchito MLP-512) 1957


Ralph Font And His Orchestra – Cha-Cha-Cha (Westminster WP-6111) 195.


Movieposter for “Cha-Cha-Cha Boom!”


Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra – Hollywood Cha Cha Cha (London LL-3100) 1959

fullsizeoutput_10aaa cha_cha_album_cover_art_album_sexist-6

Enoch Light And The Light Brigade – I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha’s (Grand Award GA-33388) 1959 / Si Zentner & His Dance Band – High Noon Cha Cha Cha (Bel Canto SR-1011) 1959


Al Castellanos, La Playa Sextet, Sonny Rossi – We Love To Cha Cha Cha (Mardi Gras LP-5008) 1957

fullsizeoutput_11066 martinez2

Tino La Tino & His Orchestra – La Tino Cha Cha Cha (Crown CST-166) 1959 / Jose Martinez And His Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha (Modern MLP -7012) 1961


Pedro Gracia And His Del Prado Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha, Vol. 1 (Audio Fidelity AFSD-5810) 1958 (Vol. 2 = A Tropical Affair AFLP-1842 1957)

fullsizeoutput_12342 fullsizeoutput_1233d

Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha, Vol. 3 (Audio Fidelity AFLP-1837) 1957 / Memo Salamanca And His Cha Cha Cha Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha (Audio Fidelity AFLP-1813) 1960


Alfredo Gomez And His Latin American Orchestra – America’s Most Popular Cha Cha’s (Audiotion AUD-335937) 195.

fullsizeoutput_12346 fullsizeoutput_1229e

Fernando Juarez And His Orchestra – Cha Cha’s In Stereo, Volume 1 (MRKSD-1401) 1959 (MRKSD-1411) 1959


Pepe Lopez And His Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha Merengues And Mambos (Design SPLD-31) 1957

fullsizeoutput_11064 la-playa-sextet_care-to-chachacha_mardi-gras_5001_600

Manuel Rivera And His Orchestra – Dance Tempo Cha Cha Cha (Crown CLP-5138) 1959 / La Playa Sextet – Care To Cha Cha Cha? (Mardi Gras LP-5001) 1955


Monchito And His Orchestra – Viva! Cha Cha Cha (Fiesta FLP-1233) 1958

Let's dance latin-Martinez-Cheda Orch-frente fullsizeoutput_117f1

The Martinez-Cheda Orchestra – Let’s Dance Latin, with Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo & Merengue (Palladium PLP-146) 1959 / Rose Murphy – Not Cha-Cha But Chi-Chi (Verve MGV-2070) 1957


Chaquito And His Orchestra – Cha, Cha, Cha In Hi Fi (Fontana 7″ EP 465970-TE) 195.

117162504 5269362025_6378a85428_b

Vitin Aviles Y Su Orquesta – Cuban Cha-Cha Y Merengue (President KVP-105) 1961 / Los Cangaceiros El Super Orquesta – Cha Cha Cha (President PRC-170) 196.


La Playa Sextet – Sun, Sea And Cha Cha Cha (Mardi Gras LP-5019) 1959

fullsizeoutput_10bda fullsizeoutput_11a66

Bob Allan Et Son Orchestre – Cha Cha Cha (Symphonium SEP-10) 195. / Various Artists – Let’s Dance The Cha Cha Cha (Seeco SCLP-9096) 195.


Ramon Marquez Y Su Orquesta – Cha Cha Cha Avec … (Seeco 7″ EP EPL-7228) 196.

118387311 fullsizeoutput_1230b

Los Ruffino – Vol. 4 Cha Cha Cha Pour Les Amoureux (Seeco / Vogue 7″ EP EPL-7620) 196. / Vol. 5 (Seeco / Vogue 7″ EP 7622) 196.


Horace Diaz And His Cha Cha Kings – Singing Cha Cha Cha And you Can Dance To It, Too! (Kapp KL-1225) 195.

fullsizeoutput_11a5c laplayasext_mardigras_101b

Enrique Jorrin – Cha Cha Cha El Ritmo Del Moda Con El Conjunto De … (RCA Victor 10″ LP MKL-3094) 1956 / La Playa Sextet, Al Castellanos & Orchestra – A Mardi Gras Of Cha-Cha-Cha Hits (Mardi Gras LP-5007) 1957


Tito Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto – Cha Cha Cha , No. 3 (RCA Victor 7″ EP A-75273) 196.

fullsizeoutput_121dc fullsizeoutput_121e0

Tito Morano And His Orchestra – Let’s Cha Cha (In Stereo) (Somerset SF-8000) 1959


Della Reese – Cha Cha Cha (RCA Victor LSP-2280) 1960


Fajardo And His All Stars – Cha Cha Cha In Havana (Panart No. 3004) 195.

fullsizeoutput_122b4 600x600

Pablo Beltran Ruiz Y Su Orquesta – South Of The Border Cha-Cha-Cha (RCA Victor MKS-1233) 195. / Roberto Rutz – Ritmo Saboroso Cha Cha Cha (Damic LP-5043) 195.



Victor Silvester – Cha Cha Cha With … (Columbia 7″ EP SEG-7857) 1958

fullsizeoutput_111ef Buba 1

Michelino & His Cha Cha Band – Cha Cha Cha & Flamenco Rock (Sonet SXP-6034) 196. / Sy Menchin And His Steven Scott Orchestra – My Bubba & Zaedas Cha Cha Cha (Apollo LP-491) 1959


Gray & Terrace – Cha Cha Cha Continental, As Introduced By … (Tico LP-1039) 195.

fullsizeoutput_10bd7 fullsizeoutput_121e4

Laurindo Almeida And The Danzaneros – Happy Cha Cha Cha (Capitol T-1263) 1959 / Various Artists – Cha-Cha Jubilee (Jubilee SDJLP-1097) 1959


Pupi Campo And His Orchestra – 12 Cha-Chas And Merengues (Hollywood LPH-23) 1956

fullsizeoutput_11a64 fullsizeoutput_1229f

Hector Rivera And His Orchestra – Let’s Cha Cha Cha (Mercury MG-20137) 1957


The Latin Boys – Ask Me To Cha Cha Cha (Tico LP-1040) 1957

front66 fullsizeoutput_11a62

Eduardo Fernandez And His Cha Cha Kings – Cha Cha Cha (Sparton C-334946) 195. / Ralph Flanagan – They’re Playing Our Cha Cha! (Imperial LP-12050) 1960


Raymond Van Het Groenewoud – ChaChaCha (Odeon 7″ Single 1-A-00619067) 1981










Library Music

Welcome to the world of Library Records. This world knows no borders, the musicians are mostly unknown and the albums are not much sought after, only some of them are and a handful of fans who pay literally hundreds of dollars for them. It’s a strange and unclear world of records with sometimes ordinary and sometimes extraordinary sleeves. The music is mostly instrumental or orchestral. The series or volumes are sometimes big and there’s a big scala of musical styles for commercial purposes. The most famous labels are Bruton, Chappell, De Wolfe and Tele Music. They recorded albums by guys like Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Tea, Reg Tilsley, Johnny Pearson, Roger Roger, Piero Umiliani and many others. Each major city in Europe and North America had their own company. In the 1960’s and further on the industry, commercial business and the Radio  / TV and Filmworld had a constant need of new music to sell their products. Here’s a selection out of the very big collection.


Musical Score / Artist Unknown – The New World Of Stainless Steel; An Adventure Of Film By Republic Steel (A Wilding Production) 1961

6a00d83451c29169e200e54f61bc708833-800wi fullsizeoutput_1222e

Various Artists – Product Music, Vol. 1; Industrial Show Tunes In Praise Of Products We Trust (Honest-Abe Disc! 294004) 1996 / The Sounds Of Steelmaking; One Million Dollars In Progress (Hardman Associates, Inc. …) 196.


Barry Gray – Stand For Adverts; Rare Jazz, Jingles And Advertising Electronics, By … (Trunk JBH-039-LP) 2011



R-3203290-1345425588-6069.jpeg R-6469701-1419992323-3437.jpeg

Alan Asch – That Agency Thing (CBS Radio Spot Sales XTV-89549) 196. / Pepper; Creative Sales Library Service; Sound Effects, Strange Sounds (Pepper & Tanner Custom Recording 5601) 197.


Mars Production Library For Programming And Sales (Pepper & Tanner FF-315) 196.


David Hollander, collector and director of “The Library Music Film”


DVD – The Library Music Film; A Huttwenty 9 Film


Various – The Library Music Film; Music From & Inspired By The Film (Legere Recodings LEGO-148) 2018



Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records and writer of the book “The Music Library”


Book: The Music Library; Graphic Art And Sound, by Jonny Trunk (Fuel) 2005


Seconds revised and re-styled expanded edition

61YNkwn+VyL 51KXCr58VhL

Book: The Music Library, by Jonny Trunk (Fuel) 2015


Book: Wobbly Sounds; A Collection Of British Flexidiscs, by Jonny Trunk (Four Corners Irregulars #6) 2019


Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers – Music For Biscuits; Lost Advertising & Rare Film Sounds By … (Trunk JBH-019-CD) 2006


meanwhile in the United States…



Unknown Artist – The Look Of The Leader; Minute Maid Company (LP) 1964


Various Artists – Everythin’s Coming Up Profits; The Golden Age Of Industrial Musicals, The 1960’s Volume 1 (An Audio Companion To The Book by Steve Young & Sport Murphy) 2013

fullsizeoutput_122a2 fullsizeoutput_122a4

The J.P. Penney Company Presents … Penny Proud (J.P. Penney Co. …) 195. / Once In A Lifetime; The Complete Musical Score From The Edsel Dealer Announcement Show (Edsel …) 195.


Various – 1966 Sales Meeting (B.F. Goodrich 605430) 1966

fullsizeoutput_122aa fullsizeoutput_122a3

The Grip Of Leadership (Coca-Cola Company) 1961 / A Step Ahead 1966 Salesman’s Convention For Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Company) 1966


Platter Party; For ‘Record’ Sales Let Florence Henderson And Bill Hayes Make Your Next Sales Meeting A … (7″ Single …) 1959

fullsizeoutput_b2ed fullsizeoutput_b299

The Voices Of Walter Schuman – Music For Bathroom Baritones, Bathing Beauties (American Standard Records) 195. / Don Higgins & Tedd Determan – Music From The Bathrooms Are Coming! (American Standard Records) 1969


Various – General Electric Presents ‘Go Fly A Kite’ (General Electric 2LP …) 1966

fullsizeoutput_122a7 im9

Maurice Levine – The New Wide World Of Ford; Tractors Equipment (Columbia / Ford ETCV-96224) 1964 / Wilson Stone / Maurice Levine / Arthur Harris – Xerox Presents ‘Take It From Here’ (Xerox 10″ LP) 1963


Hale Rood – Music To Make Automobiles By … (Marathon International Productions MG-79698) 1962

fullsizeoutput_122ab fullsizeoutput_122ac

Various – Big Sell Big World 1965; A World Of Opportunity (U-23813) 1965 / Various – The Sound Of Selling  (A.B. Dick Company, 1962 Pacemaker Sales Meeting) 1962


The Hellers – Creative Freakout; Singers, Talkers, Players; Advertising Protest Songs For Those Who Protesteth Too Much (Heller Corporation 10″ LP …) 1967


The Metropole Orchestra – Perfect Vision; The Esquivel Sound (Basta 3093222) 2003

R-5578919-1584595745-5399.jpeg syncho-fox

Synchro-Fox; Library Of Recorded Background Music For Television, Radio, Films, Theatre And Documentaries (Synchro-Fox Music Library SF-1029) 1973 / (SF-1030) 1974


Major Companies:



Short Themes And Links; The 1940’s To 1950’s Archive (Atmosphere AACD-8) 19..

R-6712021-1506191147-3270.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1216b

Various – Social Life And Events; The 1940’s Archive (Atmosphere AACD-4) 19.. / Drama; The 1950’s Archive (Atmosphere AACD-3) 19..


John Baker – The .. Tapes; BBC Radiophonics, Electro Aids, Soundtracks And Rare Home Recordings (Trunk JBH-030-LP) 2008

28482968320054 R-1411634-1223727461.jpeg

John Baker – The .. Tapes; BBC Radiophonics, Electro Aids, Soundtracks And Rare Home Recordings – Rare & Unreleased Workshop Recordings 1954-1985, Volume 1 (Trunk JBH-028-CD) 2008 / … 1963-1975, Volume 2 (Trunk JBH-029-CD) 2008


Les Bibliothecaires, Volumes 1-14 (The Musicophilia Company …) 19..



The New Concert Orchestra – Volume 1; Background Music Specially Recorded For Film, Radio & Television (Boosey & Hawkes SBH-3013) 1969 (reissued by Vocalion)

R-634484-1418982552-5739.jpeg R-493258-1419058494-5519.jpeg

The Electronic Studio – Electronic, Music For Film, Radio & Television (Boosey & Hawkes SBH-3025) 1970 / Tod Docksteader – Electronic, Music For Film, Radio & Television (Boosey & Hawkes SBH-3082) 1981


Various – Music From Dancefloors; The Cream Of The Bosworth Library Sessions (Strut STRUTCD-022) 2002

770185bd7e889eda78d677eb053e95c1 fullsizeoutput_1216d

Miki Anthony & Tom Parker / Irving Martin & Brain Dee – Heavy Rock (Bruton Music BRH-2) 1978 / Keith Mansfield / John Eddy / John Cameron – City Of The Future Suite / Equinox (Bruton Music BRI-3) 1978


Trevor Bastow / Brian Bennett / Andrew Jackman – Contemporary Music (Bruton BRK-5) 1979

fullsizeoutput_1216e fullsizeoutput_12170

John Cameron / Louis Clark – Breakout (Bruton Music BRK-7)  1981/ John Cameron / Jean Bouchety – Survival (Bruton Music BRM-9) 1981


John Cameron / Brian Bennett / Johnny Pearson – Big Wide World (Bruton Music BRN-10) 1983

fullsizeoutput_12174 fullsizeoutput_12172

Somon Benson / Eugenio Grandi / David Snell – String Tension (Bruton Music BRM-13) 1985 / R. Hill / D. MacKay – Video Communications (Bruton Music BRL-13) 1983


Zack Laurence & others – New Prospects (Bruton Music BRN-13) 1984

unnamed fullsizeoutput_121a7

Trevor Bastow / Max Harris – Time Off (Bruton Music BRG-20) 1981 /  Various – Bold As Brass (Bruton Music BRG-21) 1982


Various – Sunshine Holidays (Bruton Music BRG-31) 1985


Various – Digging The Bruton Vaults (Bruton Music 10″ LP BR-651) 2018


Various – Ground-Breaking Original Vintage Recordings From The 1970’s & 1980’s (Bruton Vaults …) 20..


AM & Shawn Lee – Outlines (AM Sounds AMSL-3) 2015 (inspired by the Bruton Music Library)

fullsizeoutput_1217c artworks-000389367558-66cdpt-t500x500

Ib Glindemann – Media Music, Release No. 1 (Capitol Media Music MEMU-4) 1968 / Tom Elliott – Relaese No. 12 (Capitol Media Music MEOS-1) 197.


Jack Mayborn – Media Music, Release No. 13 (Capitol Media Music MEPS-1) 197.


Various – The New CBS Audio-File Sound Effects Library (CBS 3LP P-314062) 1977


Various – The Library Archive; Funk, Jazz, Beats And Soundtracks From The Vaults Of Cavendish Music (BBE BBE-435-CLP) 2017

telecineradio show chappell DMM show

The Famous Chappell Mood Music Library

[Chappell] - LPC 1053 - Mad Dog - Pop Sounds - Music By David Holland [1973] chappell

Mad Dog – Pop Sounds (Chappell LPC-1053) 1973 / The Machines – Electronic Music (Chappell LPC-1055) 1973

R-2181502-1424076190-5677.jpeg R-2949809-1368168038-6092.jpeg

Various – Chappell Recorded Music (Chappell LPC-974-978) 1968 / Jos Cleber / Roger Webb / Marc Laroche Ensemble – Chappell Recorded Music (Chappell LPC-979-984) 1968


Rene Costy And His Music – Small Group Sounds (Chappell CAL-4013) 1974


Richard Demaria – A Ecouter (Chappell CHA-010) 19..


Various – The Hustlers; Dramatic Music From The Chappell Library 1970-1977) (Chappell / Vocalion CDSML-8510) 2015


Various – Music From Dancefloors; The Cream Of The Chappell Music Library Sessons (Strut STRUTCD-010) 2001


Various – Rare Music From The Comets Library Vaults 1 (Pheon PHEON-002) 2016


Various – Conroy Recorded Music Library; New Dimension (BMLP-145-A/B) 1974


Pierre Arvay – Illustrations No. 1 (Music De Wolfe DW/LP-2798) 1963

Image R-2864122-1480780053-7072.png

M. Kansara – Sounds Of India (Music De Wolfe DW/LP-3060) 1967 / Frank Rothman Progressive Dance Orchestra – Progressive Sound (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2851) 1964


Various – Lunar Probe; Musique Concrete, Electronique, Space (Music De Wolfe10″ LP  DW/LP-3030) 1967

eyJidWNrZXQiOiJhbGJ1bS1jb3ZlcnMtZXUtd2VzdC0xIiwia2V5IjoiNzU0NTRfY292ZXIucG5nIn0= R-8370745-1511994297-2844.jpeg

The International Jazz Group – High Speed Jazz (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2950) 1966 / Herbert Chappell – Moods For Solo Woodwind (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP- 2888) 1965


The International Studio Orchestra – Captains Of Industry (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-3034) 1967

R-3831795-1458243956-6912.png R-4469696-1538859826-8026.png

The International Studio Orchestra – The Power Game (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP- 2988) 1968 / The London Studio Orchestra – Power Project (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2922) 196.


The London Studio Group – Town Beat (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2975) 1966

R-4483708-1469330277-7070.jpeg R-2214159-1458243650-7436.jpeg

The International Studio Orchestra – On The Town (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2981) 1966 / The Wild One (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2974) 1966


The International Studio Orchestra – One Arm Bandit (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2983) 1966

R-3138319-1338218911-8691.jpeg fullsizeoutput_12183

The London Studio Orchestra – American Neutral Backgrounds (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2856) 1965 / The London Studio Orchestra – Industrial Project (Music De Wolfe DW/LP-2923) 1965

fullsizeoutput_12182 fullsizeoutput_12185

International Studio Orchestra – Journey Into Sound (Music De Wolfe 10″: LP DW/LP-2968) 1966 / Modern Transport (Music De Wolfe 10″ LP DW/LP-2980) 1966


The Roger Webb Sound – Vocal Patterns (Music De Wolfe DW/LP-3182) 1971

R-1242261-1458237610-6505.jpeg ab67616d0000b273bec3f44607bf1fa70998a21e

Reg Tilsley – Orchestral 10 (Music De Wolfe DW/LP 3255) 1972

fullsizeoutput_121be fullsizeoutput_121ee

The Eastern Sound – Arabia (Music De Wolfe DW/LP-3190) 1971 / J. Leach – Arabia, Volume 2 (Music De Wolfe DWS/LP-3407) 1979


Barbara Moore – Vocal Shades And Tones (Music De Wolfe DW/LP-3227) 1972

Stitched Page 78 fullsizeoutput_12186

The Blue Wing Console – Sun High (Music De Wolfe DWS/LP-3366) 1976 / Paradox – Moving On Through (Music De Wolfe DWS/LP-3438) 1980

fullsizeoutput_1217e a1038712662_10

Comedy; De Wolfe Music Sound Effects (Music De Wolfe DW/FXLP-14) 198. / Rubba – In Motion; Modern Progressive Group Sounds, Played By … (Music De Wolfe DWS/LP-3428) 1980


Various – Freakout At The Facsimile Factory; A Compendium Of De Wolfe Music Library Recordings 1966-1969 (Tenth Planet TP-036) 1998


Various – Themes About The House, From The De Wolfe Music Library (Chichester Hospital Radio CHRVYL-2) 2018


Various – EMI Production Music (EMI …) 20..


Various – Sound Patterns; Natural Sounds, Location Sounds, Human Sounds (Science Series) (Hampshire University Records HRS-28931) 19..

# Electronic tricks (IM 20) front LP

Various – IM; The Label Of Modern Rhythms (IM-20) 20..


Don Harper – Live, Neutral, Earth (Impress IA-406) 1974


Various – Music Specially Recorded For Film, Radio And Television (KPM …) 19..


Syd Dale / Johnny Hawksworth – Accent On Percussion (KPM Music KPM-1009) 1966

fullsizeoutput_12188 fullsizeoutput_1218a fullsizeoutput_12189

other releases on KPM


Paddy Kingsland – Jingle Machine (KPM Music KPM-1301) 1983


Various – Music For Dancefloors; The Cream Of The KPM Music Green Label Sessions (Strut STRUTCD-005) 2000


Various – Spider Jazz; KPM Cues Used In The Amazing Animated Series (Trunk JBH-070-LP) 2018


Midnight Sun Pops Orchestra – Mood In Dance (Mood Music Library No. 7 / Sun SKS-014) 1969

R-7962429-1452500563-9261.jpeg fullsizeoutput_121ec

Mood In Romantic (Mood Music Library No. 8 / Sun SKS-004) 1968 / Mood In Musical (Mood Music Library No. 21 / Sun SKS-019) 1969


Andy Loore – No. 55: Water Show (Editions Montparnasse 2000 MP-55) 1976


Album Folk; Royalty Free Commercial Background Music (Music Man …) 20..

1200x1200bb 500x500

Easy Listening; Royalty Free Commercial Background Music (Music Man … ) 20.. / Album: Pop Funk (Music Man …) 20..


Alan Blackwell Et Son Orchestra – Vol. 17: Musique En Couleurs (Neuilly 10″ LP CH-117) 1970

R-2861560-1427552879-2526.jpeg R-8246238-1458212637-9124.jpeg

Paul Zaza / Paul Kass / Johnny Hawksworth – Music Express 11 (Parry Music Library PM-11) 1978 / Various – Foreign Journeys (Parry Music Library PMLCD-1022) 198.


The Music Factory – Scoop! (Peer International Library Ltd. PIL-9028) 1974


Various – The Professional Production Library (Century 21 Productions Inc. DISK-1) 1975

Folder fullsizeoutput_121b6

Derek Austin – Further Faces (Programme Music PM-009) 1975 / Geoff Bastow – Music To Varnish Owls By (Programme Music PM-011) 1975


Various – Betty Page; Danger Girl, Burlesque Music (QDK Media CD-012) 1996

fullsizeoutput_1217a fullsizeoutput_1217b

Various – Betty Page: Jungle Girl, Exotique Music (QDK Media CD-017) 1998 / Private Girl, Spicy Music (QDK Media CD-031) 2001


Various – Electronic Music (Southern Library Of Recorded Music MQ/LP-48) 1978


Delia Derbyshire – Electronic (Standard Music Library ESL-069) 2000


Herve Roy – French Pop (Tele Music 10″ LP TM-704) 1967

R-4389560-1427131279-2869.jpeg R-2647701-1299079643.jpeg

Herve Roy / Yanko Nilovic (Tele Music 10″ LP TM-705) 1968 / Guy Pedersen – Indian Pop Bass (Tele Music 10″ LP TM-709) 1969


No. 9 J.J. Debout / Yanko Nilovic – Music Bazaar (Tele Music TM-3009) 1969

R-10446180-1497608821-3482.jpeg Front

No. 22 Paul Piot – Choeurs (Tele Music TM-3022) 1972 / No. 34 Tonio Rubio – Rhythms (Tele Music TM-3034) 1973


No. 52 Bernard Estardy / Alan Feanch – Electronics (Tele Music TM-3052) 1975

R-2473003-1342886467-8710.jpeg Tele_Music_TM69_Hot_Time_front

No. 58 P.A. Dahan / S. Pezin – Neo Ryhthmiques (Tele Music TM-3058) 1976 / No. 69 Jean Schultheis – Hot Time (Tele Music TM-3069) 1976


Alan Parker / Alan Hawkshaw / M. Moran – Contemporary Contrasts (Themes International Music TIM-1027) 1977

CS1514032-02A-BIG 61z5upLDdWL._SS500_

Alan Tew – Drama Suite, Part 1 (Themes International Music TIM-1025) 1976 / Alan Tea – …, Part 2 (Themes International Music TIM-1024) 1976


Various – New Blood (Themes International Music TIM-1002) 1973

library_music_rock_machine fullsizeoutput_121fa

Alan Hawkshaw / Alan Parker – The Rock Machine (Themes International Music TIM-1011) 1973 / The Guitar Family, Volume 1 (Themes International Music TIM-1004) 1973


Various – The Tomorrow People; Original Television Music (Trunk JBH-017-LP) 2006


Various – G-Spots; The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds Of Studio G Library (Trunk JBH-032-CD) 2009


Cartoon / Comedy:




Monty Python – De Wolfe Music Presents 30 Musical Masterpieces ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus; The Infamous Television Series 1969-1974 (Released For The First Time Ever! (De Wolfe Music DWCR-003) 2009

fullsizeoutput_1218b fullsizeoutput_1218c

Ren & Stimpy – Production Music; 108 Vintage Instrumental Tracks From … / Vol. 2; 194 Vintage Instrumental Tracks (…) 20..


Library Music Makers:


jack arel

Jack Arel – Gravure Universelle (Mood Music De …) (Virgin 2LP V-2831) 1997


Jack Arel – Chappell Recorded Music Library Works; Originals & Remixes (Vadim VAD-010-LP) 2007


The Karminsky Experience Inc. – Beat! (Patterns Of Behavior POBLP-002) 2016


Basil Kirchin – Abstractions Of The Industrial North (Trunk JBH-012-LP) 2005


Yanko Nolovic


Yanko Nilovic – 36: Rythmes Contemporains De (Z International Records ZO-201-V) 1972

MI0003277639 R-958168-1487131985-2872.jpeg

Yanko Nilovic – 06: Psyc Impressions (Z International Records …) 197. /  Graziella Madrigal & Yanko Nilovic – Histoires Sans Paroles (Editions Montparnasse 2000 MP-88) 1979


Yanko Nilovic – 34: Chorus (Editions Montparnasse MP-34) 1974


Yanko Nilovic – 86: Un Piano Dans L’Ouest (Editions Montparnasse MP-86) 1979


Raymond Scott – Three Willow Park; Electronic Music From Inner Space (Basta 3LP / 2CD Set 3093432) 2017


Raymond Scott – The Jingle Workshop; Midcentury Musical Miniatures 1951-1965, feat. Dorothy Collins (Modern Harmonic 2CD MH-8015) 2019


The Twelve Hour Foundation – Concrete Jingles; A Collection Of Themes And Incidental Pieces In Aid Of The Charles Bell Pavilion (PMB …) 20..

v1 v2

Various – Urban Spaces; Err Rec. Library Vol. 1 (Err Rec. ERRREC-019) 2018 / Science & Technology (Err Rec. ERRREC-023) 2018


Various – Barry 7’s Connectors; 24 Rare Library Tracks (Lo LCD-25) 2001




R-745114-1158148783.jpeg R-1523175-1225912302.jpeg

Various – Popshopping; Juicy Music From German Commercials (Crippled Dick Hot Wax! CDHW-069) 2000 / Volume 2 (Crippled Dick Hot Wax! CDHW-028) 2002





Various – France (…) 19..

Nino-Nardini-3 Roger-Roger-1

Nino Nardini & Roger Roger


Roger Roger Et Le “Mode Symphony” Orchestra – Panorama Européen (Mode Disques MDINT-9421) 1069

fullsizeoutput_12194 fullsizeoutput_12193 R-4531258-1384708481-8509.jpeg

Roger Roger – Tourbillon De Paris (Mode Disques MDINT-9080) 1962 / Méditerranée (Mode Disques MDINT-9424) 1966 / Musique Des Iles (Mode Disques MDINT-9427) 1966


Roger Roger / The Metropole Orchestra – Grands Travaux (Music For Film Production 1956-1966)  (Eigenwijs / Koch Screen 87082) 1995


Nino Nardini, Eddie Warner, Roger Roger – Space Oddities; Studio Ganaro 1972-1982 (Born Bad BB-082-LP) 2016





Various – De Muzikale Verleiding (Nijgh & Van Ditmar BK + 2CD) 2009

fullsizeoutput_1218d fullsizeoutput_1218e

Ronnie Potsdammer & Heleen Van Meurs – 2CV / Het Lelijke Eendje (Citroen Flexidisc BRO-62/63) 1959

fullsizeoutput_1218f fullsizeoutput_12190


Johnny Hoes – … Presenteert Telstar Catalogus ’65-’66 + Premieplaat

coeb2 coeb1

Mary Dresselhuis / Ko Van Dijk – Coebergh Presenteert Feest Voor Hem / Feest Voor Haar (Coebergh 106868-E) 1962


Kid Baltan, Tom Dissevelt, Henk Badings – Polular Electronics (Basta 4CD Set 3091412) 2004





Alessandro Alessandroni – Lost & Found 1972-1978 (Four Flies FLIES-28) 2017


Angelo Baroncini & others – Music For Movement; Musiche Di Angelo Barroccini E Bruno Battisti D’Amario (PRC LPO-4521) 1969


Daniela Casa – Sovrapposizione De Immagini (Finders Keepers FK-072-LP) 2014


Bruno Spoerri – Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998 (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records WRWTFWW-033) 2018


Various – Barry 7’s Connectors 2; 27 Rare Italian Library Tracks (Lo LCD-31) 2002


Eastern Europe:



Various – Kroniki Filmowe; Polish Library Music 1963-78 (Gad GADCD-064) 2017

zzsondamuzykazprogram_101b zzsonda2muzykazprogra_101b

Various – Sonda; Muzyka Z Programu Telewizjnego (Gad GADCD-011) 2013 / Sonda 2 (Gad GADCD-023) 2015


Musique Pour Colonies De Vacance; 60’s, 70’s Library Music Selected By DJ No Breakfast (Melodia …) 20..

b11a-6f6f-4815-873d-743f065d0a60 010b-e613-446c-9792-44a67cf359b8

other volumes


Other Library Albums & Compilations:



Markey Funk & Gilli Tha Kid – … In Search Of Mordy Laye (Agitacao Popular) 2012


Marcus Fjelstrom – Library Music 1 (Kafkagarden KGPUB-001) 2011


Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – World Of Funk (Ubiquity URLP-282) 2011

R-689403-1374486846-3644.jpeg 1000004000345112

Various – Music For TV Dinners (Scamp SCP-97212) 1997 / … The 1960’s (Scamp 97222) 1997


Various – Things Go Better With Coke; Sixties Coca Cola Commercials 1965-69 (…) 20..

fullsizeoutput_12197 Swing The Jingle

Swingers For Coke … / Swing The Jingle For Coca-Cola (Swingers For Coke 7″ Single ZTEP-123781) 1965


Various – Unusual Sounds (Anthology ARC-063) 2018

Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3_Cover DFT 4 Front small

Various – Dramatic Funk Themes, Vol 3; Roaring Rare Grooves, Action & Detective Breaks 1972-1983 (Show Up SHOWUP-06) 2011 / Vol. 4; Action, Tension & Drama Rhythms 1972-1982 (Show Up SHOWUP-09) 2015

fullsizeoutput_1219f fullsizeoutput_121a0

Various – Nuggets; Luke Vibert’s Selection (Lo Recordings LCD-23) 2001 / Luke Vibert’s Further Nuggets (Lo Recodings LCD-28) 2002



















All In The Family

The cornerstone of society … The family is another nice theme for album covers. It’s always there! You can always depend on them. There’s the family pride, the family bond, the family tradition, etc. Brothers and sisters had already their own pages (see Brothers and see Sisters).  Let’s reunite!


The Metro Strings – The Perfect Background Music For Your Home Movies (MGM PM-4) 196.

fullsizeoutput_113b2 fullsizeoutput_1136c

The Boston Pops Orchestra, feat. Arthur Fiedler – The Family All Together (RCA LM-1879) 1954 / Loretta Phillips And The Jubilaires Quartet – Songs We Love (…) 195.


Joe Reisman’s Orchestra And Chorus – Walt Disney Songs For The Family (RCA Victor LPM-1119) 1955


Old Family Tree


The Speer Family – … Album (RCA Victor LPM-1144) 1955

fullsizeoutput_11e85 R-10267315-1494386432-3629.jpeg

The Peterson Family Choir – The Hymns We Love; The Nation’s Favorite Hymns (Egmont EGM-9203) 1956 / Wesley And Marilyn Tuttle – Songs For Family Devotions (Sacred LP-8021) 1957


Eddie Ballantine And His Band – Don McNeill Presents ‘March Around The Breakfast Table’ (Coral CRL-757291) 1959

English Photographer - The Hiller family c1850 (daguerreotype) - (MeisterDrucke-324897)

An old daguerreotype from 1850


The Stonemans – All In The Family (MGM SE-4511) 1968

fullsizeoutput_113a7 fullsizeoutput_1135b

O.S.T. – All In The Family (Atlantic SD-7210) 1971  / 2nd Album (Atlantic SD-7232) 1972


Family Planning; A Recorded Talk Between Nurse Drew And A Family Doctor (…) 195.


The Robert Spiro Singers With Orchestra – Beloved Jewish Songs (Decca DL-4048) 1961


Peter Barclay & His Orchestra – Music For Gracious Living: Do-It-Yourself (Columbia CL-698) 1955

fullsizeoutput_11e89 6014699

Japanese family (front and back)


Country Church – same (LPS-9031) 197.

fullsizeoutput_11319 3065057498_8fb4d9466d_z

The Faith Tones – “Jesus Use Me” (Angelus WR-4802) 1964


John & Vickijo Witty – Family Portrait (Word WSB-8846) 1980

fullsizeoutput_11390 fullsizeoutput_1135c

The Calvary Chords – Suppertime (… CC-57129) 196. / Your Story Hour (Demonstration Record No. 2) 196.


The Boston Pops, feat. Arthur Fiedler – Family Fun With Familiar Music (RCA Victor LSC-2549) 1961


Various Artists – Muziek Voor Het Hele Gezin (Philips …) 197.

1.bp_.blogspot.combad-album-covers-for-your-42d96ed80fa7e302b6f57eef61ef58243fc3cc2c unnamed

Aunt Bertha – … Presents Family Favorites (Diadem DLP-230) 195. / Tell Me A Story Aunt B… (Diadem DLP-157) 195.


The Baby Sitters – same (Vanguard Everyman Series SRV-73002) 1967

fullsizeoutput_11e0d fullsizeoutput_11f81

The Baby Sitters – Folksongs For Babies, Small Children, Parents And Baby Sitters (Vanguard VRS-9042) 1959The Baby Sitters – … Family Album (Vanguard VRS-9173) 196.


Bob Booker & Earle Doud, feat. Vaughn Maeder and others – The First Family (Cadence CLP-3060) 1962

R-4252634-1359793105-7949.jpeg fcdf98a74d4715b729a530ec3584486d

Bette Stalnecker and others – God Bless Our Home (Philasonic ARLPS-2002) 196. / Various Artists – Together At Christmas (Reader’s Digest 5LP Box RDA-151-A) 1074


Dennis Day – … Sings Christmas For The Family (Design DLPX-1) 1958


Various Artists – A Family Christmas Album (Halo 1007) 1980


Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper, feat. The Clinch Mountain Clan – Family Favorites (Hickory LPM-106) 1962


Another Family Tree


Happy Families (Alphabetically):


IMG_4246-500x501 fullsizeoutput_11358

Gary & Glinda Cooper – The Cooper Family (Artist’s Records 740449) 196.  / The Dyck Family – Joy In Service By …; To The Glory Of God (… DF-78) 197.


Wade & Julia Mainer, with Leon Mainer – Family Album (Old Homestead OHS-70034) 1982

fullsizeoutput_1135a fullsizeoutput_11307

The Edwards Family – Singing Edwards (…) 197. / The Farr Family – Miracle Of Love (Hymntone HPS-7842) 1973


Maddy Genets Et Son Ensemble – same (Le Kiosque D’Orphee 7″ EP KO/OCHE) 196.


The Happy Goodmans – It’s A Wonderful Feeling’ (Canaan …) 196.

fullsizeoutput_1139e fullsizeoutput_11ed8

The Hubbs Family – … Sing The Gospel (Melody MSLP-40) 196. / The Johnson Family – … Sings ‘Shall We Gather At The River’ And Other Family Favorites (RCA Camden CAS-952) 1966


The Kaye Family – same (Cymru CYM-76002) 197.

fullsizeoutput_11353 image

Tha Kaye Family – Family Album (Hirra HL-8536) 1972 / Live!! (Hirra HLS-207831) 1974


The Singing Kolenda Family – … Varieties (Sogm / Tri-State TSRC-728188) 197.

gospel-9 fullsizeoutput_113b8

The Singing Kolenda Family – Jesus On My Mind (…) 197. / … Sings Happiness (Tribute Recording Co. SKFS-6004) 197.


The Singing Kolenda Family – A Touch Of Brass And Strings (Sounds Of Gospel Ministries Recordings SKS-6008) 198.

fullsizeoutput_11eaf fullsizeoutput_11ebf

The Lewis Family – The First Family Of Gospel Song (Starday SLP-331) 1965 / Did You Ever Go Saling Down The River Of Memories (Starday SLP-433) 1969


The Lewis Family – All Day Singing & Dinner On The Ground (Starday SLP-419) 1968


The Chet Long Family – Songs By … (…) 196.


The Mahnke’s – Jesus Loves Me (Superior S-1092) 197.


The Meeks Family – New Jerusalem’s Where I’m Bound (Chapel CH-1) 197.

abfc37_f42171151f1c484b994144c068825ac9 1964_if

The McPeake Family – Irish Folk! (Fontana SFL- 13068) 1964 / (Fontana MGF-27536) 1965


The McPeake Family – Se Do Bheata, A Baile (Evolution Z-1002) 1969


The Singing Meyers Family – He Was There All The Time With … (…) 197.


The Murphy Family – … Sings I’m Going There (Mission MF-5008) 197.

fullsizeoutput_11999 a3500960099_10

The Nickel Family Singers – Love Is Why And Other Devotional Themes (… LP-263) 196. / The Qualkenbush Family – same (…) 197.


The Sigrist Family – Still Singing His Praise (ECP ECP-1913) 198.


The Singing Sigrist Family – We’ve Come Too Far To Turn Back (SIG-3-LP) 198.


The Speer Family – The Singing Speers; Twelve Great Songs By America’s First Family Of Gospel (Skylite SSLP-5979) 1960

fullsizeoutput_11eb0 fullsizeoutput_1150b

The Speer Family – Sacred Hour (RCA Camden CAL-728) 1963 / … On Concert Tour! (Heart Warming LPS-1854) 1965


The Speer Family – A Singing Heritage (Heart Warming LPS-1878) 1966


The Thomas Indian Family – Instrumetal Music Of … (Christian Faith TI-5071) 196.


The Tucker Family – … Favorites (The Quiet Hour QH-1002) 1978


The Whelchel Family – A Wonderful Time (Crusade LP-3..) 196.


The Wiebe Family Singers – Gospel Music By … (…) / The Winfdield Gospelaires – He Did It All For Me (Crusade LPS-597)


Rosmarie Edel Mit Trachtengruppe Willy Bestgen – Swiss Yodel (…) 197.


More Happy Families:



Family Four – P.S. Hemmakvall (RCA Victor 7″ EP EPS-214) 1966

fullsizeoutput_11e0c fullsizeoutput_1134b

Russ Conway – Family Favourites (Columbia 33-SX-1169) 1959 / London; God Called Me To Sing (Festival LP-6076) 195.


The Dr. Arnold V. Pent Family – World’s Most Unusual Family (Word #2002) 196.


The Singing Pierot Family – Gospel Classics (…) 197. / … – Holiday Memories (K-Tel …) 197.


Adge Cutlers’s Family, with The Wurzels – … Album; Recorded Live At The Royal Oak, Nailsea, Zummerzet (Columbia SCX-6165) 1967


I’m Going Home … To Watch The Flowers Bloom (…) 196.

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Larry Foster And Massey Brill – The Other Family (Laurie LC-5000) 1962 / At Home With The Other Family (Roulette R-25203) 1963


The Shaggs – Philosophy Of The World (Third World Recordings TCLP-3001) 1969 (the world’s worst record?)


The Ott Trio – God Is God (Dove Records …) 196.


The 5 Stairsteps & Cubie – Our Family Portrait (Buddha BDS-5008) 1968

fullsizeoutput_11349 familyalbum

John Hiatt – Bring The Family (Demon FIEND-100) 1987 / Steve Ashley, with others – … Family Album (Woodworm WR-002) 1982


The Bonner Family – same (…) 20..


Offset – Father Of 4 (Quality Control B-003003602) 2019


Led Zeppelin – Presence (Swan Song SSK-59402) 1976


Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome To The Family (Warner Bros. 9362496655) 2011


Famous Musical Families (Alphabetically):



The Gibb Family

12" Innersleeve

The Carter Family


The Carter Family – … On Border Radio, From Radio Station XET, Monterrey, N.I. Mexico 1939, Vol. 1 (Arhoolie 411) 1995

0000014033 fullsizeoutput_11e07

The Original Carter Family – Can The Circle Be Unbroken; Country Music’s First Family (Columbia Legacy CK-65707) 2000 / The Carter Family – … Album (Liberty LRP-3230) 1962


The Carter Family, with Special Guest Johnny Cash – Keep On The Sunny Side (Columbia CS-8952) 1964


The Cash Family


Tom Brosseau, with Sean Watkins – In The Shadow Of The Hill; Songs From The Carter Family Catalogue, Volume One (Crossbill CBR-042) 2019


The Collins Kids – The Rockin’est (Bear Family BCD-16250-AH) 1997

With Lawrence ‘Larry’ and Lawrencine ‘Lorrie’ Collins


Various Artists – Town Hall Party And The Town Hall Band (Columbia CL-1072) 1958


John Coltrane – Blue Train (Blue Note 95326) 1957

Below: John’s wife Alice and their son Ravi (1965). They had two other sons: John Jr. (1964) and Oranyan or Oran (1967).

fullsizeoutput_11d7f fullsizeoutput_11d80

Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda (Impulse AS-9203) 1971 / Ravi Coltrane – In Flux (Savoy SVY-17444) 2005


The Cowboy Junkies, with The Timmins Family, with Michael, Peter and Margo Timmins


The Cowboy Junkies – The Best Of … (RCA 07863680522) 2001


The Free Design, with the Dedrick Family, with Chris, Sandy, Bruce and Stefanie Dedrick

R-11194748-1511829400-5391.jpeg original

The Free Design – Kites Are Fun (Project 3 PR-5019-SD) 1967 / Stars, Time, Bubbles (Project 3 PR-5045-SD) 1970


The Free Design – Heaven / Earth (Project 3 PR-5037-SD) 1969

fullsizeoutput_11d81 R-2968180-1467711525-3707.jpeg

The Free Design – You Could Be Born Again (Project 3 PR-5031-SD) 1968 / The Best Of The Free Design (Cherry Red CDMRED-194) 2001


The Jackson Family, with Michael, Indiana, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon, Janet and La Toya


The Jackson 5 with their parents on the cover of Life Magazine, september 1971


The Jacksons Legacy; From The Family Archives / The 50th Anniversary Book (Thames & Hudson)


On the beach


The Jackson 5 – ABC (Motown MS-709) 1970

R-2457208-1290345239.jpeg fullsizeoutput_11d82

The Kelly Family – same (Polydor 2371927) 1979 / 25 Years Later (Universal 060250823810) 2019


The Lennon Family, with John (his parents were Alfred Lennon – lost forever – and Julia Stanley, who died tragically after a car accident in 1958) and his second cousins Mark, Susan and Helen Parker, from Levin and aunt Mimi (Mary) Smith and her husband visiting from England, as photographed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1964. But who is the woman sitting front right?


The Lennon Family Album; The Lost Liverpool Tapes (Icon …) 20..


John Lennon – Menlove Ave. (Capitol SJ-12533) 1986, and his sons:

R-2044563-1260527341.jpeg fullsizeoutput_11d84

Julian Lennon – Valotte (Charisma JLLP-1) 1984 / Sean Lennon – Friendly Fire (Capitol CDP-724353556822) 2006


Maddox Bros. & Rose – Rockin’ Rollin’ (Bear Family BFX-15076) 1981,

with Fred, Cal, Cliff, Don and Rose, the fifth guy is probably Bud Duncan.

fullsizeoutput_11d87 fullsizeoutput_11e06

Maddox Bros. & Rose – Family Folks (Bear Family BFX-15083) 1981 / Lester Maddox – God, Family & Country (Lefevre Sound MLSP-3485) 197.


Bob Marley And The Wailers – Legend; The Best Of … (Island BMW-1) 1984.

Bob married in 1966 with Rita Anderson and had three children together:  Cadella (1967), David ‘Ziggy’ (1968) and Stephen (1972). The other 8 of his 11 children were: Sharon (1964, adopted), Robert ‘Robbie’ (1972, son of Pat Williams), Rohan (1972, son of Janet Hunt), Karen (1973, daughter of Janet Bowen), Julian (1975, son of Lucy Pounder), Ky-Mani (1976, son of Anita Belnavis and Damian (1978, son of Cindy Breakspeare).


Rita Marley – Lioness Of Reggae; The Best Of … (Rita Marley Music TGW-041) 2019


Ziggy Marley – ZM (…) 20..


The Marley Family


The Ziggy Marley Family


The Marsalis Family – A Jazz Celebration (Marsalis Music MARCD-3302) 2002


The Marsalis Family (with Michelle Obama and friends) at the Oval Office, with father Ellis (1934), sons Branford (1960), Wynton (1961), Delfeayo (1965) and youngest brother Jason (1977) in 2009.


Wynton Marsalis – … Live At The House Of Tribes (Blue Mote 77132) 2005

R-6001359-1408492841-9684.jpeg fullsizeoutput_11d8a

Ellis & Branford Marsalis – Loved Ones (Columbia CK-67369) 1996 / Delfeayo Marsalis – Minions Dominion (…) 19..


Branford Marsalis – Scenes In The City (Columbia FC-38951) 1984


The Osmonds – Osmondmania; The Osmond Family’s Greatest Hits (Polydor 4400656342) 2003

The six brothers: Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Mario and Donny, and one sister: Mary Osmond.


The Osbournes – The Osbourne Family Album (Epic 5083472) 2002

Ozzy with his wife Sharon and their children Jack and Kelly.


The Sinatra Family – … Wish You A Merry Christmas (Reprise FS-1026) 1969

Frank with his wife Tina and their two children: Frank Jr. and Nancy.


Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music (Epic BN-26371) 1968

The only members of the Family Stone were Sly and his brother Freddy.


The Trapp Family; the family who stood model for The Sound Of Music movie in 1965

fullsizeoutput_11e78 fullsizeoutput_11e79

poster and pocketbook


Part of the Trapp family

fullsizeoutput_11d8c fullsizeoutput_11d8d

Trapp Family Singers – Sacred Music Around The Church Year (Concert Hall Society Inc. CHS-1100) 195. / An Evening Of Folk Songs With The Trapp Family Singers (Decca DL-9793) 1956